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April showers bring . . . wet runners!

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new thread - heading back to the old one to link it
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ok - FINALLY, personals from me!

kerc - hope the work is going well. good luck with the job applications - the idea of splitting a position with your BIL sounds so interesting. definitely keep us posted!

drjen - hope you enjoyed your unexpected day off - what a nice surprise! how was dd's track meet? and yes, we have major getting out of bed problems (i live in a state of chronic exhaustion/caffeine addiction : ) - and the past few days have been bad - perhaps bc of the time change?

creb - congrats on dh's raise and the house! bummer about the $, but i'm sure everything will work out.

moon - also congrats about dh working! and on your scheduling clients! i am glad you're feeling better and hope this trend continues - you'll be back to normal soon, i'm sure.

mamab - great race! and nice run today. i must say, i am so jealous of the hot weather. i am soooo looking forward to it (remind me of this when it's 100 degrees and humid in july, ok? )

monikita - yes, i would imagine a jogger into a headwind has to be awful. just pushing myself through a headwind sometimes is hellish. i'm sure your body got a cardiovasular bonus from the weather though!

eks - good luck on those hills, mama! you'll rock!

2bb - i'll keep your family and your grandmother in my thoughts.

lucen - best of luck on the move - how exciting and stressful! and, mama, a two hour run - are you turning into another po6?

grnmt - visiting your parents? in pa? if you get that scheduled, send me a pm - we'll have to get together - and convince that patti to meet us also .
enjoy your new snow!

nd - no advice about mr dingo's knee - my dh started running two weeks ago, and majorly screwed up his mcl (according to an athletic trainer friend of ours) - he's been limping around for a week. he is down on himself, attributing his injury to age/being out of shape - and of course, my attempt to hint that increasing his mileage from taking out the trash once a week to running two miles two days in a row might have been a bit rash did not go over well. keep me posted on any helpful remedies you two come across.

1jooj - about the gels - i've found that i have to use them every half hour on my long runs or i bonk something FIERCE. i tried to use one just at an hour the last time and was totally shakey, naseous, and losing feeling in my hands and feet at the end. i really liked a honey-based one that i found at EMS. after i finish my box of the cliff shot ones, i am going to try to find those in bulk.

po6 - ah, stories of the outdoor treadmill - keep 'em coming.

or plady, jgmommo, & realrellim.

and realrellim - we will need that story about the dead body on the race course. you'll fit *right in around here! btw, i would think 6 hours without nursing at 21 months would be fine - she'll probably have a wide variety of foods and drinks that she is interested in at that point! i wouldn't worry about one day at all.
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Hi all, sorry I haven't posted in a long time, but I've just gotten back to where I"m running regularly, and thought I'd jump in on a new thread.

I'm pretty far behind, and things have been just crazy, but the good news is that I got a job offer, and now I'm seeing if a second one will come in as well.

I'm going to subscribe to the thread, and I'll post more details when things settle down a bit, but I'm off to Houston this weekend and am giving two papers, so I've got a lot of prep to do.

My little guy has just started running a bit himself!
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Originally Posted by kate~mom

1jooj - about the gels - i've found that i have to use them every half hour on my long runs or i bonk something FIERCE. i tried to use one just at an hour the last time and was totally shakey, naseous, and losing feeling in my hands and feet at the end. i really liked a honey-based one that i found at EMS. after i finish my box of the cliff shot ones, i am going to try to find those in bulk.
I have been getting really nauseated on our long runs lately...and dizzy and having more siezure activity. Maybe I need to do more gels.
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The Race List TM

Please let me know if you have anything that needs to be added!

kate~mom - half - April 30
kanga - half - April 30
Runningmommy - half - May 6
CherylAnn - Pig Jig (5K) - May 14
eksmom - 5k - May 20
cRebRun & 1jooj - Green Bay Marathon - May 21
Geofizz - 5 miler - May 29
doctorjen - 5K - May 29
MonikitaUT - half - June 3
2babybees - half - June 4
kate~mom - Riverdale Ramble (10K) - June 4
SallyZ - 86K (that's 53.4 mi) - June 16
renaissanceed - half - mid June
HomeBirthMommy & mamabeth - The Peachtree (!) (10K) - July 4
poppywise - 5K - September 17
kate~mom (and someone else?) - Philly Distance Run (half) - September 17
Patti Ann - Griffin Patrick 5K - September 24
cRebRun & 1jooj - Fox Cities Marathon - September 24
Kpinny - half - September
lucenamama - half - October 1
mamabeth - half - October 22
Shantimama - half - October
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Originally Posted by kate~mom
1jooj - about the gels - i've found that i have to use them every half hour on my long runs or i bonk something FIERCE. i tried to use one just at an hour the last time and was totally shakey, naseous, and losing feeling in my hands and feet at the end. i really liked a honey-based one that i found at EMS. after i finish my box of the cliff shot ones, i am going to try to find those in bulk.
So that is what is going on with me.. I've had problems with my hands going numb near the end of a few of my long runs and I had no idea what the problem was. I have had very bad luck with trying gels while running.. or any food or drink other than water, for that matter. (Not even gatorade.) I get SEVERE stomach cramps. I had a thought to space out one gel over an hour's time, taking a small bit every 10 min or so with water to see if it works. I'll have to try it. I'm afraid to try it, though. I don't want to trash a long run if it doesn't work, kwim?
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1jooj, I am sending out all the positive thoughts I can muster!!! A change sounds so necessary for you. You'll be so much happier. I don't think you should compare your stress to others' because no one can quantify stress. You are experiencing this difficulty and you are making plans and working your way out of it. That's commendable!! That half-marathon should be a breaze for you now!

Po6, I still don't like running enough to say I really enjoyed a run. I loved reading that you had such a wonderful run this morning!!!

Mamabeth, sounds like a great run!

Shantimama, I hope you post pics of your Ukranian Eggs!! I've never made them, but I'd like to. It's intimidating...looks really hard.

Eksmom, your exercise enthusiasm is inspiring! What kind of bike are you interested in?

Grnmtnmama, it's dark already where you live!! How do you use your single gear mtn bike? I definitely want a road bike and I'm leaning toward a Specialized or Trek, their women-specific models. The Trek I could buy new for about $600 and the Specialized for about $1000 but I think they are pretty equal in quality. I don't know. It probably won't happen THIS year, either.

Welcome, Realrellim!!! WTG on your half!!! There's a story in there somewhere and I would love to read it (a dead body?!?!). I breastfed all three of my kids until they were 2.5, 3.5, and 3, respectively. NONE of them drank cows milk and only occasionally had soy or rice milk. DD#2 actually wouldn't eat or drink anything but breastmilk until she was 11 mo old. I went to work full time when she was 13 mo. and had to learn to pump for her so she'd have enough to eat. I couldn't pump much and she had no interest in drinking breastmilk from a cup. She happily learned to eat and drink more of other things (she had allergies as a baby and we kept her away from most things until she was about 18 mo) and is now a healthy 8 yo. At 21 mo, your daughter could safely go without milk entirely. Any milk. It is my opinion that this culture's opinion on milk is driven by the dairy industry, not by actual science. She will be fine. My kids still only drink milk occasionally. I never give it to them with meals. We use it for cooking and on cereal. My point is that now, all these years later, they haven't suffered for their lack of dairy products. My dd#1 was so teensy as a baby and toddler that I was really worried about her getting enough to eat. She was 17 lbs. at a year and didn't grow much more until she hit age 3. I didn't want to wean her and I thought she got most of her calories from breastmilk at age 2, so when I was pg with #2 and it was just way too painful to continue with nursing, I had to stop. She did just fine. Didn't lose any weight...didn't really increase her appetite, but she was fine. Now, she's huge!! She's this beautiful, 5' 2", slim, 11yo, and she eats twice as much as I do! I'm not trying to lecture, but if you are like me, you worry far too much about things that your dd will do naturally...regulating her food/milk intake is one of those things. If you are worried about supply, you could skip nursing for a couple days, and then once you got back to it, it would only take your daughter about 12 hours to get your supply back up to meet her demand. Most kids your daughters age only nurse that frequently because of comfort and habit, not because they need the nutritian. That said, I'm all for nursing her as often as she wants!! But there is no need to deprive yourself of running a marathon. Good luck to you!!!

DrJen, I wish I had some advice for you!! I hate being late to the extent that I am pathalogically early (okay, I know that can't really be a disease, but it's probably annoying to some of my friends!). If dd is the reason you are late, then I think her band instructor could be an ally in coming up with some natural consequenses for those times she can't get herself going.

cReb, Sheesh, total bummer about Chris' job. Why didn't he get a raise? Congratulations on the new house!!! Would it be a bad thing for your mom to get involved with Merrill? And, girl! How can you be calling a 3 mile run a day off, huh?

Moonshine, I didn't figure out until reading your last post that you are a massage therapist! Do you work out of your home?

Monika, one of my favorite things about running is getting home after a hard one. It makes it more worth it somehow. Sounds like you had a run like that today. It's over!

Thanks for the new thread, Kate~Mom!

Hi Athansor. I haven't met you before.

I did NOT run today. It's spring break. DD#1 was all ready to babysit when her friend called and asked her to go to the city with her and spend the night. We had to leave right then. Instead, I went on a 2 hour hike over some property that we are hoping to buy with 2 other parties. It's 120 acres of gorgeous view! http://www.lakechelanidx.com/agent_s...1&site_domain=
We took a picnic lunch up there. DS didn't complain at all, although getting down off this mountain was really hard!!
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Eksmom, thanks for posting the race list. I think you should take off my two bike rides on June 3 and June 10. Thanks!
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CherylAnn, I took them off the list. I'm sorry to have to do it.

And as for my exercise enthusiasm... we should wait and see if I actually do any of this stuff! Although I do feel that once my half is over with, I can relax a little bit about the running and try some different things. I was talking to a friend of mine who rides and together we came to the conclusion that a mountain bike or a hybrid (I forget what he called it... a comfort bike maybe?) would be the best choice. I think I would like to have the option to ride on trails, which would be out with a road bike. I don't think I'll need/miss the high speed potential of a road bike. But... I still have a lot to learn so my thoughts on the matter may change...

Y'all, I am so bummed. I bought my first pair of real running shorts (I'm slightly horrified that they are Nike but they were the best fit for me). I ran in them for the first time on Sunday... put Vaseline on my thighs for chafing... and now the shorts are stained. I guess it's not terribly noticeable, but I am bummed. I've tried stain remover and our 7th Generation dish detergent. I'm going to get some Dawn and try it, but I am not sure it's going to do the trick. I might try some Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds, or maybe Pine Sol? Wah. Sometimes I pull some real dumb ones.
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hey there - just checking in to report on my 20 minutes on the recumbant bike in the gym. and some abs too. i came home and have been working all night trying to get business cards and other design projects crossed off. i need about 2-3 full, uninterrupted days to get through my punch list - especially since ds has decided to go to bed closer to 9 than 7:30. ugh.

CherylAnn - I've heard great things about the Trek women's specific road bikes, hopefully we'll carry Trek by next season. I'm just beginning to get the hang of my single speed mountain bike. You ride it just like any other mountain bike, only you never have to shift gears. That means that you're either going fast, or not going at all because you're walking :LOL. it's so simple, which makes it fun. no thinking about what gear to be in, you get what you get.

okay, off to bed. talk to you guys tomorrow.
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Oh, and I sent out my final SS package today She should get it on Friday, and she should watch for it....there *may* be perishables inside..... But in her climate everything will be fine, even if they are left on her doorstep for a few hours. I'm excited to see what she thinks. She *may* be getting a very special Wisconsin-only delicacy....I used to think that they were available everywhere, but fairly recently learned that they are only made (or even heard of) here. But everyone I know here, or anyone I know who i've shipped them to has LOVED them... and I have had out of state friends request that I ship more or give them the number of the place who can ship them.... So, I really thought that there was nothing more appropriate to send as my reveal gift. Classic Wisconsin
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subbing. I'm pooped. Bad mama day
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Grnmtnmama, thanks for the Trek critique! The single speed sounds fun.

Eksmom, bummer! But, real running shorts? I'm a bit jealous.

cReb, Cheese?

s Lucenamama, what happened?
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Thanks for the great advice on the marathon and for hearing about your own wonderful triumphs in that area. My guess was that it wouldn't be a problem, but I wanted to make sure.

CherylAnn--yeah, we worry a lot (too much). She's very tiny--not quite 16 lbs at 15 months, so we've been dealing with the failure to thrive label for about six months now (blood and urine tests came back totally normal). What's troubling is that she eats solids (except milk of any sort) really well, and a food diary showed that she is getting enough calories...apparently just a fast metabolism or something, I guess.

But now I can go register for my first marathon, yay!

Oh, maybe I should tell the dead body story: the 1/2 was along a river trail that runs through downtown Denver, and some of our homeless population sleeps along the trail down by the river. So apparently just after the race began some 11 miles south, the police got the call about a body on the trail. The race volunteers were heading to mile marker 11 when they came upon the squad cars and told them "there's a race coming through" and the police said "nope, not anymore." I'm guessing they had 20-30 minutes to detour our race (through an industrial neighborhood, yuck) before the fast runners came through. And that's how it ended up being ~14 miles (I think they said 13.8). The paper said it probably was a homeless person, either a health problem or OD. I'd assumed that when we detoured at mm10 and saw the squad car and all, but I was pretty sad to find out that did happen. (DH volunteers for the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, so these kinds of stories always make us want to help out a little more, you know?) Anyhow, that's the story.
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Did 7 miles last night. Probably wasn't advisable as my back was already hurting from sleeping with a 4 yr old's knees in my back the night before and now I can barely stand. On a brighter note the leg doesn't hurt. I guess I'll take what I can get.

My grandmother is doing better. She finally slept through the night, the first time in a week and seems a bit more lucid today. Looking for release on Friday.

Must hobble off to work...
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So, I ran a short run yesterday. And I promised my running partner I wouldn't over-challenge myself this week. But it's still early in the week, and yesterday, my second mile...was just under 9 minutes!!! First time ever! I just felt so good going faster and faster, I had to see what I could do. Of course, I couldn't sustain it past a mile, but still. This is a new development.

Thanks for your supportive words regarding my job choices, ladies. I had a phone screen for another position this AM. I think it went well, but it's impossible to know, and I think I was among the first people screened. Got my thank-you note written, though--and before I even had my phone screen, I had another on-the-job experience that just reinforced my choice in my own mind. I need out. I need to work for a company that has a least a few values in common with me. And this job I am shooting for--looks awesome! Keep crossing fingers! And the same company may be able to consider me for another position, too.

Realrellim--I don't have advice about the day away from nursing--but I think I would go insane with tingly-booby! Good luck!

Ooooh--I KNOW what cReb sent....Ooooh...not something, at first glance, that I'd want left on MY doorstep...but then, upon further inspection, something I'd be SO HAPPY to find!!!
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realrellim, it isn't often I meet someone whose 1 yo was smaller than mine! You sound confident and excited! Thanks for the story. So sad.

2bb, yeah on the 7 miles! I'm happy to read that your g'ma is doing better. Hope your back gets better!

1jooj, under 9 minutes? WTG!

I'm not getting a run in today. We have to drive to the big city to pick up dh and do some shopping. But, he's taking the next two days off, so I'll run then.

My hip gives me trouble periodically...had pt for it while I was doing pt for my shoulder back in jan/feb. It's related to an old back pain I get just above my right cheek. But...I think it's actually stemming from this muscle/tendon/or whatever in my abdomen. Illiacus or something like that? I actually had a different name for it. But, that particular thingy gave me a lot of trouble during my pg with #1 and only a little bit with the other two. I had horrible ovulation pain on that side for years until my friend who is a massage therapist told me that she thought it was this "thing" near the illiacus and she released it for me. No more ovulation pain. Then, last summer I was diving into the lake and I pulled the dang thing. That's when I started thinking that it was all related. But the pt didn't pay attention to that suggestion and just treated the hip tendonitis. So...has anyone ever had trouble with this thing? If so, how did you fix it? I'm thinking of maybe getting a couple massages to focus on my thingy to see if that makes it better. If it does, I will KNOW that it is the source of all evil.
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cherylann -- i say a massage never hurt anybody

I am only now realizing how much I want this jobshare thing. MUST. BACK. OFF. may not get job. will not be end of world. They've had our applications since Thursday. tap tap tap...why haven't I heard anything yet? I'm the obvious choice here.

ok back to work. I'm beginning working 2 nights x 4 hrs per night this week. I must get my paper submitted today before I am allowed back into the house for good (I have to run the kids to the y for e's swim lessons, but then back to work for me). I will get this submitted. then I will run. then I will begin writing the second paper. affirmations are wonderful.
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