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What a joy to read- still giggling. Do you blog? Where can I read more of your wit?
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Update, by request

I can't believe it's been a year!

The babe, he's currently walking and talking, and 24 lbs of sturdy fun. He did have a horrible, horrible patch of colic starting at about two weeks old. Not content with the usual three hours of crying that "normal" (read: underachiever) babies put out, he went for six to seven hours of crying. The original (not substitute) doula, feeling badly about the birth, came through and helped us with the roughest parts, primarily by being another set of arms for when ours gave out. Then one day, the day he turned 5 weeks exactly, he suddenly came out of it. He smiled, he laughed, he played Bach's No 1 in G Major on the pan flute. Ok, he didn't do that last part, but I knew he wanted to.

My daughter was just fine with watching the birth, and very happy to have that new baby brother that resulted. Currently, they love to play together, mostly a little game they call, "What noise is the loudest?" Now that's she's got the brother she always wanted, she's working on me for a puppy. She gave up on the dinosaur. Do you know how difficult it is to procure a dinosaur nowadays?

My MIL's cleaning interests were of great help during the post-birth scouring and tub emptying phases. She says nowadays that his birth was life-changing for her. In a good way.

The substitute doula did not beg forgiveness, nor did she really even want to discuss my unhappiness with her role (which I'd made clear to the OD - Original Doula). She did insist on coming to my house to hand-deliver the photographs she'd taken. It was a stiff, formal visit, and the photographs .... oh, the photographs... they were horrible. Please, doulas, if you want to take pics - make sure the baby can be clearly seen inside the viewfinder. Pictures of knees... or half-a-baby... or the floor... does not murmur "artistic," it screams, "I don't understand digital cameras. Dadgummit. Pass granny a shot a gin."

Washington still has its silly law. And women still have silly arm-wrestling contests in order to circumvent it. I don't think there's any big movement afoot to change the law, it's just what it is. Washington is fairly homebirth-friendly, and antivax friendly, so I think some of these things we overlook.

No, I don't write anywhere else. Maybe someday...I'll graduate to writing my own blog, where people can come and hear my strong opinions on other fascinating subjects, like cheese logs and vacuum cleaner attachments. I'm sure you're counting the days!

Thanks for reading, and thank you so very much to all those who left positive feedback. I highly encourage everyone who has gone through birth to write your story. I almost didn't do it, but I'm so glad I did, when the memories were fresh. It brings me much joy to re-read it and remember all the wonderful points throughout that day, and to laugh at the sucky parts too.
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That Was Such A Fun Read! Thanks You!
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Congratulations on the new little barracuda!
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Ahhhhhhh, a wonderful story and ending to make a 2nd-time pg momma look very forward to that hb!!! And you're so right about writing down the story; I still haven't done it and ds#1 is almost 2. I've verbalized it plenty, but I've never put it into writing. Thanks for sharing your triumph and for the update. Great reading!!
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Hahahahahhah! I LOVE it! I can't believe I have not read your birth story before!? Thanks for giving it a bump and an update. I was not aware that I was supposed to arm wrestle my midwife about the eye ointment! I would have enjoyed that...
On another note - I too had a doula come that I had never met before. Fortunately she was a beautiful hippie Mama. I feel lucky now!

Thanks for sharing!
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Great birth story! Thank you for sharing it.
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Ah, FSM . . . you really MUST get yourself a blog, so that you can regale the world with endlessly amusing observations/anecdotes/rants.

Great birthstory! Since my c-section, I can't seem to read a birthstory without crying and getting all depressed . . . but yours kept me uplifted, and I actually ended it thinking "man, I can't wait until that's ME!" So, thanks!
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Congratulations on your newest addition!
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You are a great writer! I usually skim to the good parts of birth stories -- and I read every word of yours!!

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Great story, mama! And happy birthday, baby!

Please mama... you **have** to blog! The e-world would be better for it!
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Oh, this was a good story! I cried.
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that was fantastic. i rarely read birth stories, your was truely worth it.
thanks for sharing.
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Originally Posted by gen_here View Post
Great story, mama! And happy birthday, baby!

Please mama... you **have** to blog! The e-world would be better for it!
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LMFAO. Seriously. What a great birth story!
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That was very entertaining... I actually snorted several times, which made me choke, but I am better now...


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: : :

"we arm wrestle...."




This is fantastic.
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Oh, I'm so glad this got bumped. I love that story.
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This is the funniest (and lovliest) birth story I have EVER read. I love it. Thank you for sharing it, and even if it was a year ago and I'm way late to the game, congratulations!
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Very entertaining read! Thank-you, and thanks to those who suggested we read it.

For historical interest, it's Caudal, not coddle, and is a form of anesthesia similar to an epidural, but affecting less of an area, I think. I forget if it leaves more feeling or less than a Saddle Block, and don't feel like calling Mom to ask her. I think she had Saddle Blocks during her births. If memory serves, it's given lower in the spine than an epidural, near the sacrum.
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