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What do moms wear when they give birth?

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For those who have had babies already or know what they are bringing to the hospital, what did you wear/will you wear for the birth itself?

We're expecting our first in April, and I was just wondering...
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Naked, hospital gown, your own gown, a t shirt...

I think it's up to you.
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Nothin' !
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Both labors I had things picked out to wear, both times when it came down to it, I could care less about clothes. Naked was just so comfortable and the last thing you are thinking about is what to wear. Have a couple things on hand, you never know how you will feel. I did wear a long bathrobe for a while, which was nice because I was in and out of the shower. I could be covered up if I wanted to without having to bother with changing clothes
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A sports bra
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I thought I would feel anxious being naked infront of anyone other than DH or my mum, I never did resolve what to wear though. As it turned out I was so anxious to get my clothes off and into the bath when I got to the hospital that I started undressing in the hallway :-). I was in transition at the time but really you just won't care and naked is good.
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I wore a big t-shirt and scrunchy socks.
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I had a t-shirt, nightdress and robe on hand but ended up wearing nothing instead. Anything and anyone touching me was rather annoying.
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I started out in a gown, but then I got into the tub and never put on anything else. I NEVER gave it a second thought.

This time (our dd is due in April too), I'm packing a t-shirt for early labor, but we are planning a waterbirth, so I know that I'll be out of that soon enough.


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Never occurer to me to wear anything besides the hospital gown, but maybe I would choose one of my husband's big t-shirts if I had thought about it ahead of time. This time I'll be at home for the birth so I'll leave it open. Actually we are packing a hospital bag in case of an emergency, so maybe I will throw in a comfy oversized shirt for birthing, just in case things go that way.
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I wore a hospital gown (and a really good bra!!). I also brought my own clothes (a big comfy flannel nightshirt), but my husband made a good point when I went to change into it. He said the clothes would probably get pretty soiled during the delivery, and to just use the hospital clothes... then you can take them off and put on your comfy clothes and leave the hospital to worry about the dirty clothes.
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Hospital gown the first time. Nothing the 2nd. I gave birth at home with Abby.
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Last time I wore a big t-shirt. sports bra and these enourmous boxers (as in MW could check dialation without me taking them off. I slid them off right as I started to push.

Last time I had p[lanned on wearing big pants and an ugoy T-shirt but instead ended up giving birth in my best white maternaty shirt which got ruined. i recomend against that
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I wore a long nightshirt - purple jersey knit cotton - got one spot of blood on it, but washed right out. plan on wearing the same shirt in July when our second is due. As a larger woman, I hate hospital gowns that leave your backside bare
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i had a very very well packed birth bag and didn't use but one thing in it- our perineum oil, of course. i had 2 nighties in it for birthing but i was naked while at home, vomiting all over the house, and when it came time to go to the hospital Karl hands me these pants to wear!!?! and i'm like- are you nuts??!

so we went to the hospital with me in a long tank .

i immediately removed it and never thought about being naked in front of dh, doula, nurse and midwife! too busy birthing my baby i guess.

we found it very amusing after my fast and hard labor that in my well packed birth bag there was a deck of playing cards! like, what did i think we'd need those for?

love tabitha

ps were pretty sure i'll will be unnassisted at home next time.
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I had a scrunchy in my hair!
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I had a scrunchy in my hair!
:LOL kama'aina mama


Ds#2-open hostpital gown (I think)
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I just wore the hospital gown. And socks. The gown tied on the side, so it wasn't bad. If it had tied in the back, I would have wanted something else. I had to go in early because my water broke at 35 weeks, so I was still modest when I first got to the hospital. If I had gotten there when I was just about to push, like I was planning, I wouldn't have cared who saw what.

Don't forget socks for your feet, and try to pack ones that don't tend to stretch out when you wear them a long time. I was in labor for 17 hours (and had put my socks on about 12 hours before I went into labor), and my socks kept growing. I had to have DH pull them back up and turn them around about a million times because the heals were on the top of my feet.
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Well I swore that I would go naked but then I went for the gown.

There were some good things about it - it was an actual gown, not one of those butt-revealing ones, and I got all this blood and stuff on it that I didn't have to worry about washing off like I would have if I had worn something of my own.

Also, there were so many other bodily fluids coming out before the baby that I would have felt really self-conscious naked!

But the nursing openings didn't help much; after she was born I just stayed naked from the waist up.
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I planned on wearing my own clothes, but ended up wearing pretty much nothing ( I was so hot and sweaty!), but had a light blanket nearby and I think a hospital gown. I ended up wanting to wear the hospital gown because I bled a lot after the birth, and was glad I didn't have to mess up my own clothes.
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