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Chat Thread 4/2 - 4/8

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I thought I'd start another thread, although it's been kinda quiet here. I had my 32 week appt. this week and everything is still looking good. Sometimes, I think it seems silly to drive 45 minutes to the MW to essentially be weighed and measured, but I guess that is the price to pay for having her here for a homebirth!

Here are a few pics from our recent cruise:

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I just had my 28-week visit on Monday...and MW said baby feels breech right now - which is fine, we've got plenty of time and room for turning the right way - but just out of curiosity, I asked her what the chances of me doing a VBAC with a breech were. She said, "With just "us", we'd give it a shot, absolutely...but the hospital would throw a fit, so unfortunately it wouldn't fly." total bummer. However, I'm just NOT a homebirth-type gal, so I guess I have to deal, and have to try my darndest to get this baby the right way (DS spent 4 weeks or so in a transverse lie but I got him turned...unfortunately, he still wouldn't come out and was still at a -2 station when they finally pulled him out at the section - MW said I might be one of those rare cases where it actually *is* a physiologic bone positioning thing, but we won't know until labor this time - I'm in a different state, different provider this time).

Sooo, spinningbabies.com, here I come!

Oh yeah, they want to check growth again because of my thyroid, so we get one more shot at finding out the sex, on the 14th - at my 20-week US the little bugger had its legs crossed the whole time.

On the upside, she asked if it was a boy if we would be circumcising, and I said "NO." and she said, "That's the right answer!"

I really like this MW group, I'm sure they will do everything they can to get me to do VBAC - they've got a really high VBAC success rate, and are into doing it as "homey" as possible, in a hospital (bathtub, birth ball, no IV, no internal monitoring, having me push in multiple positions, etc.)...which fortunately, is just my style.

Hopefully, babe will turn and stay down. Anyone who wants to send a "head's down" vibe my way, I'd appreciate it!

ETA: Stacy, love the pics!!! That's a mighty fine lookin' family you got there!
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Head's down vibes, commin' your way!

I got the results back from my 3-hour glucose. I passed, of course. I'm just glad I used the time productively!! I can't wait to get moved.
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i met with my new ob yesterday and it went soooo awesome!!! i switched ob's 2 wks ago cuz my ob wasn't willing to let me vbac eventhough im the perfect candidate, my first was vaginal and went smoothly, so i switched ob's and hospitals. i still had reservations at how vbac-friendly this new doc would be, but am completely at ease after meeting him.

we started the conversation going over what went wrong w/ carson, my section baby. he agreed w/ me that i should never have been sectioned and the reason i was, was cuz i was induced (which he totally disagrees w/) and they broke my water, which he thinks is the cause of the cord wrapping around her neck. so now i know we're on the same page here, he goes on to tell me the best thing for me is to go into labor naturally, labor at home as long as possible, eat/ drink what i want to keep energized, he joked about coming to my house, and i said don't tempt me! i told him i wanted an unmedicated, natural birth, no iv, no cfm, no internal monitoring...he's cool with all of it, but said we'd have to compromise with a heplock, hospital regulations...fine with me!! i get the birth i want w/ the perfect doc...its strange, he sounds so much like a midwife...he's very humorous, told me i could install a jacuzzi tub in the room if i wanted! LOL!!

i am sooo looking forward to this birth, whereas a month ago, i was dreading another section and not happy....what a difference a new doc makes...

stacy~those pics are awesome!! you look fabulous! nice looking family! is your husband in the service. mighty fancy uniform he had on...there's just something about a man in uniform...
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Just wanted to check in, also. I am actually feeling great - although the exhaustion has set in. I am tossing and turning and wake up feeling like a have a million things to do! But I am so excited for this baby to come!

I had our 29 week appt last week - all is well. I think we have decided to homebirth, and we are so happy with this, and so excited. So we have to order a birth kit that my mw set up and we need a few things like towels and an extra set of sheets. I think we are going to try garage saling for this stuff.

On a side note I have a check up scheduled for my ds next week with a new doctor and am really excited about that as well - after a year or so of searching I think I found a doctor that we will gel with! yippee! And if we like him we will take the baby there as well - he is a family practice doctor thgat absolutely does not believe in vaccination, and believes in nutrition and healthy living, etc. - so cross your fingers for us.

other then that, we are pretty set for the baby, i want to do all the baby laundry but have to force myself to wait a few weeks. glad that you mamas are doing well -
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P.S. Stacy - awesome pics! You do look fab on that beach!
Donos - sending some baby turning fairy dust your way!
and mommytogirlies - sounds like you found a good doctor. yay!
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Things are going ok around here. Had some big scares this weekend with bleeding & contractions. (Check out the Bloody Mucus thread for the story) Baby is doing great & has been through the whole process. Just worried about my VBAC chances. My FP Dr is still cool with seeing me & the OB I saw is awesome, but not sure about those they rotate "on call" time with.

Trying to take it easy. Not supposed to do any heavy lifting & use common sense in taking it easy.

I'm just glad baby is at a stage (29 weeks) that if delivery becomes necessary that chances are good for its health. I got steroids to boost the lungs & the ultrasound said it weighs almost 4lbs.

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Stacy - Alex is sooo cute! I haven't seen him since baby pix - what a cute little boy, he's not a baby anymore (always seems weird how fast other peoples kids grow...duh! b/c I don't see him all the time!)

I'm 31 weeks and plugging along...my 10 hour days are really starting to wear me out (I work 2 10-hour days so dh can be home with our girls and then I'm SAHM the other days). I'll be happy for the time off work as much as for the baby to arrive I think

Stacy - that's what I really love about my midwife...she comes to me for all my prenatals. Can't beat that!

Yay to all you mamas finding the right docs and/or mws - that's such a relief.
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Yes, dh is a Naval Officer and that was his Navy tux he wore for the tuxedo night. Thank you all for the compliments, which are nice to hear when I'm feeling all huge and unattractive!
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I'm ready for this baby to be born already and given my history with Alexandria and the fact hes been measuring ahed in fundal height since 20wks i think hes gonan be big and early like she was.

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