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Cervical position worries

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so at my 37 week exam, the midwife says that i'm 1cm/50% effaced, but that my cervix is completely posterior! it would seem to me that when i efface 100%, the cervix will just be this "hole" that's flush against my uterus and can't really point anywhere but down -- is this true? i didn't ask her at the time but it really worries me that i won't be able to deliver vaginally if my cervix is pointing backwards!

any thoughts?
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Same thing is happening to me and they do not seem worried at all. We talked about it today, actually, and they said its seen in first time mothers often and sometimes they do not see a change until labor. Your cervix is esentially the bottom/or opening of your uterus. So when it does dilate all the way it should open to your birth canal/Vagina. Actually it isn't that it doesn't lead there now, its just behind the babies head, which is now lower than the cervix. Once your cervix ripens more the 'opening' should move lower and widen.
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Your cervix will move "anterior" sometime~whether its before labor or during.


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good! makes sense to me, thanks.

good luck, lea! you're coming right up!
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Thanks samsara! I am getting a little bit anxious here.

Good luck to you, also! not long at all for you either
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this happened to me at 39 wk check too, my m/w had to stand at my armpit and I had to have my fists under my butt to make myself essentially upside down and she did lots of reaching and pushing to find my completely firm, tight, not open and not effaced at all cervix. My first birth was a c/s and I was attempting VBAC and got all worried and was told it would go anterior when the time was upon us. 4 days later I went into labor and when checked again was *anterior* and 4 cm and 100% effaced ! Thank goodness because not sure I could have tolerated THAT position with contractions too LOL

Had a successful VBAC 3 days later (had loooooong prodromal labor)

Good luck !
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