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What to do?

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I do not know what do to. I left my daughter who is now 19 months for 1 week to go south. I really needed the vacation. I felt good to relax and recuperate because I still had not been sleeping very much and on top of it I was working. Before I left she was feeding once in the morning and once at night before bed. I pumped for the firts 5 days and my supplied slowed down so I have not pumped in 3 days. When I got back she did not ask for the breast before bed.She just hugged me and I rocked her. She has not even lifted myu shirt to see. Everyone including husband are telling me not to put her back that she did not suffer while I was gone and that it will be harder to wean later if I put her back on. I was hoping to keep the one before bed time but now I wonder if it is me or her who needs it. I am so sad today because I do not know what to do. Should I offer it again or let her be and grow up to a different stage. I guess I was sure she would still want the breast when I came back. She does not take a bottle or pacifier so she has no more sucking during the day.

What should I do. I am torn????
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I personally would offer again, and start writing your nursing memories down while they're fresh. I don't know what to hope for you - I'd be sad too.

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Listen to your heart.

It is your choice.

Offering to nurse is NOT wrong, it is not going backwards, it is full of emotional and immunological benefits for years more if that is your choice, and linked to higher intelligence even up to and past age 2.

I don't agree with society saying you only want to do it for yourself. It still has immense benefits to your child.

And if you want to let her be weaned that is your choice too.

Personally I would offer too, but that is your choice.
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I fed her tonight

Thanks for your support I decided to try offering her the breast and if she did not want it I would not have forced her but she took it for almost 20 minutes. I am so happy I did not stop. I wonder if 1 feeding before bed time is enough to keep a supply and how long can I do that?

Thanks again
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well, since breastmilk is supply and demand, you should be able to keep milk as long as she is *demanding* it....even if it is just once a day.
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