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Air travel while Pg

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I am hoping to attend the LLLI Conference in July but it will mean a cross country trip(MI to CA). I will be about 34 weeks pg at the time. Have any of you traveled this late in your pg? How did your MW or OB feel about it? What complications would you be concerned about? This is baby #5 and none of my others were early so I am not too concerned about that. I just have to make my decision pretty quick so that we can make flight arrangements. I can get a really good price right now so we don't want to wait.

TIA for your comments and suggestions.
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My midwife's concerns were:
Make sure to get up and move around as often as possible, drink a *ton* of water, and last of all, not go into labor on the airplane or in an unfamiliar city.

As long as you have no health concerns, go ahead and make those reservations.
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I am 34 weeks, and i fly out Sunday to seattle.

My midwife gave me a copy of my med chart, told me to look up hospitals so I would be fimilar with names of places to go ncase something happened. And I secduled an appt a week before so she could check my cervix. Everthing normal, and I am off!

She said I could fly upto 37-38 weeks with out worry. and airlines leave it up to you to tell them. And they have no restrinctions.

Hope you have a great time!
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Thanks. I talked to my MW and she said the same thing. Drink l;ots and walk especially because it is a long flight. Thanks. They also said they would give me a letter just in case the airlines give me any hassle. Better safe than sorry.

Starfire, have a safe trip.
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