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Oops, forgot one!

6. Three words: Diet Cherry Coke. Bring on the aspartame!! I rarely ever drink soda, but I just cannot get enough of the stuff! I had some last night and I will be having some tonight as well. So there.
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Originally Posted by pease
5. I don't eat McD's, but I saw a commercial that looked reaaallly good the other night. Apparently they have sundaes. Of course, I'm way too lazy to actually go out and buy food from there. It sure looked good though.
Have you seen Sonic's new Junior Banana Split? Half a banana, three small scoops of vanilla ice cream, three different toppings (chocolate, strawberry AND pineapple!), whipped cream, and a marachino cherry. All for 99 cents!

I sent DH out for a bedtime snack earlier this week.
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Well, no McD's for me as I think they are the anti-christ and it bugs me that i can't get a hamburger without zillions of teeny-tiny onions even if I order it that way...

But, Arby's chocolate milkshakes. Bojangle's chicken biscuits with cheese no less. Lots of diet coke. Frosted brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts. And that is just the beginning of the crap I put in my mouth.

I am secretely jumping for joy that my 20 month old hasn't nursed since monday even though I am outwardly grieving at the idea of maybe not getting a chance to tandem nurse.

Benadryl for sleeping. Even though my midwife says it's ok, I still feel guilty.

Baths? Who has time for them. Skipping a shower so I can take a nap instead.

Being the tiniest bit upset that this is a boy. I had really gotten excited about the prospect of 2 girls, especially since I always wanted a sister. My brother and I are the same age apart as Sofia and this baby will be and we did not get along and still don't all the time. I really want my children to be friends.
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OMG...I have found my peeps...I cannot get enough diet Coke, diet Cherry Coke, diet anything with caffeine.


and I had a MCD cheeseburger for lunch we don't have Sonic here :cry
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1. I am not enjoying this pregnancy at all. I am too headachey, tired and nauseous all the time and there seems to be no end in sight.

2. I fully intend to have a glass of wine on Sunday even though I'll be in a room full of people telling me not to. It's my 'official' wedding dammit and I'm going to celebrate!

3. My daughter has watched far too much tv in the last month since my headaches have increased because well, it gives me a chance to lie on the floor and whine!

4. I've been eating deli meat. I did it with my daughter too. Baaad.

5. And exercise? Ha! I count chasing after a toddler all day as exercise and leave it at that!

6. Since halfway into the 1st trimester, I've considered sex a four letter word.

7. I'm not doing this again until baby #1 is in school!!!

8. Showering is no longer a necessity. As long as I wash my face, teeth and change my underwear, I can skip a day here or there!

9. I also really want Mcdonalds. I can't stand Mcdonalds. What is the deal with that??? I wanted it while pregnant with my daughter too...think it's a sugar thing? Grease? Tiny onions?
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Originally Posted by Sailmom
Benadryl for sleeping. Even though my midwife says it's ok, I still feel guilty.
I knew I was forgetting something! I feel guilty for taking it too, but I am having terrible insomnia this time around. I thought pregnancy made you want to sleep all the time! I am soooo tired but my brain won't turn off.

Also - ice cream - Blue Bell homemade vanilla with hershey's chocolate sauce - at least one bowl a day (I had one right after breakfast yesterday : )
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The really wierd thing for me is that I don't really care for soft drinks, mostly because my body doesnt like them, but I haven't really craved them for a very long time. Even when I did get cravings it would be for Dr Pepper. But when I first started the bed rest I saw a billion commercials for Vanilla Coke and Pepsi One amoung others. It started looking so good to me that I started longing for one.

Goes to show how strong advertising can be.

With my last baby I craved Jr Bacon Cheeseburgers from Wendy's.

Ya'll are making me hungry!
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Ok, noone answered my question about deli meat and you all are acting like it is food from Satan. What is WRONG WITH DELI MEAT?!?! I eat it all the time, no one ever told me differently.

Probably drink too much caffeine in the form of tea and chocolate.
Have done pilates 2 times since I got pregnant and maybe taken 10 1/4 mile walks during 21 whole weeks of pregnancy and that's it for exercise and FORGET about Keigels. I HATE them.
Lay on my back a lot so I can feel the baby better.
Eat almost NO vegetables everyday (MAYBE one serving) but I do try to have about two fruit servings.
Know I am not eating enough protein or calcium.
Am not stopping dying my hair.
Still haven't considered childbirth classes despite this being my first child and I am doing a home birth.
Still haven't finished my taxes.
Probably spent about $400 on maternity clothes to date since the beginning of this pregnancy. If I don't ever get pregnant again it will be a HORRIBLE waste of money!
That's it for now...now someone tell me the deli meat deal!
Oh, and I am prone to the occasional Smirnoff Ice in Wild Grape flavor...but usually just 1/2. YUM!
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1. Have been the laziest, laziest person for the last 5 and a 1/2 months. I make my husband do everything. Seriously, everything. (Ok, so I'm on partial bedrest for ptl, but still ... ).

2. Have been the crankiest, crankiest person for the last 5 and a 1/2 months.

3. Was so exhausted in the first trimester, I was more babyish than my 1 and a half year old daughter. The one time my husband left me alone with her on the weekend (my time "off" from parenting), I wigged out and was weeping by the time he got back. I said I couldn't do it ever again and he would have to care for our daughter all weekend long, every weekend. Refer back to item #1, husband doing absolutely everything.

4. No kegels, ever. Did cave people do kegels? Come on!

5. No exercise, ever.

6. Have gone to a seriously sick reading jag -- all I want to do is read Stephan King and true crime/murder stories.

7. I have only been tempted by the siren call of benedryl -- I would kill for a good night sleep. I was secretly happy when I had a horrible cold a few weeks ago and HAD to take it. Finally, sleep! I would love it if it were OK to take ambien.

8. I too drink criminally strong coffee. But I can't bare to expose my daughter to an exhausted, groggy mom in the a.m.
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Oh boy.

- 10 minutes ago, I made a plate of cookies and ate four of them. Big, chocolate chip ones.
- I haven't been to a yoga class in two weeks. I'll go tomorrow morning I swear.
- I still take warm baths, but then I feel guilty laying down and enjoying them so I pop my belly out of the water so at least that part of me isn't too warm.
- I spent $500 on maternity clothes for me this week and only $50 on clothes for baby. Hey, it is acceptable for a baby to go around naked but I think it would be a little frowned upon if I tried it.
- At least once every third day, I forget my stupid prenatal vitamin.
That's all I got right now. That I care to admit anyway.
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1) I am eating my eggs as runny sunny side up as I can get them.
2) I've eaten meat every day for the last two and a half months (before that I hadn't touched the stuff for 15 years).
3) I can't see how I could possibly exercise and work at the same time right now. I feel worse about paying an overpriced eighty buck a month gym membership every month than not exercising.
4) I'm treating the university teaching job I was so happy to get like it's the biggest burden I've ever had to shoulder, and am looking forward to next month when I can blissfully sit on my butt and do nothing for as long as I want.
5) I lost my laptop in my pregnant daftness. It was really kind of lost/stolen -- somebody should have turned it in but they didn't. The hardware's bad enough, but I shudder to think of the files I lost, and shudder worse to think of someone nosing around in them. I'm thinking lots of mean thoughts about what I hope will happen to whoever it is.
6) I've laid on my back much more than is advised. I made an effort to stop sleeping that way after I woke up twice with numb legs.
7) I haven't got nearly enough sleep this trimester.
8) I still swear like a truck driver. I should probably knock this off, but what words will replace them? "Fudge" and "sugar"? Let's get real.
9) I occasionally pick up a stray piece of cat poop that misses the litter box, a side effect of DH cleaning the box as little as he can get away with (cats get all grossed out and don't take their time to get it right in there). I vacuum up these poops sometimes, too, which can't be good for the vacuum cleaner.
10) I've officially stopped taking advice -- all the do this, don't do that, what are you crazy, doing that while you're pregnant? I think I've sacrificed enough already, and I think my instincts are leading me along just fine, thank you very much. I just can't take any more harrassment, either from people I know or from all the alarmist media I can't seem to get away from.

I won't even add to the list that I occasionally eat a cookie or an ice cream cone. I'm feeling like a freaking nun on this thread for having given up coffee entirely.
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I love this thread. Here's mine:

1. I ate McDonald's not once but *twice* this week for breakfast. (I don't eat McD's ever and usually refer to them as 'the evil arches').

2. I take hot baths. My back is freaking killing me and it is the only thing that helps.

3. I forget my pre-natal vitamin more often than I remember it. But, I do eat a high-fiber cereal for breakfast that is loaded with folic acid... on the days when I don't skip cereal for McDonald's.

4. And, put me on the list of people not getting enough sleep and drinking caffiene. I may have to take a benadryl tonight. My back is just killing me and I haven't been this exhausted since... well, my last pregnancy. go figure.

and one more...

5. I wake up in the middle of the night laying on my stomach. Not my back or my side. My stomach. What's up with that? My current theory is that I flip over to avoid nursing my 2 1/2 year-old. :
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lol I would never have expected to find this thread here!! Its so relieving to see that I'm not the only one who's not being so good, it's so taboo!
Here's to getting it off your chest!:

~my house is a dusty mess of dog fur and cat hair and just plain ol dust! : :
~I havent folded/put away any of our laundry in the past 2 months-dh puts his away and mine and my ds's piles up on top of our dressers, beds, floors...!

~I let my cat litter get to full and I empty it myself-dh is allergic and I'm just thankful he accepted my cat in the first place, I cant ask him to change her litter! and I don't think my ds would do a good enough job (though apparantly I don't really either!)

~I probably get too much caffeine in my daily drinks, though I 'mix it up' by throwing in the odd cup of water!-I like sugar alot as well
~I'm pissy alot-I'm starting to lose it when someone wakes me up when I have actually fallen asleep-where's the love I ask? Let a mama sleep for cryin out loud!!

~I'm so emotional, it mostly falls on dh unfortunately-all I ask is that when I ask for something to be done, it's because I want it done NOW!! too much to ask?

There's probably way too much more that I'm forgetting to add...I'm sure I'll come up with more and I go through my day!!

~oh, I also forget my vitamins at least twice a week-and sometimes I actually remember that I forgot to take it that day when I'm in bed and I STILL don't get up to take it!:

whew, thanks for that, I feel like I've taken a load off!
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LOVE this thread!

1. I am totally addicted to MDC & other things get neglected b/c of it! In fact, I have a test on Monday that I should be studying for right now!

2. I am totally addicted to buying cloth diapers & the trading post on MDC (refer to post #1!).

3. Vegetables have no appeal since I got pg & I eat almost none (though I am a pretty good fruit eater). Don't eat a whole lot of meat either. Eat tons & tons of organic dairy... I wonder if this baby will be lactose intolerant or something as a result?

4. The meat that I do eat, I only cook medium (would eat it raw if I could!). Not chicken of course, but just about everything else! Ditto on fried eggs (LOVE a runny yolk!).

5. Have no urge to do any house/yard work & pretty much don't do any. Ugh. As if that's going to get any easier once baby arrives. :

6. I like some of my midwives' "home remedy" suggestions, but think some of it is WAY over the top (eg I got a rash on my legs & after I spent $10 on the Calendula lotion they recommended & that didn't work, they wanted me to spend $100s to go to a homeopath before I tried using some over the counter, topical hydrocotisone cream because it's a steriod & all steriods are bad. I agree that steriods wreak havoc on the body, but there is a BIG difference between long-term perscription use & isolated, over the counter stregnth use). Sorry for the vent- am I evil?!

7. I don't feel the need to educate the world about home birth right now. This is a personal choice DH & I have made for now & I just don't want to get in to it w/ other people before I have the baby (I guess biggest fear is having to listen to people say "I told you so" if I have to transfer to hospital- even though I don't give a sh*t what they think, I just don't want to hear it).

8. Don't drink caff. soda, coffee or tea regularly, but when I do, I don't feel an ounce of guilt about it! When I occasionally get a headache, caffiene & Tylenol are the first things I reach for.

9. Wouldn't be opposed to the occasional alcoholic beverage, but it just doesn't sound good anymore

10. Don't do any regular exercise.

Wow, I thought I was going to have a hard time coming up w/ stuff! This has been really cathartic!!!

Edited for spelling errors
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Wow, my post was really long! Maybe I should confess that I need a therapist?!
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Oh you mommas are making me feel sooo good. I thought I was the only momma out there not "following the directions". Here goes...

- I still clean the litter box. Dh has never touched it never will. I did last pg too.

- Even though I had been working really hard at eating vegan for the past 2 years lately I've been eating cheese everyday and meat here and there. The worst part is even though I really don't want a hunk of meat I keep finding all these recipes that have meat and cheese that sound so good.

- I've gone to McD's and gotten the .99 double cheese burger a few times, makes me sick but it tastes soo good. Same with the cheap nachos at Taco Bell. Meat, gooey cheese and all.

- I don't exercise at all. Get winded walking up and down the steps to the basement (never been in great shape but that's truly bad for me)

- Don't feel much like doing housework. Dishes are piled up and even though I run the dishwasher every couple days, I'm still behind. Dd's toys are all over. Dh threatened to bring in the rake the other day when she refused to pick them up.

- We are doing homeschool for pre-k and we haven't "done school" in months. Although, I am starting to really see the advantages to unschooling, but it makes dh nervous that we aren't doing something more structured.

- Been letting dd watch way too much tv. Just because I don't feel like having to try to keep up with her.

- Spending way too much time on the computer and not doing anything else.

- Don't take prenatal vitamins at all. When I remember I take gummy bear ones. We've been out for a couple weeks and I keep forgetting to buy more.

Are you gonna kick me out now?
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Originally Posted by GriffinsMom
5. I wake up in the middle of the night laying on my stomach. Not my back or my side. My stomach. What's up with that?
I am sleeping on my stomach for the first time in probably 2 years and LOVING it!! I haven't been able to since early pregnancy with dd. Now that my milk is gone and my ( o )( o )s look more like (o)(o)s, it's actually comfortable again! I'm enjoying every second, since I know it won't last much longer.
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Originally Posted by jake's mom
~oh, I also forget my vitamins at least twice a week-and sometimes I actually remember that I forgot to take it that day when I'm in bed and I STILL don't get up to take it!:
hahahahaha- I can't tell you how many times I have done this....
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oh what a great thread!

- i barely think about the baby and haven't had any symtoms so i'm sort of in denial that i'm 23 wks
- i'm thrilled dd weaned but now have no strategy for dealing with her moods, so we end up watching waaaaay too much tv in the early am as it is the only thing that will silence her whining :
- i'm barely exercising this time around, whereas the first time around, i was a fanatic
- i haven't thought much about boy names or the huge circ debate (dh wants, i don't) because i'm somehow hoping the sono made a mistake and it's really a girl
- give up caffeine, yeah right!
- i dread being on call and getting a labor call from a first timer, don't want to be up all night and just want mom to come in pushing
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I have been laughting out loud and reading these to DH for the past 10 min. - you guys are SO stinking funny. eightyferrittoes, you had me crying when I was laughing!

I've got some...
*I've been obsessed with sewing diapers for the baby and spend a LOT of time on it... and money... and attention... and I'm in the learning curve (so some of them turn up learning experiments after 3 hours of doing this and that and tearing out seams, etc.). Major pain but I'm obsessed.

*I'm doing a UC and still haven't done an "official" prenatal... no urine sticks or anything and I really should, I'm 20w.

*I'm eating McDonalds for breakfast right now and drinking a small coffee... and I don't normally do either - too lazy and hungry to do different.

Other than that I'm pretty basic right now. I'm not eating well enough either (and normally I'm so good)... but I'm going to do better (right? right?).
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