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No vaxes here.
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Thanks RedOakMomma. That gives me a place to start.
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No vaccines here. My oldest had a really bad reaction after his first dose so we havent done anything ever since and are very glad we havent.

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No shots here yet and not sure when we'll let her get any. This little one had Severe Birth Asphyxia resulting in HIE so we are not going to do anything that could even possibly cause her more problems.
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We don't vaccinate at all. There are autoimmune diseases in my family on top of a whole slew of other health issues and I'm not comfortable with exposing my children to *more* harmful chemicals. I'm going with my gut instinct as well as my research.
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We're vax-free and going to stay that way!
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Oops! Didn't realize I wasn't in my DDC!!! Sorry
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I am really scared to vax, I am still struggling with deciding what to do.
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Originally Posted by aminah
I am really scared to vax, I am still struggling with deciding what to do.
Best thing you can do, mama is to research, research, research. If you haven't already, check out the vaccine forum here on MDC. Read all you can to become totally informed. This way you will be confident no matter which decision you make about vaccinating.
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I wish I were feeling confident! I have a degree in microbiology, and the more I read, the less sure I am. At least our peds are open to delayed/no vax.
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We are delaying for the time being, and are not sure if we will at all. Thank Goddess my husband refused the Hep B shots when the girls were born and I was drugged up. I thought with them being preemies that it was even more important that their immune systems not be bombarded with chemicals and crap,although I guess most people would think it was more important that they have them. My sisters and I had reactions to our shots - enough that my mom had ours given in half-doses (she didn't know that you could refuse them altogether), and my dh and I both have allergies and asthma, so we think it's important to at least wait on them a couple of years.

We have not been harrassed yet, amazingly enough. One NICU nurse told us that we would have to have them vaxed before they go to school, which is bs. But other than that,when a doc asks if we are up to date on vaxes,we tell them we are delaying them and they just say "Oh". I'm sure we will not always be that lucky,though.
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No vax here. My older three are vaxed, but my 2 yo dd isn't and Fiona won't be either. I found a ped that is okay with not vaxing - so I won't get harrassed if we have to take her in for something.
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No vaccinations here.

A good book to read for straightforward information is What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations by Dr. Stephanie Cave (check Amazon.com to buy).

There's more in vaccines to be concerned about than just thimerosal. Formaldehyde, 2PE (the chemical equivalent of antifreeze), aluminum, multiple antibiotics and foreign animal tissue (chicken, monkey or even aborted fetal tissue) are in vaccines. These aren't safe and all can cause problems, such as autoimmune disorders and other health problems.

The book is good because it outlines what each vaccine contains, how the vaccine is produced, what disease it protects against, how effective the vaccine is at providing that protection, etc. It also outlines a safer vaccine schedule than that of the CDC for parents who choose to vaccinate. The book isn't "pro-vaccine" or "anti-vaccine" ~~ it simply presents the facts of "This is how this vaccine is made and what goes in to it. This is what the components of this vaccine are known to do." It gives parents the knowledge necessary to make good decisions for their children. I think it's a "must read" for all parents, but that's just my opinion.
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I was going to do a delayed/selective schedule with Bella, as I have with BeanBean and BooBah, but I have some concerns about a possible ASD with her. Until they're resolved, until I know what's really going on with her, I'm *definately* not going to have her vaccinated.
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