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help with babywearing

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I need help!! I have a ring sling, and a baby bjorn, and guess what I'm using most... the bjorn.

The ring sling - well, Cailan has never liked the cradle hold. He does okay now with a forward facing kangaroo carry, though it tends to make him spit up, but that's the only position that's worked for us, and you can't nurse in that position! I have a really hard time adjusting the sling so it's comfy for me. I know there's a learning curve but I try it every couple days and it's not getting much better. The fabric always gets wadded up in the rings, no matter how careful I try to be, and then I can't adjust it any more without taking it clear off, and it's frustrating for me.

The bjorn he likes just fine, facing forward or facing towards me. I can nurse him in it - I've even done it while snowshoeing - but the bigger he gets, the harder that gets. The bjorn doesn't fit me super well (all the straps are cranked down as small as they go) but it's okay.

So, suggestions? I'm open to trying another type of carrier, but what? Or tips for the carriers I have? I want to be able to nurse in the carrier... I'm skinny with small boobs (we call them efficient!), if that makes a difference. I also want to be comfortable for long walks and hikes. Please help!
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Slings can be really hard to master, so don't feel bad!

A couple of tips:
Before you put him in the sling:
- Make sure the sling is not twisted behind your back
- pull on both sides of the tail where it comes through the rings to make sure that the fabric is evenly distributed and not twisted
- Make sure that the rings are not too high or too low on your shoulder, but in "brooch" position (i.e. where you would wear a brooch if you wore one!)

After you put him in the sling, in any position
- Check to make sure that the fabric is distributed widely across your back, not bunched or twisted again

To get him in nursing position
- Put him in the pocket of the sling with his feet outside of the sling on the ring side
- Then adjust it bit by bit, by pulling the fabric up near his head, and pulling/releasing the fabric through the rings until it feels good. (If the rings are on your left, for example, chances are the left part of the tail will correspond to the outside of the sling, and the right part will correspond to the inside of the sling that's against your body)
- Check the tension of the inside part of the sling by running your hand along your belly. Is it too loose? Pull it gently to pull the excess fabric around from your backside, then pull on the tail to bring up the the slack around your belly.

Those are some common things that I have finally figured out with baby number 2! Another thing I finally realized is that different slings are different to use to. I had a handmade sling but for DD sprung for a Maya Wrap and I can't believe how much easier to use the Maya Wrap is; it's a truly quality sling.

If you want to consider getting another carrier, you might like to consider two in particular.
1. a structured carrier. If you like the ease of use of the Bjorn, you might like the Ergo, for example. It has buckles and is REALLY comfortable and good for your back because it has waist support. I use this almost every day now. I nurse it it in the front carry position and also use it to carry her on my back.
2. A soft carrier, such as a Mai Tai. These take a slight bit more effort to put on because you tie them (instead of buckling). But a good Mai tai will be really comfortable for you and the baby and you can nurse in it too.

Two great sources of babywearing info that I always recommend are:
http://wearyourbaby.org - non-profit; videos and photo instructions
http://www.peppermint.com - online store, but they have LOTS of really great instructions and it is very educational too to look at all the different kinds of slings they have.

of course, there is http://www.thebabywearer.com but that can be a bit overwhelming at times.

Hope this isn't too much info, but hope it helps.
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take this for what its worth..comign from someone who has only worn my 3 month old, not my older kiddos.
i have a Maya Wrap r/s and its ok for some purposes (at the computer, etc.) but i dont use it out and about. i dont know if i dont like r/s's or what. i just got another one to "see" if its just the Maya or if its me and i need to get rid of both.
i LOVE the mai tais though. they are awesome and once you learn how to put it on without the babe and just stick the baby in when you get to where you are going, you eliminate the problem of tying it up, etc. in the parking lot. i highly recommend one. i have a Nestlings i bought from Kristin and its my favoriate! im getting a BH any day and cant wait to see if i like that.
alot of ppl like the onbus but i dont really like it b/c i cant figure it out well. its just me though prob. i like the extra straps of a MT.
then again, i am waiting to buy a Storch wrap and that WILL be my favorite. I have a Moby Wrap and love it but cant wait to get a Storch.
one of the prob's with teh bjorn, from what ive heard, is that they are bad for the babe's spine. ive also heard its not good to wear them facing forward, but i dont know that much about it.
i would definitely get a few more carriers before you decide you dont like the other kind. i know i sold my bjorn for quite a bit on ebay before getting some of my other carriers (i always sell things on ebay that i wouldnt use myself! lol!).
good luck and let us know if you have questions about wearing any you do get.
sorry i cant help with the r/s. i just dont know if i like them. my maya wrap always gets fabric bunched up at the ring too so i dont know if im doing it wrong or not.
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I only really like my ring sling for hip carries and dd2's not big enough for that just yet. I never totally got the hang of anything else and can sometimes pull off a kangaroo or cradle carry, but it's very hit-or-miss.

It sounds like you might do well with either a mei tai or an Ergo. The Ergo is amazing for back carries but not as great for the front. It's VERY comfortable for long walks. I never could nurse in mine but I know some mamas do - I also have the old style and I'm not sure if the newer one is better for that or no. The mei tai is tops for versatility but takes a little longer to get on and off. Mei tais win in the vanity department too, since there are soo many different beautiful fabrics you can get (I have a BH XT with dragons). The Ergo pretty much looks like a backpack.
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It's never too much info! One of the moms in a local group is an Ergo distributor, so I can get one for a great price, and I'm thinking about it but want to consider other options before buying it.

On the sling info, I'm trying to picture this:
Originally Posted by spiralmg
To get him in nursing position
- Put him in the pocket of the sling with his feet outside of the sling on the ring side
So, his head on the ring side, or feet on the ring side? Feet between the sling and my body?

Thanks for the help.
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What is a BH XT? Do you have a link?

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Here's the link. An XT mean it's a taller version so provides more head control when the baby wants to sleep or whatever.
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My son has never liked a sling, ring or pouch. We use a Sutemi pack, which is a cheaper Ergo. Recently I have been able to use a pouch by having DS face me and tucking the sling under his knees. He just really likes having his legs straight or loose. I think the most important thing is to use something your baby likes.

I could never figure out my ring sling and finally sold it on eBay. It made me really angry.
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What Panthira said =)
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my personal fave is my ellaroo wrap. but i'm sure i'd like a MT if i could get an adjustable one.

ring slings will be great when your babe is older, though, for the hip carry.
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Originally Posted by Minnow_
On the sling info, I'm trying to picture this:

So, his head on the ring side, or feet on the ring side? Feet between the sling and my body?

Thanks for the help.
Sorry, that really isn't very clear is it?!?

Feet on the ring side, head in the pouch side. Feet hanging out between the sling and your body, butt in the pouch, inner side of the sling pulled up too his legs enough so that he won't fall out, but legs not bunched up inside. Does that make sense? When [DD was smaller I put her legs in the pouch too but now she is a horse (!) so I can't do that anymore.]

Gosh, i'm distracted right now - have a squirmer on my lap and a wailer in the other room, so if this doesn't make sense tell me and I will try again.
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I've found this idea to be a real winner for Will and me - it's comfy, he likes to be in it, easy, and cheap! If you don't buy it from Jenny, you can just buy a 6-yard piece of jersey fabric and cut it to about 20" wide yourself. I like the $4/yd organic jersey from www.nearseanaturals.com
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i just got a tester pouch (not received yet) and it has less material at the shoulder so im hoping i like that one. cant remember who its from...got it on hyena. another place i need to stay away from.
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I've tried a few different carriers since ds was born. My favorite for comfort and versatility has to be my wrap. There's definitely a learning curve involved, but the back carries are so comfy and are great for long periods of wearing. Ds always falls asleep quickly and it's so cute how he's kind of crouching on my back.

I do love our BH mei tai, too. It's really easy to put on and comfy.

Hope you find something that works for the two of you!

(p.s. We were calling our baby 'minnow' during my pregnancy and thought we might use the "Minoh" spelling if we had a girl)
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I like my locally WAHM-made mei tai! The wraps look comfy but too hot for our summers.
I also have 2 pouch slings. I love them and hate ring slings.
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Carys absolutely despises the slings I have. I've tried everything but to no avail.

She'll go in the snugli as long as she faces forward. I have one that faces in, out and can be a backpack too. But unfortunately my hips can't bear her weight for long periods. I had posterior pelvic pain in pregnancy and it hasn't cleared up much. My S-I joint gets really painful if I carry her for long.
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