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Help with middle names

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I'm 38 weeks and have a list of names...I am going to take control of this as dh is a procrastinator and ds was "Baby" for 2 days! So...my list of first names is:

Hailey (but now I think it may be overused)

my ds has my maiden name as his middle name-I haven't even thought of middle names!!! I'd love some help!!
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I like all the names you have listed. I think Kyra sounds best with your ds's name. A close friend of mine has a 7 year old dd Kira (pronounced "Keer-uh" - yours the same I assume?)
Hard for me to toss out middle name ideas for you as I am strongly in the middle names after people camp. I love that your ds has your maiden for a middle. Any good choices in your mom's or MIL's maiden? Or their first or middle names? Or sister or SIL's or aunt's first or middle names?
Both my dd1 and dd2 have kind of unisex first names so I went with feminine middle names. Would have also been a neat idea to pick something that showed heritage but we didn't end up going that route.
Good luck deciding!
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Both Hailey and Kyra are pretty popular/trendy right now.
Maybe not Kyra, but Kira, Keely, Kielly etc...
Good luck. i'm not going to have to worry about middle names as all my kids will have the my maiden name (his family tradition)
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I love Lily, and I think Luke and Lily go well together.
You could name her Lily Elisabeth and then use Lilybeth as a cutsey name.
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Hailey (but now I think it may be overused)

Lily Ann

Lily Ciara "see-ARE-uh"

Lily Diana

Lily Elise

Kyra Lane

Kyra Mae

Kyra Ann

Marissa Ann
Can't think of any more for it

Hailey , your right this name is very popular right now
Can't think of anything

Julia can't think of any for this one either
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My moms madien name isn't an option--I was thinking of using my maiden name again, but like the suggestions thus far!!
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My friend just had a baby girl and named her Kyra Diane, her original choice was Kyra Angelique...but at the last min they decided on Diane.

I don't really care for my mom's middle name La-Rayne but, I do like Rayne (pronounce Rain) so I like the name Liberty Rayne...you could always sort of "change" a name of someone you want to honor, and not use the whole name, or change it around or something.

I also like the name Saige for a girl or boy middle name. I like Justice for girl or boy too....

Hmm, I'm not all that helpful tonight sorry
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DH has just told me he likes Marissa and Layne (lane) the best. I just want something really feminine...thats why I like Lily!! Lane is ok-maye it will grow on me...what do you think??
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Lily is soooo popular. But i ma partial to it i think they are all nice.
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i like Layne alot - you could call her "Laynie" for a more feminine nickname ? Laynie Marie? i don't know the last name but even Laynie Marissa sounds nice to me.

or Kyra Layne would be nice too

i'm new, and not much help. we're only 16 wks but the debate on names at my house is huge. LOL
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