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what mommy shouldn't eat

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Okay, I understand that every baby is different and I have to experiment.

In your experience, which foods are good to avoid? I don't eat dairy anyway--how about onions, garlic, cruciferous veggies? Chocolate? I don't wanna give 'em up if it's not 100% necessary.

How about:

honey? (can I pass botulism to baby in milk)?
nuts, esp. peanuts (allergies)?

Baby is not colicky, has had some gas though.

Thanks for your opinion/experience!
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Hi hi hi! I'm always so excited to see a post from you on here. lol

I guess I'm super lucky. I've never cut anything out of my diet when nursing...and I eat EVERYTHING. When I was nursing my first and was worried about making enough and the supplementing the doctor was having us do (long story), my grandmother told me to drink some beer to build supply and eat some garlic to make milk sweeter so baby'd stay at the breast longer. Garlic, onions, mushrooms, milk, cheese, chocolate...none of these has caused a problem for us. So far, anyway. *knockonwood*

I'm curious about the honey, though.
I have peanut butter toast with my oatmeal almost every morning. I hope that's not bad.

I wish I could be curious about the sushi. There's just not a lot of that in my area.
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Ditto, Chellemarie!

If your older kids didn't develop peanut allergies, then I guess it's not a problem that you had peanut butter for breakfast. I was asking because I like it in my oatmeal with some tamari (okay, everyone, say "ewww" and get it out of your system!) Someone told me that eating nuts could expose your child to the allergens. But I didn't know how to take that!

My mom said she found that chocolate made me gassy when she was nursing mom and I was the baby.
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My Sephie got terrible gass when i had anything to do with onions, but you have to experiment. by 6 weeks or so, i started to bring them back and she was fine. My friend had to wait over 3 months to bring onions back. I don't eat a lot of high allergen food like peanuts. I still eat thai food sometimes- okay okay- a lot! and I still eat wheat and soy and citrus and stuff, but in moderation. Does that make sense? I'm not sure i really believe all that stuff about nursing and allergens, but to be on the safe side i try to keep it down, KWIM?

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honey and sushi are not a problem. If you were to get a parasite or food poisoning from sushi or anything else, you can be treated safely. It's handy to have a better drugs and lactaion guide like Hales...since most docs only have the PDR as reference which is totally inadaquate for deciding what if safe or not in lactation. (the PDR tends to say everything bad, even when it might be a drug used directly in children!)

Diet changes didn't seem meaningful for us. Allergists do say if you suspect your child might be prone to food allergies, avoiding peanuts might be appropriate...but they don' recommend that for all women. (one allergist said this to me.)

caffeine can negatively affect supply for some women.
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Hey there ladies

My philosophy with ds #1 was - what are they eating in India/China etc. Lots of spices, lots of crunchy gassy veggies, curries, etc. and I'm sure they don't have the option or knowledge to cut foods out of their diets...

I ate EVERYTHING when I was nursing ds #1. I had him peanut allergy tested at 1 yr because of family history and he had a ?? reaction to milk (all were negative) and had a talk with the ped. allergist and she said some research says stay away from the peanuts, and then other says expose via BM and maybe they will have allergy but perhaps less severe. I have already "forgotten" and had PB with this one so - that's my 2 cents.

Captain, something to think about that may cause some of the gassiness is if you have too MUCH milk and/or baby is getting too much foremilk.
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Hi all

Just thought I'd chime in here with my experience. I've cut out alot of things since ds was very gassy and his tum seemed uncomfortable in those first weeks. On the recommendation of the LC, I cut out corn, citrus, tomatoes, nuts, dairy, chocolate. Then we got thrush so I cut out sugar, yeasted products and wheat. Now my little one is probably old enough--2 months-- to add back stuff but I'm too nervous to rock the boat stomach-wise. I asked the LC about garlic, cruciferous veggies and onions as well because I'd cut those out too and she said that was a myth and that the gas doesn't pass thru the breastmilk. So I tried broccoli one night and it seemed to affect his little tum so I'm skipping the other stuff for now too.

I must admit I've had a bit of chocolate now and then
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sky-dancer...what on earth DO you eat? I think you just listed my whole diet. lol

I'm glad to hear about the honey. I'm having honey and peanut butter toast for breakfast tomorrow. Woohoo!

It's also nice to hear sushi is okay. Not that I'll have an opportunity.

Nebraskans eat too many cows. Moo.

Oh...if I have a drink with caffeine, I make sure to drink two or three times it's volume in water. I don't know if it actually helps anything, but it makes me feel better about indulging.
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Many babies are gassy--their digestive systems are immature.
The complex sugars that exist in foods like beans and brocolli and make adults who eat them produce excess gas do not produce that effect in the nursing baby. The problem is that we don't possess the enzymes needed to break them down in our intestines. If *you* have a problem with gas after eating certain foods, try Beano or Lactaid.
If a baby is allergic to something in the milk, like cow's milk protein, he may have pain, blood in the stool, elevated white count, poor weight-gain, and other symptoms.
If your family doesn't have a history of allergies, I wouldn't worry about cutting out foods. The more varied your diet, the more subtle tastes your child will be exposed to, and the more foods he will like, theoretically.
Make sure your diet is balanced, high in protein, and sufficiently high in calories--your hunger-level will generally tell you if you're getting enough calories. Eating foods high in omega fatty acids, like flax, salmon, and eggs whose hens were fed a special diet, can help your baby's neurological development.
Bon Appetit!
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Originally posted by Clarity
[B] It's handy to have a better drugs and lactaion guide like Hales
Could you post a fuller reference? I googled this but there are apparently several people named Hale or Hales who work on lactation!

I have been expanding my parenting library and have found many books for low prices on-line, though the E-bay Half site and through Powells. So if this one is good to own I might be able to get it inexpensively too.
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The only thing I absolutely avoid is regular coffee. I've gotten it by accident twice with my twins and then paid for it all night. I know some people say that one cup isn't enough to affect the baby, but not in my case. Other things lower in caffeine aren't a problem for us, just the coffee. So far, that's all I've ever had to eliminate.

OT I ate sushi while nursing my oldest and he LOVES it now, has ever since he was 2.5
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So do you think if I had a cup of coffee and then drank a beer it would balance things out a bit ha ha just joking!
Seriously, if I drink any thing with caffeine past noon, I can expect a miserable night. But as for foods, I eat everything I can get my hands on. I've never been so hungry in my life! And no adverse reactions as of yet. But all babies are different. Try experiment with one thing at a time so if your baby does react to it, you'll know which thing to cut out of your diet.
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dd (3 nd a half months) is fine with coffee--and I drink 2 cups day. but if i eat more than a teenst weensy bit of chocolate, she gets horrible gas. Nothing else seems to bother her thoug, although i don't drink milk.

Seems like it just varies!
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Originally posted by captain optimism
Could you post a fuller reference? I googled this but there are apparently several people named Hale or Hales who work on lactation!

I have been expanding my parenting library and have found many books for low prices on-line, though the E-bay Half site and through Powells. So if this one is good to own I might be able to get it inexpensively too.
Thomas W. Hale, Medications & Mother's Milk: A Manual of Lactational Pharmacology, 10th ed. March 2002
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I overdid it on the chocolate yesterday and I also had an egg. Today ds is fussy, gassy and has a nasty diaper rash. Since I ate 2 blacklisted foods I don't know which caused it

On the other hand how long can one go without chocolate?
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julie! my dh said the same as you did. i am more fussy about what I eat this time since first round dd was so colicky and high reflux baby for 9 months... so I am trying to watch what I eat this time. My dh said that he doesnt think mothers in india avoid spicy food and onions and so forth.

We are vegetarian too so its hard to really cut out the beans ,broccoli, nuts etc...as we need the protein and iron we get from them.

Anyone know anything about ginger My dh loves to make homemade juice and add ginger.

Great topic everyone. I just think its best to take everything in moderation. Who is goign to eat a whole pizza full of onion?? (well in Germany they do...its called 'onioncake').

As for peanut...with the rise of peanut allergies in children...I have read that they are encouraging introducing peanutes to children as a form of solid as late as possible. But for a nursing mother I am not sure. Would be good to look into.

Honey...I also read that to avoid giving honey to the toddler as a form of solid...again for nursing mother..not sure. I cant remember where I read these info...perhaps LLL or the other nursing sites with great reference links. Perhaps look under allergies.

have a good day and happy nursing everyone. Dont stress too much...that perhaps is causing the baby fussiness??

stephanie tandem nursing mom to two lil one...almost 3 year old and 6 weeks old!
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