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very disappointed...

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I just had my HCG bloodwork come back....not pregnant. This was our first time TCC after a m/c 2 months ago. I guess my body wasn't quite ready yet...

But it still hurts. I got my hopes up thinking that I'm 2 days late for AF and maybe....

What advice do you all have to go on and try month after month...these past 2 weeks were horrible. I know there is a "higher purpose" to it all...but right how it's hard.

thanks for listening.
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I'm so sorry. I haven't had the time to go get bloodwork done, but i'm pretty much in the same boat... wishing/hoping i'm pregnant, but the pg test I took on Tuesday was neg. No period (doesn't mean much, my cycle's screwball)... i'm almost afraid to take another hpt.

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Oh, yuck - hugs to you.
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Ahhh the timeless question - how the hell do you do this every month?

My strategy?
Cry my eyes out for a day - watch every baby centerd thing on tv I can find and indulge in my sadness.
Have a nice dinner and a good bottle of wine.
Go over how you treated your body last cycle and see if there isn't anything that you can do a little better.

And then think up ways to make the bd'ing exciting and fun!

So sorry to hear that is came back negative.
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I'm so sorry. I know how it feels, but unfortunately I don't have any advice on how to make it better.

Though I do like what Adina had to say.

Let's cross fingers for postives all around next month.
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Wishing you warm fuzzies!
I know it can be sooo disappointing. It took over a 1 yr with DS and then we m/c #2 before having DD. I remember being so frustrated and I did lots of crying too.
But after the miscarriage I found I was stronger and knew I HAD to be positive or my little baby would never come!
I concentrated on getting healthy, eating better, a little exercise, getting myself organized, reading lots of good fiction and parenting stuff.
We're TTC #3 now and the wait is driving me nuts but I know that only positive thoughts are going to make it happen! I find that yoga really helped me to focus and slow down as well-you might try a video if you can't get to a class.
Take care! and Happy Baby Making
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I'm so sorry. I hope this month brings you good luck.
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I took a break. We really only skipped one cycle, since we *kind of * tried this cycle, but we feel so much better just taking a month off. I know it's not for everyone, since most of us feel like the clock is ticking, but I tell you this month was a lot more fun. (Talk to me in 10 days, since I'm 4dpo now)
Good luck, it's a hard thing to want something so fiercely and not be able to grasp it
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Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. It really helps to know that you are all "out there..." listening.

My coworkers told me to go home early today...after a minute or two of guilt...I said. "why not".

I took some time to cry and feel and grieve. I don't think I'll completely "get over" the baby I lost through m/c...but it helped to let go a little more. I'm still very sad right now. DH comes home soon...I know he's disappointed.

Now at least I can focus on next month...Abylite
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((((( HUGS )))))))

I am sorry .
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