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Home Nurse Visit

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Honestly, it is little wonder to me that ftms will supplement with formula after having a visit from a nurse at home.

We have a program here called Healthy and Home, so once they kick you out of the hospital a nurse will come by your house to check on you and the baby. Well everything was going well until she weighed Chez.....then she started on me about let's watch her nurse, is she sucking, is she swallowing....

We've had 0 latch problems, my milk only came in the night before, Chez was never on a paci so yes of course she isn't back up to her discharge weight. Well I've never heard 'don't worry' about her weight so often in a 15 min span. Umm, yeah thanks, I wasn't about to start. Oh and she was only 50 grams, less than 2 oz, than her birthweight so really, give her a day.
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I had a "lactaction consultant" (pediatric nurse) order me to supplement with formula because Pherson had reached 10% below his birthweight the day before my milk arrived. If his weight hadn't gone up the next day they threatened to hospitalize him. Luckily he refused it and we just worked hard to give him as much colostrum as possible. We had a home nurse visit yesterday and today because he had a phototherapy light to lower his bili levels. From her I got nothing but praise because he's started doing great now, despite the huge weight loss he's almost back up to the 8lb11oz and this is day 6. My advice to anybody who goes through this is just do everything you can to give as much colostrum or b-milk as they'll take, Pherson just puked every drop of formula we gave him, I'm so proud.
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Can't you refuse these visits??
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