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c-section question

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Hello all
I am jsut wondering if other section moms are haivng this with their cut. I have two little holes in the cut. A little pus is coming from both. I went to the doc when I had one hole and he didnt seem to really care about it. Only said that if I have a fever to come back...now I have two..but the first one seems to be closing a bit.

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This is actually more common than people realize. (Happened to me twice.) As long as it isn't feeling tender & doesn't have a "lot" of discharge I wouldn't worry. But make sure he keeps an eye on it, too.
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thanks a bunch! I was pretty sure it was alright...but I didnt remeber it happening with my other ones either. Mind you I have realized that mind is selective in its remebering abilities.lol

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Haha, yes it is, isn't it?? My daughter isn't even 3 weeks yet...and I specifically remember having "OMG, I'm gunn'a DIE!!" thoughts...now all I feel is "WOW...that wasn't bad!!"
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I had another c-section (my third) and only this time did I get a leaky hole. Mine at first was very infected and puss poured out. They changed my antibiotic and the puss subsided. The hole is still there, sometimes open, sometimes scabbed over, and only leaks a little fluid once in a while. Still though...
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to you!! Hope that gets better for you very fast!!
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I am not on any kind of antibiotics or anything. The doc really didnt seem worried about it at all. I am ok with the holes...but there is this smell...not really strong..but still a smell..it grosses me out...my hubby says its not that bad...but still...after going through the section and now having to deal with pussy holes ...it sucks.

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