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so excited about this upcoming birth

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Hi pregnant moms. I just wanted to share some thoughts about my upcoming birth....

The first time I gave birth, I did not do any research or preparation at all. Because of my life circumstances at the time, I was simply too preoccupied with other things during the pregnancy. And although I knew I was going to cosleep, babywear, and breastfeed, I was just going to let my OB handle the birth for me. Let me just say, for brevity's sake, that it was the typical obstetrical birth.

This time I chose a midwife and am planning a waterbirth. Every time I see my midwife I want to cry, partly because I am so grateful and happy to have found her, but also partly because it hurts to know how used & deceived I was the first time around (by someone i trusted and was paying out of pocket, incidentally). Yesterday I was sharing my concerns about stitches and she said emphatically, "Honey, we NEVER cut episiotomies!" I was so relieved I wanted to just break down. She also gave me the option of having several prenatal procedures and tests run, which I refused becasue I found out last time that they were pointless (and very expensive to boot).

Anyone else anticipating a wonderful natural birth after a first-time let-down?
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This is my 2nd baby too. I did tons of reading the first time and did have a midwife, but delivered at the hospital. But, towards the end of my pregnancy, my dh lost his job and I developed carpal tunnel so I couldn't work up until my EDD. $$ Were tight and I was very stressed. He really wasn't emotionally there for me and didn't support my choice of a natural birth. I did have a quick labor, but had to have a vacuum extractor used because of fetal distress. Post-partum was also very stressful~my dh still wasn't working and didn't work for almost a year.

This time......, much, much better. New midwife and we are going to be delivering at a free-standing birthing center. New supportive and wonderful dh! We are taking a "Birthing From Within" class in a few weeks to center us even more. And this time, I'm a SAHM for both my ds and dd! YEAH!!!! We are also planning a waterbirth and am so excited to do things differently this time around.


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Re: so excited about this upcoming birth

Me too!

I too had an 'okay' birth with my first, but there's so many things that should have been different. I just thank God that I was informed enough to refuse the epidural because that would have probably meant c-section (Pitocin caused dd's heart to go down during contractions and OB said we gotta get her out and gave me an episiotomy). I feel that if I'd had the epidural the nurse pushed on me an hour before I started pushing I probably couldn't have pushed and who knows what might have happened...

Anyway, I'm planning a home/waterbirth and just cannot wait! I'm 31 weeks so in 5-6 weeks we get to start waiting for 'that moment'!
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