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you know who i miss?? witch baby

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i always thought she was pretty cool.

it seems we haven't really heard from her and a lot of other dec mommas too. maybe we should have a calling all dec moms thing and get an update on how everyone is doing and what the baby's are up to. (see how uncool i am?)

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How are we going to get the attention of former Dec '05 posters? We could spam all the MDC forums with "December '05 mamas - visit our forum!!" Hahaha...
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I miss stillill...she was cool. And Kir...wonder how her twins are doing.
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yeah...can we PM them?
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of course you should pm them
9though it could be helpful if people posted who they pm'd so that those who are mia don't get bombarded!)

in addition to pm's, everybody could also put a link in their siggy to a thread on this board about reconnecting and updating or something!
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check my siggy, mission accomplished, now all of you need to add it. yeah we haven't heard from kir but once, i wonder how those girls are doing. we should post a lot in life with a babe i bet a lot of them are their. where else might they be?i'd feel dumb PM ing everyone, of course if they follow the siggy links they will read this and i will look dumb anyways. shold i change the title of this thread to say "DDDC 2005 updates"... of the coolest DDDC ever.

ok now i am just getting silly, i should go sleep but i won't just yet.

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I think you can also look at each member's profile and see when it was the last time they logged in. I have a feeling Kir got busy and doesn't come to MDC anymore.
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Yeah, and I know that stillill got busy because she went back to work (I asked her about it on Myspace).
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I emailed Kiran and I got a reply the other day. She said she barely has time to come online anymore but she was going to try to come and post soon. She's glad we were all thinking about her!
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awww! i feel so loved! i've been super busy lately-- m and i went on a trip to visit friends in florida, my family moved (only a few blocks, but you know how EASY it is to move with kids!) and now i have to cart my laundry across town to my parents', so i'm not online quite as much. i've been popping on occassionally to check on my december mamas, though-- i HAVE been reading!
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lorrie i saw your blog turned private, crazy stuff?? to bad it was so much fun to read. i can understand though, i'd like to turn mine, or at least some of it private but i'm not exactly sure how to go about it, but when i tried to protect a post and just let some people see it, i couldn't give enough people access to it. it doesn't say where i live though so i guess it's ok, i'm not to worried about it in the end.

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