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Lecithin for chronic clogged ducts?

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My dd is four months old and I have been battling clogged ducts since she was born. I have had three cases of mastitis and do not want to have another. My right breast is currently sore. I have been applying wet, hot compresses right before and during nursing/pumping. I aim the babe's nose at the sore spot and I also massage the area. I've seen in other posts that lecithin may help prevent clogged ducts. How much should I take? What exactly is lecithin? Would it be safe if I got pregnant while taking it?
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Lecithin solved my clogged duct problems. I found out about it at kellymom.com...the link is below, along with an exerpt from that article.


Lecithin has been recommended to combat recurrent plugged ducts. The usual recommended dosage for recurrent plugged ducts is 3600-4800 mg lecithin per day, or 1 capsule (1200 milligram) 3-4 times per day. After a week or two with no blockage, mom can reduce the dosage by one capsule. If there is no blockage within another 2 weeks she can reduce it again by one. Mom may need to continue taking 1-2 capsules per day if stopping the lecithin leads to additional plugged ducts.

Lecithin is a very common food additive, and is found naturally in many other foods. There are no known contraindications to its use by breastfeeding mothers.
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I have had a lot of plugged ducts and lecithin was the one thing that really helped. I still take it. Also, I think you want to put the baby's chin closest to the plugged duct. I had a really bad one (several actually) at the top of my breast. I had to get creative to get DD's chin there. I put her on the couch and propped myself on top of her. But after a few sessions like that, the plugged duct was gone.
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yes it helped me so much! the bottle was cheap too, and no side effects.
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Thanks for your replies. I just went out and bought some last night and took two capsules. Hopefully it will help clear up the clogged ducts I have now and prevent future clogging.
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