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Fishy pools okay IMHO

I had waterbirths for both my boys (10lb. 4 oz. & 10lb. and no tears!!!)and both times I used the fishy pool. I'm 5'10-there was plenty of room and I don't remember having any problems with spillage and I was very comfortable considering it's childbirth and all.
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I just wanted to pipe up and say that I got a great deal on that fishy pool (the octagonal one) at Toys R Us just last week. Its the deepest blow up pool I've been able to find. Quality Inflatables is out of stock........so is just about every other company online; unless you wanna pay $40.00 or more. But....one of the gals on the unassisted board mentioned she saw it at Toys R Us. I went there and checked...and sure enough...it was there. The price was $24.99...which I was more than willing to pay........but when it rang up, the register read $14.06. Wahoooo.....good deal! If you're gonna use the octagonal fishy pool (which my sister used and loved, btw)....Toys R Us has it on sale RIGHT NOW.

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What about La Bassine? Anyone use it? I understand that it's supposed to be "superior" to a standard kiddie pool in that it is deeper, yet sturdier, while at the same time has a lesser-gallon capacity. Sounds good, but $19.95 for a fishy pool sounds good, too!

And forgive me for asking a question off-topic, but since you all seem to have experience with this: how do you soak in a pool for hours without turning into a prune? (Seriously, I would rather *not* have my skin sloughing off after birth...)
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I have been battling myself over bassine vs. octagon fishy pool!

Don't worry about your skin sloughing off, it won't happen. Your hands and feet get "pruney" because the keratin-filled cells in the outer layer of skin absorb a little water but the other cells do not. The skin puckers up to create a larger surface area to accomodate the swelled keratin cells. It only happens on your hands and feet because the outer layer of skin is so much thicker there, so it has many more keratin cells. When you get out of the tub, the water evaporates out of the cells. You could always hang your feet/hands out of the water every now and then to keep it from happening if it bothers you... but don't worry, your skin won't fall off!
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I haven't given birth yet, but I'm using a Gentle Birth Pool. I was just looking at their website and found this. On the other hand, I've heard of plently of people who labored or birthed quite comfortably in an inflatable pool (Like her.)

Does anyone else's MW include a tub in their fees? We are just borrowing their tub and it doesn't cost anything extra. It sounds like we're pretty lucky!
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i am almost 6' an dused the larger sized fishy pool and loved it! It was fine.
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Hi there! I would go with the deepest pool I could find, tie-dyed, oh, the hot tub sounds perfect! We used a rubbermaid trough. Midwives tend not to like that because it's dark so they can't see how much blood is in the water. My midwife wanted me to get out before I was ready because of that. (*sigh* she was great in general but a little fear-based here -- as if my good spirits, awareness, and energy level weren't enough to know I wasn't hemorrhaging?) With my other birth where we used the trough it was moot because not only did we not have a midwife, but I also elected to give birth on dry land. It was very nice to labor in, though, and because it was dark and high it felt rather womb-like and protected. When there were people in the room, I felt like there was this barrier between them and me (which I wanted -- being touched and feeling watched were distracting to me.)

What I liked about it was being able to submerge myself up to my chest while on my knees. I'm only 5'6" so I don't know how that would work for you, but I know I wouldn't have been able to do that in a fishy pool. Every time I see a photo of a mom laboring in a fishy pool she's leaning back in order to get the water over her.

One nice thing about the trough is its rigid sides -- I could lean on them and, um, bite the edge. That's also its drawback -- the bottom is hard and has to be padded with something if you're going to spend a lot of time sitting or kneeling in it. Someone suggest a foam pad, that would have been great but I wasn't prepared to deal with the mess of it, you'd have to have some means of drying it out then disposing of it. It was actually fine for me because for most of it I was kind of swimming around as I changed positions, and on my feet squatting (the hard side helps with this too.)
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I just have to ask....what is a fishy pool?
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Here it is. You can get this at Toys R Us for $24.99:


Or this one at online stores:

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So, at Toys R Us, are they called Intex Inflatable Ocean Reef Swimming Pool? I was trying to search for them on toysrus.com and couldn't find anything like that. We live far enough away from a Toys R Us that I would want to call and make sure they had one before I went to go get it. Would I call and ask for that specific pool?

Sorry, I feel so out of touch with all this birth pool stuff! This thread is helpful because I am 6' as well, so I am glad to get recommendations!

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