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help me stop buying from the TP!!!

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i just do not have any luck! i buy things without looking at how many posts a person has and then get taken. why do things like this happen to me???
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oh no. what happened??
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no specifics right now (my email is down so cant post to the yahoo group), but i just need to STOP! lol!
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I hope you get your money back.
I'm banned permanently from the TP so I don't have that problem.
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hey rach- you can go to our group's actual website and post directly there i think.

lydia - you're banned?
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banned permanently? is that self-imposed DID??
i guess i am just paranoid from the nightmare coop..i get anxious when i shell out $$ and then its been 2 weeks and i dont get what i paid for. not saying i wont get it, but the coop is really causing me to question every tranx.
i need to keep an excel spreadsheet of things i get, when i pay, etc. to make sure i always have time to file with pp.
and, i shoudl NEVER order from someone with low post count or that is not verified on pp (which means the $$ can come from their checking acct. if they spend what you send them).
we should start a post...how to buy on TP and protect yourself!
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Originally Posted by mariposita
hey rach- you can go to our group's actual website and post directly there i think.

lydia - you're banned?
duh me!!! lol! thanks!
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There is hope yet! I was really upset when I bought some stuff off e-bay from an MDC mama annd it didn't arrive. Six weeks later the post office showed up at our door. Apparently the box got damaged in transit and someone (I'm guessing the person who smashed it) decided to hide it in a corner instead of delivering it. Eventually they audited and found it and dropped it off personally, with apologies. The box was a mess, but the stuff was all there in fine shape. My faith in MDC mamas was restored. It wasn't her after all, it was the post office--and even they did their best to make up for it.

Sorry to crash your DDC, but I had planned to be in the co-op until DH's layoff. Getting out of that was one of the most fortuitous little side-effects of the layoff. I've been watching your frustrations in their with interest and sympathy.
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Why would it be safer to buy from someone who posts a lot? Couldn't a non-trustworthy person be an avid poster?
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thats true
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i wanna hear about this crappy co-op...
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see i am wary of this happening to me, so i found someone i trust (a diaper lady) and that is where i buy all my diaper covers (i use prefolds so i pretty much have that covered). the diapers are good, she responds quickly, and i just love the whole arrangement. I almost feel like her firend (ok i do but how embarrising is that?) i think she's awesome. in fact i just placed an order for three covers (their pocket diapers but i use them as covers b/c i can't stand the idea of taking off such a pretty diaper after Feeney has onlygone once)

so if anyine wants dipes go to batik bum diapers at mother culture herbs. it's a tried and true site!!


sorry that is all happening rach. tell us what is up with the co-op and what one it is. i was thinking of getting some more prefolds from a co op.
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pan or allnaturalmama has a yahoo group name for prefold coops. they seem very reputable.
i have to get back to the Under The Nile coop. i got frustrated but have to figure out the finances, so i think ill start working on that right now.
its all there for everyone to see in the coop section...one of the reasons its closed down.
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I waded through pages and pages of the UTN co-op to figure it all out. So did the organizer just need to leave for family reasons and finances got messed up? Is there a big discrepancy? It's a little confusing...
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Supposedly the original organizer had an emergency just after she was paid for the co-op stuff, paid almost $3000. She said she'd have to refund us or someone would have to take over. I was all for refunds since I had a good deal of money in the co-op, but then another person took over and money changed hands, though it was allegedly short by almost $700. It has been a nightmare ever since.

I don't get people who do this sort of thing. Scam people or leave people feeling scammed. I love co-ops, when they are run honestly, so I'm thinking of running my own.

ETA: Here's the co-op with prefolds. I hope this isn't spam, but we can't order till it fills.
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oh man, that just sucks! hope it all gets resolved soon!
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Yep, I'm in that UTN disaster co-op, too, but I was able to, unwittingly, make up my money I was out by picking up a few items from extra inventory. Poor Pan was out the most, I think. Our DDC Rach valiantly stepped forward and is volunteering her time to muddle through the paper trail to try to track down the money. It's just such a sad affair...
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I was able to make up for most of it by also picking up extra inventory, which I received today. I still am out $27 (+ $8.10 for the extra shipping), but I'll have to sell some of the extras or something to make up the amount I'm out if there's no refund pool.
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hey guys, would you mind pm'ing me and letting me know how the "extras" worked out. did you pay in more $$ to pc and she sent you extras or how exactly taht worked.
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