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My babies are here!!!!

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Lukas Beach and Jasper Lee were born, in that order, at 8:31 and 8:32 a.m., Tuesday, January 18th (38 weeks, 2 days). Luke weighed a whopping 8 lbs. 7 oz, and Jazz weighed 6 lbs. 4 oz. Almost 15 pounds of baby!! Both were pink within a minute and are incredibly healthy. I am totally and completely overwhelmed with love for them. Both babies are breastfeeding champions, and I feel so blessed to have that part of things go so well. My milk came in last night, and both boys have gained back an ounce after each having lost 9% of their birth weight. We came home from the hospital this afternoon. Being home feels very unreal. I had gotten to the point where I *really* did not believe that they would ever be born. Sitting on my couch (where I spent of so many weeks of bedrest and waiting) with a baby in each arm is just the most amazing thing. For all those still waiting. . . your babies WILL come!

I ended up having the scheduled c-section because it became clear that it was time to get the babies out. My blood pressure was rising (it wasn't too high-- 140s over 90s), and I got all swelled up. I also just had this feeling that Baby B (Jasper) would do better on the outside. It turned out that my instincts were correct--he had only gained a few ounces in the last few weeks. Luckily he is the most eager nurser, and I think he will grow to be big like his brother in no time. When we got to the hospital Tuesday morning I was having contractions about 4 minutes apart. So I like to think that maybe I was actually in labor afterall.

The c-section was pretty horrible, aside from the babies being born so healthy. The epidural took AN HOUR to take effect, the longest that te anesthesiologist had ever seen it take by 40 minutes. That was kind of stressful. They kept pinching my belly, nad it just wouldn't go numb. It got to the point where they were about to put me under general anesthesia, and then, it finally worked. But I still felt a lot more than I thought I would, and parts were definitely painful. I just kept trying to remind myself that labor would hurt too. . . My blood pressure rose to 200/120, and I felt very out of it from all of the meds they gave me. I will definitely have to do some healing work about this experience. The good aspects of it were that the doctors and nurses totally respected our desires re: no eye drops, no shots, not taking the babies out of the room, and not giving them a bath.

Because of all of the extra drugs they put in my epidural while we were waiting for it to work, my breasts were numb after the surgery. I tried to get the babes to suck a little about half an hour after they were born, but it was too hard since I couldn't feel it. Still, they were both nursing by the evening, and I was no longer numb. Both babies also suck their thumbs! My dream come true.

Anyway, sorry this is so long. . . I haven't really slept more than 8 hours since Sunday night, but am still just buzzing with adrenaline. There's just so much to say about my beautiful, precious boys!

- Lex who is no longer pregnant!
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Congratulations, Lex!

I love your new twins names.

As far as your birth, dont let anyone, and i mean anyone, take you down off the high you're on! You have two healthy, happy babies, and they have a happy & healthy mommy! thats the real prize! you dont have to have a water birth to get it!!
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Hooray, Lex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It sounds like it was a wonderful experience apart from the epi... And great, the way your intuition told you that it was time. Just goes to show that mama knows best! Hang on, you've only just started the ride!!

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Congrats!! Wow those are great weights for twins!!
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Congratulations!! Yay for you!! What wonderful news. Definitely give yourself a pat on the back for knowing it was time for them to come out. That's too bad about the epidural, but to not have hassles about your wishes, that is just super. I'm so happy for you!

P.S. They were born February 18th, right?
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Congratulations Lex! So great too hear those boys are happy and healthy!

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congrats on your babies ! 1 handed nursing here lol but holy cow aren't they BIG !!!! how awesome no wonder you felt so sore those last weeks

gla your nursing is going well enjoy

baby reilly 2/5 8lb 15 oz VBAC
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What wonderful news!!

Blessings to you and your family..
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Congrats Lex!

And I do like the names you chose!

I'm sorry the epi was so rough... be sure to rest as much as possible. I honestly think I did too much and that might be why my episiotomy still bothers me so much.

Take care of yourself momma!

Welcome Luke and Jazz!
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Mega congratulations to you times two, mama! My chin hit the desk when I read Luke was 8lbs 7oz. I thought my 8lbs 11oz singleton was a lot of baby. WOW!

It's great to hear you're all healthy and happy. Get lots of rest, even if it's not sleeping...just take it easy!
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I love the babies names!

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YOU GO GIRL! I've been checking a lot to see how you are doing and just knew your absence meant good things. I'm so happy for you that your babies were born so big and healthy. What an amazing blessing and reward for all of your hard work. In time, you'll be able to think back about the birth and sort it through. It took me a while to do that with my ds's birth too.

In the meantime, enjoy every amazing moment with those baby boys.

HUGS and congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations! Twins are a double blessing!
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CONGRATULATIONS! I love the names! We *were* considering naming this baby Jasper, but since we live so close to each other (I'm in S.Hadley) I guess we'll name him Silas! LOL! Those weights are INCREDIBLE! You did such a great job. Congratulations mamas!
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