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NIP Yesterday!!!

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I nip yesterday for the first time (never did with DD) at Walmart of all places

I ended up sitting far away from anyone and I did use a recieving blanket to cover because I didn't want my belly exposed but nevertheless, I NIP!

DS was less than impressed, though, he didn't want to eat he kept poping off and looking around.

Anyone else nip with the new baby yet?
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Yup, tons of times!! First time was at McDonalds where some OLD man (like...90's) came over & stroked DD's head & prattled on about how "beauty-ful" she was. He was actually quite sweet, if not a tad, erm, forward, LOL!! And, yup, I've done my time @ Walmart, too.
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I want to, but still not good at being discreet. How are you supposed to do it without showing your stomach even if you don't show boob? My guess is that I need to buy some more nursing-friendly clothes for a start.
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I wasn't expecting to have to feed him, but he had other ideas

From now on when we go out, I'm going to wear a nursing tank under whatever shirt I'm wearing, so when I lift my shirt my belly is still covered, when it's warmer out, I'll just wear the tank.
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nak... we did at JC Penney. I'm wearing mostly nursing clothes these days, so it was no problem.
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Been nursing in public like CRAZY, ever since she started taking the boob! (We were syringe-feeding for the first few days because she was so early, small, sleepy--she is nursing like a champ now, though!)

My first NIP experience was the day after we came home from the hospital, at our folk-dance group's weekly rehearsal . . . since then I have nursed while walking through the mall, at a poolhall, at a large family gathering (does it count as NIP if it's in a family member's home?), grocery store, post office . . . seems like this girl is ALWAYS eating!

P.S. ALL I wear when I leave the house is nursing gear. At home I usually wear one of the shelf-bra (maternity) tank tops, and just pull one arm out of the shoulder strap to nurse--but prefer to be SLIGHTLY more discreet in public!
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Yup! Did it at Wal-Mart and my OB's office the first time!

Then I did it at the pedi, IHOP and Caffe Caffe. Most of the time it was with my mom and she keeps trying to cover me!

The one time I used my Moby to nurse and had this STRANGE man trying to sneak a peak! Mom even noticed! We were LIVID!
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not really in public per se, but did in the pediatricians office for her first visit. More nip to come Im sure as we venture out more... but gotta get better at being discreet and less modest(?), I have found myself shuffling off to other rooms while the in-laws are here- particularly while the dad-in-law is around (MIL nursed my dh past 1yr, and is my biggest cheerleader)
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Congrats to the first-time NIPers! I remember being so nervous the first time with my son -- it was at an indoor park at 4 weeks. I was used to using a pile of pillows, so positioning with only a blanket to prop him up was tricky.

This time around, I haven't thought twice about NIP'ing. I did at church at 2 weeks (first time out of the house) and lots of other places since.

I don't own any nursing clothes, just nursing bras. I find that nearly all my belly is covered by the baby, and my shirt covers my boob, so I don't worry much about exposure. I think being more discrete comes with experience, too.
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I remember the looks I got when I first tandem-NIP'd, priceless. Nursing Dd2 while enormously pg was worth a few chuckles too....
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Congrats, first-time NIPers! I remember how self-conscious I was with DS all the time. Now, w/ DD, I couldn't care less where I am or who else is there. I'm really enjoying this new, freeing, devil-may-care NIPing.

It's still kinda chilly here in MN (except today, which was 75 degrees -- yippee!), so I'm usually wearing a fleece vest over whatever else I have on. I find that's a great way to keep my midriff covered (for warmth, not modesty...I have no modesty anymore) without having to wear a nursing top.

Not that there's anything wrong with nursing tops. I love them -- it's just that they're so expensive, and not widely available. I have only a few.

So far I've nursed Maria at the doc's office, at several different coffeehouses, at a birthday party for my uncle, at a neighborhood diner, and at the zoo (with a nanny goat nursing nearby...wonder if anyone thought I was part of the "Farm Babies" exhibit? ).

Still haven't gotten the hang of sling-nursing, though, darn it. Birth Junky, I'm in awe of your nursing while walking through the mall. I aspire to that!
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I haven't quite figured out how to nurse Chez in the new wrap so I went and sat on the couches in the middle of the mall yesterday to nurse her.

I love that I don't have to carry formula around. No extra baggage required thanks.
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I love to NIP!

I know this may sound crazy to some of you but I am just so proud of what I have created and what I can do, that I love to nurse it public. I try to cover myself but DS wont keep the blanket over his head!! I guess I like to expose people to breastfeeding. Maybe if more people saw it, it wouldn't freak them out as much. You should NIP more often! Be proud of who you are and what you are doing.
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During my first few months of nursing I was really selfconcious about my belly...so what i did was find a big enough blanket to lay under the baby over my belly and then with the extra I covered my breast.....but now I dont even care. Its strange how you loose the desire to care I havent gotten back to my prepregnancy weight and I could really give a crud! Its been almost a year! These women that go right back down to size got it made!
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Originally Posted by Tine
Not that there's anything wrong with nursing tops. I love them -- it's just that they're so expensive, and not widely available. I have only a few.
I bought several lots of dresses and tops on eBay for very cheap, and a few more at our local used clothing store -- I think I paid about $50 total for all of my bf clothes.
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I was given one of these the other day:
Although I think it would make me more self-conscious to wear this to nip!
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i have nip while eating with chopsticks, while ordering at the counter at wendy's, at church, walking through the mall...i can't even count how many places! i am relishing the freedom that i have to come and go as i please. not having to worry about how long i can be out, since i pumped for my son and was so tied down.

i have 2 nursing tops, or else i just wear a cami under my shirt and i pull the boob out over the neckline of the cami and then lift the overshirt. tummy covered!

eta: i personally will not cover myelf with a blanket.
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Originally Posted by nubianamy
I was given one of these the other day:
Although I think it would make me more self-conscious to wear this to nip!

i have some thing like this....it is a pain to use! But my mom is uncomfortable with me nip and i'm trying to respect her......
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Originally Posted by Mrs Dimples
while ordering at the counter at wendy's
That's funny you bring up counter ordering...2 days ago I was at Burger King, ordering, VERY OBVIOUSLY nursing...my shirt was royaly pissing DD off cuz it kept falling on her face so I hoisted it way up...so anyhow the lady taking my order asked if my baby was "eating over there"...um, over WHERE?? And, no, she's doing her taxes...here's your sign!! Seeing a baby attached to a boob can't be THAT weird, LOL!!
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Ok I did it!


It was at a Panera, and we were all the way in the back in a booth, but we did it! And subsequently PIP (pooped in public) and had to use the icky koala bear changing statiom in the bathroom.
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