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Originally Posted by sunnysandiegan View Post
Thanks Jacqueline! My allergies are far more straightforward (cilantro and ginger for food & erithymiacin for drugs), so I have never had to learn all those hidden allergens.

I saw a holistic dentist today and he said the acerola cherry powder was fine for me, but that I was paying more than necessary. He suggested ascorbyl palmitate for when I feel a need to supplement my immune system. (And ordinary C for daily supplementation, which I don't currently do, so I didn't clarify what "ordinary" means to him.)

What's the scoop on ascorbyl palmitate?
I don't know anything about ascorbyl palmitate.
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i have an appointment o get my filllings removed on jan4. i have 6 fillings (2 very small and 4 average sized) have had them for 10-15 years. my nauropath suggesed the follwing:

i was on omega 3 fish oil (4 pills a day) + HMF power + DMTX (multivitamin)

now he wants me to add mito metrix (contains co Q10, glycine, glutamine, taurine, NAcetyl L Cystine and ALA) and he wants to me take DT matrix( contains beet leaf, artichoke extract,milk thisstle,picrorizha extract,bearberry leaf, burdock and stinging nettle) after the removal of 1st quadrant.

as i read through the forum,,...i am hearing a lot of different approaches....i want to do this the safest way as possible as iam planning to have a child soon.

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susanlee, you might want to start here: Preconception care: Mineral Deficiency Test.

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Hi Susanlee. Welcome! Have you read anything about Andy Cutler's chelation protocol. Based on that, I would avoid anything with ALA until 3-4 months after the last removal, and I would take it per his protocol then. ALA is a very strong chelator, and, according to studies, it can push mercury into the brain (which according to Andy is mostly avoided by taking it in small doses on an every 3-4hr basis around the clock. Reading his material makes it make a lot more sense). Also, you may want to do some research to determine how long you want to wait before conceiving. Once you remove the fillings from your mouth, your body organs will start dumping the mercury out -- I believe at about 4-6 months, and then again several months later.

Tanya, I believe in nutrient intolerances that aren't immune regulated. I think there are some nutrients that we can't tolerate because somewhere in the chain of events that is involved in the use of that nutrient there's a problem like a deficiency or a blocking of an enzyme, etc. I think us Hg toxic folks are particularly prone to these. I wonder if that's why I can't tolerate the Vit C.

I'm taking a short break. My last round of 25mg DMSA resulted in some mild neuropathy. (I think it was the DMSA; it's hard to tell sometimes). I think I'm going to work on not forgetting my supplements and then resume chelating back at 12.5mg and I'm going to increase the number of doses per round to every 3hrs. I've heard that if you feel symptoms, try lowering the dosage and taking it more often. So, that's what I'm going to try next time.

If you are using Cutler's chelation protocol, how often do you a take a break from rounds, and how long a break do you take before resuming them? I was doing rounds on a 4day/3night on to a 4 day off.

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kid in lap... consider extra b12? may help w neuropathy ... kids and i sometimes get low in mag too--mobilize more, there's more need for nutrients,

dmsa is usually 3 d on, 11 d off, may be too much to do every weekend, I think I did every other weekend (DD sat up momentarily)

ala i've done 3 days on, 4 days off (as much off time as you had on),
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Originally Posted by JacquelineR View Post
all of the acerola cherry powders i've seen contain maltodextrin, which is corn.
Amla capsules do not, Himalayan.

I know Acai is high in C but the capsules I've seen don't list C content.
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Originally Posted by TanyaLopez View Post
kid in lap... consider extra b12? may help w neuropathy ... kids and i sometimes get low in mag too--mobilize more, there's more need for nutrients,
Yes, yes... B12 for neuropathy. Jarrow 5000mcg sublingual tablet and personally I would do more than the rec 3x per week at least at first. Mercury also severely depletes magnesium which is needed for hundreds of enzymes in the body. I've been doing transdermal magnesium all this year to tank up after reading Marc Sircus' book and it's been really wonderful. Way better than oral.
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i was wrong

i had mentioned that i tried chelating before, and that ot made me sick. i guess what i did was some sort of cleanse, not related to mercury at all, but just a general cleanse. i am thinking about using a little boxed cleanse called heavy metal detox from renew life. has anyone heard of this? i'd love to get some thoughts and opinions! thanks!
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I saw that stuff at our local Whole Foods once. OMG. The vitamins and minerals aren't adequate and the use of cilantro and ALA would make a person who actually had metals issues really feel horrible.

It has 20mg of ALA (which beyond other issues, shouldn't be taken just once a day), and I don't know how to figure dosages of cilantro because I just avoid it, it mobilizes mercury (other metals? not sure), but I don't know how to use it. That said... there are multivitamins out there (anti-oxidant formulations) that include that much ALA or more, and since the products exist, I assume some people can take ALA like that and not feel sick. I don't know if normal, healthy people could take that and feel fine, I know I would've felt horrible if I'd ever run into it.

I think that is a truly horrid product, I'm sorry you ran across it. People actually with heavy metal issues would get sicker, and if someone really excreted metals well already, then they wouldn't need it.
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Most of you probably don't even know me. I've been absent for such a long time. I just went to the yahoo pediatric gastroparesis group to post Sierra's healing from GP. It has been over a year and a half since her last mercury treatment. I realized I never posted the mercury removal that worked for her on chelating mamas - sorry!

Well, she did fine on the NCD, but I found it only removed serum mercury. The urine toxic metal profiles we did convinced me that it doesn't touch cellular toxic metals. When we added the transdermal ALA she went downhill. Mobilizing the mercury exacerbated her symptoms so that she just stayed on the couch saying, "owie belly". It was pitiful. I was truly hopeless at that point. I had found what I believed to be the cause of her gastroparesis, I had the porphyrin test proving she was mercury toxic, and I had no way to remove the mercury that she could tolerate.

Then we were led to Charles. He practices NAET (which we had done before) and augments it with acupuncture (which we had done MANY times before). Cool thing was that he used me as a surrogate. He only touched Sierra when giving her hugs. He did the testing through me and I took all the needles for her. We just had to have skin-to-skin contact during the testing and treatment.

Well, we went in for the first appt. and he was convinced off the bat that her issue was food allergies because of her stomach pain and vomiting at least 3 times per day. He tested EVERY food allergen he could think of and she never went weak. He finally believed me and tested mercury. He did a mercury treatment that day. I left thinking how ridiculous it was to think mercury could be removed from the body energetically after all I had read on chelation. I thought I had yet again wasted money. I was wrong.

Her pain improved with that first treatment. We continued treatments 3 times per week. After a couple months she went from a diet of raw yoghurt as 70% of her diet with one grain and meat per day to whatever organic whole food she wanted. Once he got enough mercury out her candida symptoms that she had for years vanished despite eating bananas and honey. She couldn't have any fruit prior to this.

We did a total of 9 months of treatment for mercury, inorganic mercury, and thimerosal. A year ago we had a little glitch, but realized I had started her on a new mag supplement from the sea. Ended up this had a small amount of mercury in it which was causing the symptoms to come back. Stopped this supplement, did one mercury treatment, and she was fine again. She is extremely sensitive to mercury.

So, now you have yet another (very expensive) way to remove mercury.

I finished chelating in the fall of 2007. I began with the Cutler protocol using DMSA/ALA. After about a year? I switched to NCD/ALA keeping the ALA on Cutler schedule and dosing. This was much easier on my body and I had no problems switching to NCD except that it was more expensive .
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MONECA! Thanks for that update! I can't believe what wonderful progress you two have made. That is truly wonderful. I'm so happy for you both.
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Moneca--good to hear from you, and good to hear good results! And that's just amazing. About the cost? Ugh, I've been fine dropping the DMSA for myself, which I was really happy about given _its_ cost, and if NCD is more? Ugh. Glad to hear that's behind you.

So, Panserbjorne, since you're here... you've talked a couple different places about how homeopathy didn't work, and then the type of homeopathy that is working, can you talk a bit more? I bet there are people who'd really like to go the homeopathy route, but it sounds like you had to really persevere to find the specific way that's actually getting metals out.
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Moneca, I have a question. Do you think that any NAET-practitioner who's competent could do what Charles did? What I mean is--one of the reasons I really like Cutler's approach is that worse comes to worst, you can do this on your own. I think my HCP has fiddled with the supportive nutrients and emphasizes GFCF so that I've been able to chelate at significantly higher dosages than most, myself and the kids, but it's the same basic idea, ALA every 3 hours round the clock or DMSA every 4. But at its core, Cutler's approach is doable on your own.

So, do you think that a good NAET practitioner, who listens and realizes yes, mercury is _the_ problem, could do something similar to the results you've gotten?

And in terms of diet and nutrients, did you do any supplements, either early on or later? Couldn't tell if your DD could tolerate any supps early. But I know from other discussions that you have a very nutrient dense, high quality diet--that would be an important part of supporting the NAET treatments, wouldn't it?

Panserbjorne, same questions go for you.

If you two have time, it may be nice to get all this into one place, the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches, in terms of people looking for workable solutions for their situations.
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The homeopathy is SUCH a wild card! I love it (as well all know-lol) but it really depends on two things: getting the right remedy that will encourage drainage and specifically addressing the metals.

Now I was taught by a doctor I precepted with about the benefits of isopathy and that seems to be a great approach. I saw changes in my own family using this approach and was very happy with it.

Something I did figure and have been working at verifying is that the right remedy in the right miasm can do magical things. However this is a difficult task. It's one I've been using with clients and seeing different things than I had before.

I was treated classically for years and years and years and never once was my remedy used. Not once. AND my homeopath was a well known and very highly respected homeopath. He got it for dd, but the dosing schedule wasn't correct. What worked ultimately was using the right remedy daily at a low potency to allow metals to be released. The right remedy supports all basic metabolic processes. The challenge is to get the remedy right.

Now I finally figured out my remedy just recently. I implemented a similar dosing schedule figuring that I have known metals and food intolerances (though to be fair I had already made significant progress int his area.) Taking this remedy has changes several things I *wasn't* aiming to change in an already documented and measurable way. In fact I have two practitioners in awe of the changes in me in just the last month. They both see me in a professional capacity once a month and some major physical changes have occurred. A major one is adhesions I've had around my left ovary for years are gone. Just in the last month of taking this remedy. I'm no longer subluxating in the same spots and the dural tension is gone. This one practitioner had no idea anything had changed on my end but was blown away by the changes.

Do I think that the correct remedy can boot metals? I do. I didn't always though. What I'm realizing now is that the right remedy has to be implemented in very specific ways, and with broader criteria. The frustrating thing is that it takes a good practitioner to make this work. It's not that the modality is amazing. It is, but the issue is you need someone proficient to elicit these kind of changes. I'm in the infancy stage here. Hopefully some day I will have nailed it.
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as to the above question...if I'm understanding it correctly...yes. Diet is a major factor as it is contributing the building blocks for healing. Avoiding known triggers is going to hasten recovery time. However using the system I'm using right now with myself, I've adjusted for that. Using the remedy daily controls for any indiscretions, unknown variables or inadvertent exposures. This would reduce the stress we experience when any of these things happen and allow healing to move continually forward, if more slowly than before.

I have one person that I'm working with now who is refusing to be compliant with a known celiac diagnosis. They were given the same remedy by three different homeopaths and never gotten any better. They also have a significant metal load. Now, I came up with something different using different criteria and we are already seeing positive changes. It is being given daily and is addressing all aspects of the experience. I'm hopeful that metals are also being dealt with, though I have no proof yet.

I wish they would give up gluten but that's not happening right now. Given that, I'm rather suprised that things are changing. It's giving me significant hope. BUT, the point is that like NAET what I suspect is happening is that the remedy is reducing the vulnerability and reactivity. We will see...It's just so hard to say but what I DO know is that I don't think you can address these types of issues on one plane. At the risk of sounding like a broken record I think you need to integrate structure, nutrition and energy. I think that's how healing happens. You change the way the entire system is functioning.
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Thank you to everyone who's contributed info here! I've never had amalgams, but just got my hair test back and it showed mercury. This thread has been invaluable.

JaneS, did you get your amalgams removed? Did you chelate for mercury? I think I remember Pat saying she wasn't going to get hers removed because she felt it was too risky.
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Hi mamas!
I have an appointment to get my one and only amalgam out in 3 weeks, as per protocol. I've been eating a fairly WAP diet for the last year with guiltless indulgence in wonderful fats

I'm really overwhelmed with chelating. I start to read about it and my head starts to spin! Can anyone break down the very basic time-line for me of the things I should be doing now and after the filling is removed?

Thank you so much!
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Is it possible selenium can mobilize Hg and cause insomnia, anxiety and gut pain?

My Cutler book is still packed away in attic, so thanks for the quick advice!
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Originally Posted by Toolip View Post
Hi mamas!
I have an appointment to get my one and only amalgam out in 3 weeks, as per protocol. I've been eating a fairly WAP diet for the last year with guiltless indulgence in wonderful fats

I'm really overwhelmed with chelating. I start to read about it and my head starts to spin! Can anyone break down the very basic time-line for me of the things I should be doing now and after the filling is removed?

Thank you so much!
I'm pretty sure Moneca had a new and improved step by step on this thread, I think she rec starting with LiverLife.
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Originally Posted by linguistmama View Post
JaneS, did you get your amalgams removed? Did you chelate for mercury? I think I remember Pat saying she wasn't going to get hers removed because she felt it was too risky.

Yes I got 10 removed safely according to IAOMT protocol five years ago. I only improved after that but I did a lot of nutritional support. I did not chelate and should have, but I let family opposition and DS' issues get in the way. My hair test did not meet Cutler's counting rules for Hg toxicity, but later I found out it was b/c I was still bf'ing at the time and that effects your mineral transport.

I have since focused on my gut and nutrition and curing interstitial cystitis. And have had excellent progress but still there are subclinical thyroid issues I would like to finally solve and I think chelating is the answer. I think it's risky if you don't know how to support yourself, and it depends on the health issues you are experiencing that you feel you need to resolve.
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