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Morning Power drink/smoothie...

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Hi There,

I'm looking for some recomendations for a morning drink, preferably like a smoothie that's going to give me energy, but is low in fat, and of course safe to drink while nursing.

I'd like to add a protein powder of some sort to it, but have no idea what to buy. Also thinking of adding flax for the omegas.

Can anyone post a recipe or a link to where I might find a good recipe. It doesn't necessarily have to be lo-cal since the drink would be my breakfast...I'm really needing to increase my protein/energy levels -- I'm waaay to fatigued to cope with my busy life! LOL...

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here's a few thoughts

the mama nog recipe http://www.mothering.com/recipes/mama-nog.shtml I don't go for the raw egg, tho. Even if I liked them I'd be leery of eating them raw.

When I was pg I was making a smoothie with, approx
1 cup juice/soy/rice/nut milk or whatever beverage you like
1 Tablespoon greens (spirulina, barley grass, etc)
1 Tablespoon Udo's oil( you could use any high omega oil you want, plain flax, evening primrose, or there are lots of other blends, but I really like Udo's)
1 Tablespoon protein powder-I like the soy or vegetable ones personally

& just blend it up. You can tinker with quantities, greens can taste strong if you're not used to them, but if you are used to them you might want more, & some protein powders suggest more, I usually went with serving size, & I usually put more oil, but not everyone wants an oily smoothie.

you could also try blending in yogurt, I've not tried it but the acidophilous is certainly good for you, & some like to toss in whole flax seeeds, if you have a blender that will grind them up a bit, or put them through a grinder first.
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I had a yummy one this morning, but I never measure anything, I just throw it all in and it's always good.

rice milk
protein powder (heaping tablespoonful)
flax oil (about a tablespoon)
banana (or 2)
bunch of blueberries

I've also added pineapple, kiwi, and strawberries, depending on what's floating around.
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Kale is a great thing to add to your smoothie, especially while you are nursing - it's great to enhance your breastmilk and give you the extra vitamins and minerals you need. I have found pineapple juice and kale go especially well, if you make alsoSarah's recipe, add a handful of kale. Trust me, you won't taste it (the color is a little weird though).

Here is the Creamy Greens smoothie from my book Simply Natural Baby Food

1/2 cup pineapple juice
1/2 cup milk (dairy or non-dairy)
1 banana, frozen
1 handful kale
1 tablespoon nutritional yeast flakes

The nutritional yeast adds extra protein and B vitamins, also good while pregnant or nursing.

Frozen bananas are a great way to add thickness, creaminess and sweetness to smoothies without sugar or ice cream.
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Mmmmmmm!!! Thanks mamas, I am definitley excited about trying these recipes!
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