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breast pain

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today my breast has been hurting deep inside when ds eats. this is not letdown. it hurts so bad i don't even want to use it. what is going on?
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Could it be thrush?

I'm not expert here but I've read a lot of books and had a lot of problems myself...Could it be thrush? Have you been on antibiotics lately? How old is your baby? Just try to relax and know you will figure it out...You can call a LLL leader in your area and talk to her. Try to talk to the most experienced leader in your area. Good luck! PM me if you need help with LLL info!

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It does sound like thrush. I don't know how you feel about medication, but we tried everything imaginable and what finally worked for us with thrush was Diflucan. It made an immediate difference. I also take probiotics,which seem to help hold it at bay.
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If it hurts during a feed , it could also be a plugged duct inside. Thrush can hurt between feeds as well.

Do a search here for thrush, plugged dusts, mastits, and see which one you think you have.

thrush can be brought on by antibiotic use. Plugged ducts, by doing too much, pressure on breast, shortened or skipped feeds.
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Thank you all for responding. It appears to be a plugged duct. I'm working with it and hopefully it will stop hurting soon. I'm going braless as I think my bra being too tight is what may have caused it. I'm also searching in this forum to get more advice.
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