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Pro's and Con's of stripping membranes??? and...did it start up labor for you??? - Page 2

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Have you had it done? Yes.
How far along were you? According to LMP, I was 11 days overdue.
How many cm dialated were you? 3cm and had been for around 2 weeks... I think I was slightly efaced, but not terribly ripe.
Did it start labor for you? Yes. I immediately (like, within 5 minutes) felt menstrual cramps and had blood to clean up before getting dressed (immediately after the procedure). Additionally, my plug came out a couple hours later and I had a big bloody show. My waters probably broke with the swipe, but I think DD's head help 'em in because when I finally laid down to sleep about 8 hours later, the water came out all over the place.
Pro's and Cons? I don't feel there were any pros. Labor lasted 20 and 1/2 hours and I'd say that's a con.

My midwife told me what she was doing, while she did it, but I had NO CLUE what that meant at the time. She explained it after she was done, in more detail, and I've been pretty upset that it happened at all since then. Mostly, I'm upset about it because I REALLY think she did it so that she wouldn't have to be in the hospital over the weekend. And it really upset me that she didn't make sure I knew what it was and then approve it.

In the future (with this and any subsequent pregnancies) I wouldn't have it done again unless I was around 43 weeks (and felt confident that the dating was correct).
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Have you had it done?
Why yes, I did.
How far along were you:
42+ weeks and desperate.
How many cm dialated were you?
Did it start labor for you?
Not sure. I went into labor a little over 24 hours later, but I also had performed magical juju on my uterus acupuncture points and taken many potions, with the help of a naturopath. See my birth story... I was a day away from being carted off to the hospital. I was all crampy afterwards, so it did get my hopes up, and hey...sometimes, that's all you got.
Pro's and Cons?
Hmm. Didn't hurt for me. Felt weird. I was desperate. I would visit a naturopath first though if given a choice.
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I had it done the day before my due date with my first. I was 90& effaced and 1 cm dilated. Didn't hurt at all, although it was a little uncomfortable (aren't internals always a little strained?). The next morning i woke up at 5 and my waters broke. Went into labor and had DD by noon. It was easy and simple and went wonderfully. I'm at 38 weeks this time and considering doing it again. I'm already 90% effaced again, and 3 cm this time! THought labor had started a day ago, but have just been feeling kinda sick and jittery instead. I'm not sleeping, and this little boy is totally positioned (left side, head engaged)....I don't think it could hurt to try at this point, though it seems pretty clear that one should be overdue or at least very "ready" (effaced, dilated, positioned) for it to be anything positive.
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The hospital I am delivering at is conducting a study of the relation between stripping membranes and onset of labor in the absence of any other induction methods. I am considering participating when I reach my EDD, but I won't agree to it any sooner than that. I believe this is an area of medicine where there is conventional wisdom that says stripping the membranes can help begin labor, but it hasn't really been rigorously quantified in a controlled fashion, and that is what this study is attempting to accomplish.
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Yes, I had it done. At 41 weeks and I was 3 cm, 60-70% effaced/ It hurt like crazy and so far, ( I had it done 29 hours ago) last night I had prodromal labor for 10 hours and today i lost my mucus plug. I am worn out, and i dont think i would do it again.

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Any vaginal exam poses a bit of an infection risk. Sometimes the benefits outweigh the risks, but it is important to remember the risks.
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I had my membranes stripped. I was 41w3d. I was not dilated at all. The I started labor the next evening. I had them stripped again 41w6d and I delivered my Des late that night. The stripping was painful, but that's probably because my doctor was a b..... and she was rough. She did not even ask me or tell me she was going to do it. But it did work. Plus I was drinking red raspberry leaf tea. My advice would be to ask them to be gentle. Good luck!
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Have you had it done? Yes. My BP started going too high.

How far along were you 40 wks 6 dys

How many cm dialated were you? 3 cm

Did it start labor for you? I went into labor 2.5 days after. I've read that if it doesn't happen within 24 hrs, it didn't work. I don't know. I do think it helped start my labor.

Pro's and Cons? The sweeping was painful. I don't think my dd was quite done cooking. She had a bit of a hard time adjusting to life on the outside. I think she would have been better off staying in a few more days.
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Have you had it done?
I had it done with #3.
How far along were you I was 40 w 6 d (by their calendar, 41 w 5 d by my calculations).
How many cm dialated were you? IIRC 4 cm and 85% effaced (yeah 85--weird #, but that's what she said).
Did it start labor for you? Yes, within an hour or 2.
Pro's and Cons? I was doing my 2nd VBAC... I think it's something worth considering if you're doing a VBAC and "running out of time" (because it's a much better alternative than an induction). I wouldn't consider it (or even a vaginal exam) anywhere before 40 wks. It didn't hurt for me (but may have been because I was more dilated/effaced than some others here).
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thinking about it still

I'm here again, because i keep twirling this possiblility around in my head....Almost 40wks! I've heard so many women say it did nothing -but even still, after my first experience i have this idea that when i do "it" i'll go into labor. Hanging around at nearly 100% percent effaced and 5cm dilated for a week -constant 'labor' contractions which just don't progress. I have been doing all the moves to get him in the best position, just in case he's off a little or something- but stilll not here! Haven't slept in a week ...OK i just went off on a tangent. But really, i might sweep membranes this week and i'll let you know if it does the trick...
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Never had it done, my first was born in the caul and with my 2nd it broke when hes head was crowning.
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