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Should I be worried??

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Sweet little Ella is 11 days old and I'm trying to figure out if her nursing behavior is cause for concern. For her first 3 days she literally nursed constantly. And now she only nurses about every 2 hours and for only 5 min. at a time and only on one side per feeding. Between midnight and 7 a.m she only wakes up once to nurse. I have tryed everthing to keep her awake but nothing works. I'm worried that my milk supply will srart going down too much and that she's not going to gain weight because she doesn't stay on long enough to get hindmilk. What, if anything, should I do?
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do you hear her suck suck swallow during that time - and a little wiggle near the temple? that indicates she's transfering milk... how are her wet and dirty diapers? she maybe getting what she needs during that time... but if she's not you'll need to do some things to get her to wake up more like strip her down to her diaper to nurse and tickle her feet etc. and get more milk into her by doing breast compressions... but first tell me if she is actually getting milk during the times she is nursing
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Is she still pooping and peeing? Is she jaundiced?

I think if she is not jaundiced and still pooping a peeing fine then she is probably okay. Even though she is only waking up once at night that is still less then four hours between feedings. If you really want to make sure she gets more hindmilk then you can nurse on the same side twice in a row, but unless there is some other problem I would trust her! If she is juandiced then you probably should try to nurse her as much as possible. She isn't sucking on anything else- pacifiers, your fingers??? When she is fussy you are nusing her not walking, singing, whatever right?

I am sure she is just getting better at nursing and you milk is coming fast enough that is all she needs. Because she is only nursing on one side she should be getting enough hindmilk.
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Ditto the other ladies on diapers...as long as she's needing changed frequently, you're probably alright.

My mother's friend nursed her three children. The third one could empty her breasts in ten minutes...five minutes a side. He was a really effective sucker.

I think there are lots of babies who like to nurse on one side per feeding and that's that.

My ds is sleeping for about five or seven hours at a stretch during the night now...and he's only a few days older than your babe. Just keep an eye on those dipes. Good luck!
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typing one handed here--i think i've figured out the problem. she has a cold. she seems to be feeling much better this afternoon--i think i misinterpreted her not feeling well for sleepiness. she has nursed almost nonstop all day dh has started to refer to me as the human pacifier,which is fine with me. i've never raised a baby without a pacifier before, so this is way different. thanks for all the advice. i'll be sure to keep it in mind should we encounter this problem again.

hey mallory, when you wanna come see my little angel? mabye we could set up a play date sometime soon and hopefully later next month go to the museum.
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