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Why are you TTC?? Not being rude...just curious!

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Right now i just don't feel whole. I would love to ttc but if you've read my other posts that won't happen here.....

Anyway, what are your reasons...maybe I can use some of them on dh!!
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For me - because I really want a baby. I have always wanted to be a mother. I am still working on my first.

I also believe that I can make the world a better place through how I raise my kids.

Why would I want a second? Because I really believe that kids need siblings. I love the idea of my kids having someone to talk to other than me in the family. I love the idea that if they have siblings that they will always have someone on their side.

Just my thoughts....since i don't have any kids yet - take them for what they are worth.
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Good question... I think sometimes people ttc for all the wrong reasons. But heck, who am I to decide

I am currently ttc because I believe I am in a position to provide for a baby. I love kids and it has always been a life "plan" for me to have a family. I think we are blessed to be able to have the love of family, I am ready for that blessing.

As far as having siblings. My dh is an only child, I come from a family of 5 kids. I love having siblings. I think the family bond between brothers and sisters can be so strong. I would hate to not have that love and connection, therefore, if I am blessed enough to have more than one child, I would be happy to accept the responsibilities that come with it.
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We're ttc numero uno. My reason is pretty much an echo of Adina's. I have always wanted to be a mom. I love children (I'm a primary grade teacher) and I want the full experience. Especially since we started ttc, it has been difficult sometimes to teach children and put so much of my love into them and then say good-bye at the end of the day/school year. I am so excited at the idea of having my own children to nurture and the possibilities of what they will be like as individuals.
Also, why ttc instead of adopt? It is selfish, but I want to experience the feeling of growing another life inside of my body and to see the result of dh's and my dna. I have strongly considered the idea of adopting in addition to TTC, I know I can love my child just as much, regardless of genetic affiliations- but I do want to be PG. I am so envious/admiring of a big ol' pg belly.
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this is a good question...

I always thought kids were part of my "life plan" as well. My dh and I have been married almost 8 years..we are older (33,35)...so we feel we have a little more wisdom and feel more settled in life and really want to experience being parents.

I also work with kids (peds nurse practitioner..) and have felt that this is my life work....to nuture kids, mine and other parent's kids.

I also really want to experience being pregnant and feeling myself as a woman in this creative act...
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I love being a mother more than anything in life. If I am meant to have only one child, I will considered myself very blessed, but I do want another. I have a lot of love in my heart.
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