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Name suggestions for baby girl?

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Anybody with good baby names out there willing to share? We're looking for something traditional, uncommon, pretty, w/ more than one syllable, and doesn't rhyme with Will (e.g. we ruled out Jillian).

So far we're thinking about

Help, please!
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Popping in from October DDC. I LOOOOVE this website for beautiful names:

They have a ton and they are all just so cute!
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Leanna (pronounced Lee-anna)


Eliana (El-ee-ah-nah)
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The only one that comes to mind right away is

Alanna (ah-la-na)
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Ithought I would put my DD's name out there.But I see that you dont want her name LOL. Emilia?

My SIL baby's name is Lily also so pretty.
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I'm from the June DDC -- hope you don't mind...

But it sounds like you want a similar name as us. We've thought of:
Evelyn, Amelia, Nova, Celeste, Eva, Fiona, and Violet.

Right now I think Evelyn Christine is the frontrunner.
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I am partial to Sierra That is what we named our last DD Sierra Faith~ Sierra for the mountain that I had to climb to get her(figuratively I was on bedrest for 13 weeks) & Faith because it took a lot of Faith to make it~

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Here are a few of my faves:
Avery, Madison, Brooklynne, Ava, Phoebe, Caydence, Janelle, Hannah, Simona, Olivia, Kierstin ( kee-ear-ston ), Aiyannah, boy oh boy I could go on forever....

Good Luck
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How about Lyric. If I had a girl it would have been named Lyric but all the dh knows how to make is ds!
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I wanted to name a girl Genesis...
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Audrey (the name we'll use if this is a girl)
Tessa (I love this name, but doesn't sound so great with our last name- I think it sounds nice with Will)
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Hi, I'm jumping in from October DDC. If we have a girl it will be Violet Isadora. I was also partial to Amelia and Serena.
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oooh, that reminds me I like Amelia and Claire. A friend used them both or else I'd be tempted to.
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I love most of the names you've picked--Charlotte and Lily are lovely, and I like Beatrice, too. In the "traditional pretty" name category, I also like Violet and Olivia, as well as Annabel or Annabeth.

Good luck!
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I love Lily, friends of ours have a Lily, and she is just precious! (Her full name is Lilianna) What about Cecelia? And I really like Simona too.
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Thanks for the great suggetions! Lots of the names you mentioned were on our list at some point. I think we might have to meet her before we decide. Best wishes to you all.
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We are torn between Emmeline and Annabelle. Both ultrafeminine and classic. We also plan to meet her first. I can't tell if they rhyme with Will or not. There are some "L"s in there though.
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I love the name Rachel (was my grandma's.) I think it's very beautiful.
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If mine is a girl, she will be Eva Renee. Now I have to learn how to type the e with the accent mark over it. LOL
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Beatrice, Lily, and Charlotte are all VERY common names.
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