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Kleen Kanteen or SIGG?? - Page 4

Poll Results: Which do you recommend in place of a traditional plastic sippy cup?

  • 46% (64)
    Kleen Kanteen
  • 41% (57)
  • 12% (18)
139 Total Votes  
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SIGG vs Klean Kanteen - No Contest, KK!

SIGG has some dirty little secrets about their lining that they are keeping from the public. Please read this very important article about the lining.
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We use stainless steel THERMOS straw cups...
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I bought the KK's love them.
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We love both KK and stainless steel THERMOS straw cups. Just make sure you don't leave water in them for days and forget to clean them. They will rust!!
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I got DD a KK, but usually we're never far away from a source of water and a place where I can ask for a real glass. For our next trip to the desert I might invest in some bota bags or something. (now my strictly vegan friends will hurl things at me)
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We have KKs with the sports cap. I like the wide mouth of the KK - I can fit ice cubes in it but the sports cap chirps loudly and is too embarassing for my kids to use.

I actually much, much prefer the FunTainers or Foogo's from Thermos. They are stainless steel and have a straw. They have a wide mouth for ice cubes and they keep things icy cold without the sweating on the outside of the bottle.

Also, they are easily found at Target, ToysRUs and other stores.

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