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hi Brandi
Would an egg look like it had come out normally on u/s if the tube was blocked?
Yes, the U/S could look "normal" but the egg have no where to go. The U/S cannot show that the tubes are clear without a contrast dye injection (HSG) or water bubbles to follow (the Airsonhystogram) I don't know of anything that would be an indicator of tubal blockage- did the Dr give you any indication of what he was looking for? The physical blockage aspect is normally just something to rule out before you do the hormones, from what I have read.

An U/S of the ovaries shows the size of the follicles the eggs are developing in. The info you get from this is how many eggs are ripening & how large they are & if you have eggs on both ovaries or not. Depending on the timing it can even show the follicle rupturing. But it does not show the egg quality, or where the egg goes after the follicle ruptures.

Regarding egg quality, if it is taking a while for you to ovulate & your estrogen isn't building steadily from the beginning of your period, sometimes follicles will develop & never rupture. Are you familiar with how normally there will be several & then usually 1 will dominate & get larger then rupture? With low estrogen levels the follicles might grow, stagnate, & then even recede without ever rupturing. U/S might show a follicle 1 day & then none 2 days later, but that still might not be proof positive of ovulation. Did they tell you what size the follicles measured or how many there were? Normally you want at least 1 18-22 mm follie, and then there might be 2-3 smaller ones. It sounds like they were pretty thorough with the U/S. They get tedious though don't they?

With taking the clomid you are giving your body a chance to basically get with the program & see what it can do & with the U/S & trigger shot you will have a very good ability to time your baby-dancing, hurrah! It sounds like the Dr really feels you have a hormonal thing going on, not a blockage. Also with the clomid you have a better chance of ovulating from both sides, so if there is blockage on just 1 side that is cutting your odds, the clomid could compensate for that. Not to push the HSG, but alot of women get pregnant *after* they have it done, like it is actually theraputic & can help open the blockage if there is one.

I know how frustrating it is to have care providers completely discount the info you've collected by charting. I had a really nice female Nurse Practioner & even she couldn't get with it! She was a firm believer in the 14 day luteal phase, I would bring my chart in with my ovulation marked & she would count back 14 days from my LMP & mark my ovulation there no matter what other signs had indicated my ovulation! In fact that is one reason I took the clomid, just so I wouldn't have to fight her to get the U/S & insemination timing done to my cycle. The clomid basically controlled my cycle & it all worked out for the best. I still continued to chart & think that info was really important to *me* in assessing what the Drs & all were saying, even if they wouldn't look @ it. Personally, I think they are very regimented, "scientific" people & do not like taking a backseat to "nature's rhythym". It all works better for them & their office schedules, setting appts, etc if they can control your cycle. It makes it more predictable & they really like that.

Sorry this is so long again, but what you are going thru is so similar to my experience. I know it will all work out for you! Also, are you eating really well & taking your prenatals already? Give your body it's very best chance to make those high quality eggies! Vitamin C is real important to cell growth & division. Get a cool affirmation going to feed those ovaries everything they need~ they want to do their job & make that little baby happen!

many baby blessings, Maria
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No, tubal blockage has not been ruled out. The dr asked if I knew of anything that might indicate it: I don't know what that would be. [/B]
Could be past abortions , pelvic inflammatory disease, std's. All these can cause scar tissue. Although you complete a health history, many people do not disclose history of abortion or std's (too personal) until this sort of thing arises. At least that might be what the dr was getting at.

If you're concerned about unnecessary tests/treatments, just take your time. don't agree with the dr as a matter of course when s/he says, "ok, i'm going to prescribe xyz and we're going to do this because such and such." It's too easy to refuse or accept just because that's the first response to emerge from your mouth. this is what I struggle with, anyway. As others have said here, *you* are paying *them* for a service, so be sure you're getting the service you want.

Best of luck! Sounds as though it's going quite well.
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Thanks again Maria for so much helpful info! way" before I'll undergo medical treatment. Sigh...(of relief)
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