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Doc. Appt. yesterday

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Everything looks great, I'm about 2 cent. dilated, and the head is already in my pelvis. He laughed, because he said he only went in a couple inches, and could feel the baby's head. I couldn't even tell he was checking me, and he did say that he didn't want to do too much and stir things up. He said my labor is going to be fast this time, and I laughed, because he said that with the other 2, and they were NOT fast labors! I feel great though, have gained 30 pounds exactly. I am not in any pain, I almost feel bad saying that so I'm quite comfortable staying pregnant for a few weeks!!
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Can you believe we're this far along already?! Sounds like a good appointment. Now we just wait.
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It really is mind boggling to think that in only a few short weeks, babies will be coming!!! I'm ready, and then I'm not! When I hold my 6 week old nephew, I'm totally ready, and then I talk to his mom in the mornings, and she tells me how he was up all night, and then I'm not ready!!!
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That sounds about how my doc appt went...LOL...glad to hear everything went well!
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Fabulous! It's great to hear everything is all good!
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