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We are moving next week and DS(5) is not taking it well. I guess initially we didnt think much of transitioning him because he as Aspergers and always seemed so clueless about the world around him and could care less about friends, etc. But he realy does seem to be taking it hard. He is upset that he will not have the same school friends next year (even though in general he hates school, has all kinds of problems there and thus we will most likely be homeschooling, which he seems to be excited about).

So I feel like I want to actively try to make this transition better for him. I have assured him that we will all be together in the new house with all of our stuff. Ihave tried to talk about the good things (closer to daddys work, so he will be home earlier, bigger kitchen so we can cook together more).

I want to know what other mamas have done to make it easier on their little ones. He is 5, but in some ways sort of like a 3yo emotionally. So advice for all ages would be helpful! lol

BTW, its a local move, so all of his "friends" from playgroups and such will still be around. And we can still go to all of our favorite places. Its just 30 mins east, so DH's commute is cut in half.