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nursing clothing

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I wanted to share an idea I had.

About halfway through this pregnancy I came across a product called a belly hugger (or something like that). It is a stretchy tube of material that starts below your breasts and ends below your hips. It is advertized for both preg, a great way to solve the too short shirt dilemna, and for nursing, a great way to solve the exposed pp belly squishies.

I didn't want to spend the money on one of them, so I considered making my own by buying appropriate material and sewing it up - super easy.

What I am doing:
I realized that I had a few tank tops that I don't wear often. I cut them below the armpit area and wear them like the belly hugger. tah dah instant happiness concerning the too short shirt. I expect that I will need to tighten them up a bit after the baby is here, but no biggie. I am thrilled.
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Good idea!

I also thought those belly huggers were neat, but expensive, so I'll probably borrow your idea, thanks!
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I have no idea how I ended up on this thread/board, but I wanted to say your idea is GENIUS!
Sending you ladies happy pregnancy thoughts.......

Now, where was I?
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