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I need some Unassisted stories!!

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Has anyone had an unassisted home birth with your first baby? I am due in 4 weeks and we had to not go with our midwives-like planned- for $$ reasons, we have found an OB that is working with us, but I just can’t bring myself to go to the hospital. I do have a brittle bone condition and I fear what they will do to my baby when he/she is born. I am also terrified of the interventions that will be protocol for me and the baby, or having to fight to not get the protocols! I have never once thought that my body could not birth this baby, I have 100% confidence that it will be fine with me and DP being the only ones there. I truly feel that we created this little babe and we should be the ones that welcome the babe in the world. We have had no u/s no dopplers and we get looked down on all the time for having this decision. We have had doctors tell us that we are not concerned with our babies’ health, and I see it just the opposite. I feel that I am so responsible that I am not willing to give up my right as this babes parent so some doc can screw up and go sleep fine at night. Sorry, not on my babe! So I was wondering if I could get some stories about unassisted births. Could anyone tell me what I really need for the birth too, I don’t want to buy tons of stuff I am not going to use. I feel that every other creature in the world can birth without running to wal-mart, I can too!! Thanks
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Congratulations on the new baby, can't wait to read your birth story. Sorry if you've already read these already, but http://www.unassistedchildbirth.com/ucart.htm has tons of stories and other very valuable information. I love reading birth stories.
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Not a first baby, but here's a great UC story:

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THis link is to a UC group on yahoo. There is a lurk period of 2 weeks, I believe, but tons of info and unassited birth stories to read.
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You might also want to do a search in the homebirth archives... There are several threads that can help you in your quest.
Best of luck to you.
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Here is a thread from the archives.
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There are also lots of great unassisted birth stories at www.birthlove.com. It is a subscription site, but totally worth it.
My story is here:


I also have a few UC stories up on my site (link below) -- a couple aren't up anywhere else.
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you are right, you can do it!! (and w/o the walmart supplies, as you mentioned !! LOL)
I would only suggest a kiddie pool w/hookup if you are interested in water....and some chux pads are nice, though not necessary. as others have mentioned there are some good threads on this.
my story is not a first baby, but a second. if you want to view it, it's here....http://www.compleatmother.com/homebirth/elaine.htm
many blessings, gentle mama. You will do wonderfully.
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