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does anyone remember?

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does anyone remember?


Remember that slideshow set to music of some little boy being born that used to circle around in the MDC forums? I think the baby's name was Jude something? Anyone know what that was or how I can get a hold of it? Or at the least, what song was it set to?

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Oh I remember that. And, "no" to all your other questions... sorry
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the waterbirth of jude roman fairbanks, right? i found where it should be, but the link isn't working. i found it in several places, but each time i tried to click on it it wouldn't work. maybe it'll work for you. if you go to mothering mag's main website and click on pregnancy/birth, then go down to movies, i think it's the waterbirth slideshow. or if you google jude roman fairbanks and it'll bring you to his dad's website. maybe you could email him and ask. i'm curious to know why the link appears to not work any more, so if you find out, let me know!

http://danielfairbanks.com/jude/jude-main.htm - actual link
http://danielfairbanks.com - dad's website
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that is the one but I cant get the link to work anymore either...... It was soooo adorable!
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Me too!!! I was just looking for this yesterday to show a friend of mine and the links weren't working. I LOVED watching this slideshow.

The song that was being played at the beginning was something by the Beatles....I think. Then it switched to a different song as he was being born , Do You Realize, by Flaming Lips.

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thanks so much, Bethany!

I love that song!!

Hey, I'm sure you tried everything already, but just in case, I wanted to tell you that my baby had eczema too (much milder case I realize now) and what worked for us was washing only with cetaphil, greasing him down with aquaphor from head to toe 2 x's per day (not really rubbing it in) and washing his clothes with ALL FREE detergent only. First we treated it with cortizone cream from the dr and the above stuff just helped keep it at bay. Oh, yeah, and not bathing often. I'm sure you already know all that, but just in case...
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