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Poll Results: Cloth diapering mama profile...

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 17% (452)
    Breast feed/EBF
  • 15% (406)
    Family bed/co-sleep
  • 8% (229)
    Intact sons (for those with boys!)
  • 9% (252)
    Unmedicated childbirth
  • 3% (80)
    Vegetarian/vegan diet
  • 9% (239)
    No-/selective vaccinations
  • 13% (352)
    Environmentally conscious (reduce, reuse, recycle, downsizing, etc.)
  • 5% (147)
  • 14% (371)
    Gentle discipline
  • 1% (37)
    Other... Please share!
2565 Total Votes  
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I checked all of the above including other. Other being EC (we started with cloth before we knew about EC, and used cloth part time after that). My family always told me I was a freak, I guess now they have proof LOL
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Heather, I'll never be able to become fully vegan. I'll have to be the half assed Vegan b/c I don't think I could give up leather coats and shoes...sad. :
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Breast feed/EBF Yup
Family bed/co-sleep Yup
Intact sons (for those with boys!) Nope. DS is circ'd. Future sons won't be.
Unmedicated childbirth Nope. Hopefully next birth will be.
Vegetarian/vegan diet No way. Hate veggies. Is there such a thing as meatatarian? No, wait, a junkatarian?
No-/selective vaccinations Yup
Environmentally conscious Uh... not really. I'm frugal first, not filling landfills up is just kind of an added bonus. I don't buy stuff we can do without like paper towels & I love saving money by using cloth pads & cloth diapers. But we don't have a recycling service here and quite honestly, I have no idea where facilities are. Don't know if it would be important enough to focus on for me.
Homeschooling/unschooling Yup, plan on it. Or a private school.
Gentle discipline Yup
Other... Please share! Um... baby sign language & late EC.

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Breast feed/EBF -
Well I have breastfed all of our boys so far, which was probably the first "radical" thing I did (at the time, I was litterally the only new mother I knew who breastfed at all, so it was like totally radical)

Family bed/co-sleep -
With baby number three, our bed is finally a "family bed". I bedshared and co-slept (baby next to me in cradle or crib or crib in same room) with my first two.

Intact sons (for those with boys!) -
My first son was circ'ed out of my own ignorance. I immediately regretted it and when I knew I was going to have another boy I looked into circ literature and decided against it. So my second and third son are intact.

Unmedicated childbirth -
First hospital birth- after hours of agonzing back labor I caved and got a shot of nubain. Regret it- Nubain is assoc. with breathing problems in a newborn (my son had pulmonary hypertension) Second hospital birth, although I was aware of risk, I asked for a shot of nubain again and it wore off in 15 minutes (just made me feel "high") in the end I was thankful thats all it did. Third birth, well can't get meds at home . I am generally pro-unmed.

Vegetarian/vegan diet -
I was a vegetarian for a few years back in high school...

No-/selective vaccinations -
My first is fully vaxxed up to 18 mos, second vaxxed up to 4 mos and my third completely no-vax. I took awhile deciding on that one.

Environmentally conscious (reduce, reuse, recycle, downsizing, etc.) -
I have recycled for as long as I can remember, literally. I reuse as much I can (like plastic grocery bags for garbage pail liners) and am starting to get an "all cloth" attitude....I have now officailly been out of paper towels for two weeks now, and am going to by some cheapo dishtowels at the grocery store next time we go.

My youngest is 3 1/2, I have toyed with the idea now and then, and feel well heck I am teaching him things now right? I think I will try public schools (providing I know it is a good one and I planned on being involved as possible) so I didn't click on that one.

Gentle discipline -
A sensitive issue for me. I have to work on a day by day basis to be gentle, constructive, not yell, and not spank. Happy to report I have been doing better.

Well I wear the baby by hand or sling :LOL I won't use any artificial means of birth control (FAM), pro-homebirth/unassisted birth, hmmmm what else? LOL
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Hey, how about this? I am a native Texan who grew up on our own homegrown beef and that is WHY I am now a no red-meat vegetarian!!! My mom said I used to look up at dinner with the saddest little face at age 6 or so and ask things like, "Mommy, is this Snowball we are eating?" DS doesn't even like chicken or fish.

We planned an unmedicated childbirth (Bradley) but after 17 hrs of labor (8 stuck in transition) we went with drugs and ended up with a C 37 hrs later. I hope for a VBAC next time around.

We chose to limit medical interventions very carefully at birth but we do vaccinate. DS is not circed.

I try to believe in and support the public schools so I feel strongly (right now) about sending my son to public.

We try to be environmentally conscious (yes, we gave our dinner guest tonight a Gerber diaper as a napkin, never used for bums though!)

We did LOTS of babywearing and EBF. We just weaned 3 wks ago at 20 months. We still co-sleep.

Edited to add that we also practice gentle discipline. I have been trying to use the Love and Logic approach.

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Originally posted by ksmeadowlark
Hey, how about this? I am a native Texan who grew up on our own homegrown beef and that is WHY I am now a no red-meat vegetarian!!! My mom said I used to look up at dinner with the saddest little face at age 6 or so and ask things like, "Mommy, is this Snowball we are eating?"
I would probably be a vegetarian too! Poor pet cows. :LOL
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Originally posted by ksmeadowlark
Hey, how about this? I am a native Texan who grew up on our own homegrown beef and that is WHY I am now a no red-meat vegetarian!!! My mom said I used to look up at dinner with the saddest little face at age 6 or so and ask things like, "Mommy, is this Snowball we are eating?" DS doesn't even like chicken or fish.
I have to admit the first time I sauntered into the freezer at the meat house on my grandparents cattle ranch I was a bit freaked-out. But it became commonplace and well, not to get into it, but I just don't have a problem eating meat philosophically . . . I do understand the benefits health-wise of eating little to none.
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I answered yes to most of the questions. We bf and co-sleep (though I'm happy to report that my 6 and 8 year old have been in their own beds for a little over a month It was getting pretty crowded!) We also wear our babies and practice baby sign language.

Both my boys are circumcised, though and we do eat meat.

All three of my children have been unmedicated births, first in the hospital, last two at home.

My boys were selectively vaccinated but my dd is not vaxed.

We recycle and reuse as much as possible, thankfully, we also have a curbside program here which makes it easy.

We homeschool and also practice gentle discipline to the best of our ability (though lately I've been touchy and downright bitchy since my mom is ill. I've been yelling a lot and feel the best of my ability is pretty crappy right now I need to get focused on having a calm and loving voice at all times).
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We do all the above but veggie---was up until my last pregnancy---completely craved red meat! Ah, anemia.....

I am also FRUGAL as all get out.

Home waterbirth, too. No wonder the neighbors think we're from Neptune...

I wanted to say that we're all doing the best that we can in the circumstances that we find ourselves in--and what we hope is best for our families. We are, hopefully, too tired to make judgements. When we know better---we do better!!! But do it *my* way---it's wonderful
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Breast feed/EBF- my dd nursed longer than firemom's! currently tandem the boys

Family bed/co-sleep- yes

Intact sons (for those with boys!)- yes

Unmedicated childbirth- tried two planned unassisted- hell with that, lol, after the last 2 day back-labor fest ending in a c-section, i wanted an epidural last birth & finally got a great birth, vbac. god bless you if you don't want one/need one, but NO guilt here- for me, the hospital was more mellow than home, even with horse trough, candles, & mellow music. back labor sucks- it's like 24 hours+ of how i felt during transition (pre-epidural) in my last labor. no more for this mama. (i'm still bossy enough to demand no episiotomy, etc.- i picked my battles, & am quite happy with how things turned out.)

Vegetarian/vegan diet- nope, but largely organic, natural, & humanely raised meat. i wish more ethical (as opposed to religious) vegetarians would fight to have meat raised humanely, rather than just abstain- with greater numbers protesting factory farms (and supporting cruelty-free small farms), there might be faster results.

No-/selective vaccinations- yes

Environmentally conscious- to the extent i think there ought to be harsh punishment for litterbugs, yes.

Homeschooling/unschooling- un.
Gentle discipline- yes, but some days more gentle than others.

Other... nfp (with some barrier methods around ovulation if needed), baby-wearing, and gardening to raise my own organic veggies.

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I BF, co-sleep, ds is circ'd, both my labors I had epidurals, even though dd's was only 3 hrs I'm a total pain wimp! I'm not veggie, but I don't eat red meat (dh, on the other hand, is a "meatatarian" : ) Ds is fully vaxed, dd will be selectivley vaxed (she hasn't had any so far), I am very enviromentally conscious; I recycle everything, our city has a great recycling program where you just through all the recyclables in a big garbage can and it gets picked on the same day as the garbage. Schooling; If I can do it financially I would do private school. Gentle discipline; Yes! Although it's hard with a 2 year old boy sometimes, especially when he hits his baby sister That's me, crunchy on the outside with a chewy middle, lol.
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Hey, wait a minute, I'm a Texan and I'm vegetarian! I'm transplanted, but my dh is native (back about 4 generations) and is veggie also, so don't blame Texas!
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:LOL My apologies to all the vegetarian Texans! I'm not a native, I just live here.
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Breast feed/EBF - Yep for sure. I'm one of those BF nazis

Family bed/co-sleep - Yep as long as the kid wants to. So far 5 seems to be the magic age.

Intact sons (for those with boys!) - Yep

Unmedicated childbirth - Yep, at home

Vegetarian/vegan diet - Yep. As well as organic and we support local farmers. DH eats meat but I make him at least buy organic.

No-/selective vaccinations - delay & selective

Environmentally conscious (reduce, reuse, recycle, downsizing, etc.) - Yes Yes Yes!!!!

Homeschooling/unschooling - Not yet, we are considering it though.

Gentle discipline- Yes, we try very hard.

Other... Please share! - ?
cloth mama pads
We use alternative medicine- see a naturopath as well as have a regular ol doc.
Use natural materials in kitchen and for toys- glass, wood, metals. (no glass toys :LOL) in other words we limit plastic use.
Baby wearing until my chiropractor said "no-no"- I have a bad back)
Natural fibers in home like flooring, milk paint, etc
Buy recycled clothing and natural fibers.

We're nuts.

edited because I thought of others
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- Ecological breastfeeding
- co-sleeping
- no-circ
- support Homebirth (planned HB ended in c/s....sigh....)
(actually I lean more towards UC, unassisted childbirth now)
- vegetarian (except my addiction for Turkey burgers.. about twice a month)
- no vax so far, will vax for tetanus when ds is older
- enviroFREAK (I worked for Greenpeace and practice EC, nuff said)
- Unschooling
- Gentle discipline
- Continuum concept (www.continuum-concept.org)

- we use Natural Family Planning
- cloth pads and "The Keeper"
- organic foods
- wooden toys (try for no plastics)
- yoga/meditation/overtoning
- homeopathic & alternative medicine

okay, so I'm as crunchy as they come.... ;-)


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Breast feed/EBF - Yes, four years now, tandem for 9 months

Family bed/co-sleep - Four years and two kids now.

Intact sons (for those with boys!) - Yes

Unmedicated childbirth - Yes. One in a hospital, one accidental homebirth (next will be a planned homebirth)

Vegetarian/vegan diet - No I try, I really do, and I feel healthiest when I do eat a vegetarian diet, but I keep going back to the dark side. They yuuuuuumy dark side.

No-/selective vaccinations - DD was fully vaxed til 1 year then nothing. DS has never been. I keep thinking that we are selective and delaying, but I don't know what I'm selecting or how long I'm delaying (never?)

Environmentally conscious (reduce, reuse, recycle, downsizing, etc.) - I try!

Homeschooling/unschooling - Unschooling

Gentle discipline- Yes, we try very hard too, but it's not always easy.

Other... Does EC count as other?
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Breast feed/EBF - yes

Family bed/co-sleep - "reactive" co-sleeping (i.e., when she wakes during the night she spends the rest of the night with us)

Intact sons (for those with boys!) - plan to, talked with dh and, quite honestly, he didn't care either way

Unmedicated childbirth - wish I did! Induced labour - UGH!!! Want a water birth next time (dh says - like that lady on "Judging Amy" LOL!) but am a little afraid

Vegetarian/vegan diet - no, I wish I were - understand environmental/health benefits etc. We are going more plant-based. I do love bacon, ham, pretty much any pork, lol! We eat pretty much all organic, though, go to farmer's market etc.

No-/selective vaccinations - well...I chose complete vaccination, after studying it and checking the vaccines the nurses used contained no thimerosal. So I guess that's selective...

Environmentally conscious (reduce, reuse, recycle, downsizing, etc.) - definitely - this is the most important thing to me out of this list (well, bfing may be first...). We do as much as possible - CDing, natural cleansers, recycle everything (literally nine recycling dumpsters within two blocks - how could I not?), reducing consumption, cloth pads/Keeper, hemp/organic clothes etc. etc.

Homeschooling/unschooling - public school (unless my feelings change) - dh is a public school band teacher. My parents are public school teachers but my mom really did a lot of home/unschooling with me pre and in addition to school. She's very Montessori and Waldorf. I suspect (ok - she's told me what books to read, LOL! - I'll do the same)

Gentle discipline - yes, grace-based discipline

Other - babywearing, baby sign language (LOVE it!), our next car will be a Civic Hybrid, learning NFP, do a little environmetal lobbying (easy - write letters and email)
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Breast feed/EBF ~ Not with my first three (combo of bad info and lack of help _ no flaming please, I take my fair share of blame/guilt). My last was bf for 6 months.

Family bed/co-sleep ~ My first three slept in the crib/cradle right next to me. My fourth baby sleeps with DH and I most of the time.

Intact sons (for those with boys!) ~ None of them are circ’d. This was at my DH’s insistence….and he is NOT circ’d.

Unmedicated childbirth ~ First three, yes. The last, no.

Vegetarian/vegan diet ~ Meat eater!

No-/selective vaccinations ~ All are vaccinated

Environmentally conscious (reduce, reuse, recycle, downsizing, etc.) ~ We try!

Homeschooling/unschooling ~ Um, I don’t even know what unschooling is. :

Gentle discipline ~ Some days I am better at this than others (huge guilt for the days I am not).

Baby wearing ~ We did not discover this until number four. Now we wear DD everywhere. Boy, I don’t miss the sore arms from the first three!

I guess I became a “granola mom wanna be” a bit backwards. I started with CDing and then moved on to BF (I relacted at 6 wks), co sleeping, baby wearing, etc. I will never be able to thank an old friend of mine enough for introducing CDing to me. And to think I rolled my eyes at her when she first said she was going to CD.
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Breast feed/EBF-YES!! I have been nursing for 5 and a half years, tandem for 3 years and 1 month(not all the same kids). My ds1 weaned with a little help on his 4th b-day.

Family bed/co-sleep-Yup, everyone is in the bed, and the little one said roll over, roll over...LOL
Intact sons (for those with boys!)-Yup, 2 of them! This was a fight with the hubby, until the midwife told him his sons would have a more pleasurable sex life when they get older

Unmedicated childbirthI had hospital births and epidurals with the first to kiddos, then a home waterbirth with Sam. HEAVEN!!

Vegetarian/vegan diet-working towards this...

No-/selective vaccinations-ds1 almost fully vac'ed, dd has first set of shots, Sam vac-free.

Environmentally conscious (reduce, reuse, recycle, downsizing, etc.) Working on this...I do what I can.

Homeschooling/unschooling-want to unschool...I'm a single mom now, and wondering how this will happen. I will find a way.

Gentle discipline-Something I work on daily.
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Breast feed/EBF - Yes, ds#1 for 9 months then I weaned him to go back to work . Ds#2 will nurse until he weans himself.

Family bed/co-sleep - Yes, ds#1 moved into his own bed when he was 5. We bought him a "Brand New Bed", and let him pick it out, so he ed it! With ds#2, I lay him down in his bed (in our room), and when he wakes up to nurse, I bring him to bed with us. I think we'll do something similar when he is older.

Intact sons (for those with boys!) - Yes for ds#2, but no for ds#1 . What can I say, I was a young mother, and when I expressed hesitation, my doctor pressured me into doing it. I cried afterward, and swore Never Again!

Unmedicated childbirth - I didn't check this one because I had a C-birth with ds#2, but I should have because I labored drug free, and was unmedicated for ds#1.

Vegetarian/vegan diet - I am, and so is ds#1, but dh is not. Actually we have been for the last 7+ years, but during my last pregnancy I ate salmon and chicken. I figured if I was craving it, then I probably needed the extra protein. Now I'm excited to be raising a child veg from birth!

No-/selective vaccinations - Ds#1 was fully vaccinated, but we delayed some of them (baised on my doctors recommendations!). We are selectively vaccinating ds#2, and delaying them until he is older as well.

Environmentally conscious (reduce, reuse, recycle, downsizing, etc.) - We try to be, but there is always room for improvment. We have a great recycling program where we live, so that's pretty easy, and I'm cheap enough (or frugal ) to reuse as much as possible, but I'd like to get rid of more disposable things in our everyday lives. So, yeah, I guess this is us.

Homeschooling/unschooling - Started out homeschooling, progressed to unschooling, and now ds#1 is in college, but we will be schooling ds#2 at home too.

Gentle discipline- Yes, Yes, YES!!! We work on this all the time. Discipline is Big in our family, and so is respect, so we try to respect our children in order to promote respect for us!

Other... We sling our baby too, eat organic, baby signing...I guess I'm crunchier than I look!
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