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Tell me about cytotec...

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So I switched providers from an ob to a midwife a few months into my pregnancy and have ween my mw twice during htis pregnancy, not including the interview. I went in on Thursday and she told me that she likes to do inductions anytime after the due date (she told me the opposite of this in our initial interview) and that she always does her inductions with cytotec. I was induced with my first pregnancy, and no way do I want to do it again, but I went to 42 weeks with no sign of impending labor. Now I haven't done a lot of research, but everything I've heard about cytotec is negative. I'm thinking that I'm going to be switching providers again.... Anyone know anything about inductions with cytotec? Any experiences?
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Mothering did an EXCELLENT article about Cytotech not long ago. I would call them up (or email mothering) about a possible copy of this back issue. I am really busy right now and cannot be held accountable or I would offer to mail you a copy.

From what i read I would not give Cytotech to my dead dog. It has caused quite a few maternal deaths and it very controversial.

I looked it up on this page and you can get a back issue for three bucks it was issue number 107 from July/ August 2001

I would read this article and perhaps even share it with my midwife if I were you.
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Ok - if the Maufacturer says it shouldn't be used to induce then it shouldn't be used to induce.

That being said my midwife's backup OB had to perform my D&C for a missed m/c in June last year. He used Cytotec, he did NOT use it vaginally as most do for induction - Vaginal is by far stronger and worse. He had me take 2 400mg tablets 1 hour prior to the admission tot he hosptial. Those two hour were the most painful 2 hours (outside of the emotional pain of the procedure itself) in my life. For me that is a powerful statement as my labor with DD was 24.5 hours of back labor - Lili was sunny side up and nayone that has experienced prolonged back labor knows how hard it is - the last two hours of that were augmented with pitocin - all was pain med free.

In any case - I would recommend switchign providers.
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Definitely get a new provider. Cytotec is not for inductions and the maker has actually come out and said so! Dr. still use, why? Don't know. It seems to me though that providers can be just as uneducated about certain things as the general public.

This might help:

Midwifery Today-Cytotec

And from the maker of cytotec:

PDF Cytotec Label and Warnings

HTH! Glad you came here to get some help! Have a safe birth!!!!

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I would change providers just because she's now telling you the exact opposite of what she told you in the first place. It sounds like she told you what you wanted to hear in the interview and will do whatever she wants now that you've hired her. I wouldn't trust her anymore.
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I concur.
1. Reccomending questionable procedures.
2. Changing her tune after you hire her.

That's two strikes. I wouldn't want to be wondering what the third one will be while I was trying to focus on birthing.
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most drugs don't say they're approved to use on pregnant, breastfeeding or laboring women. because testing an approval involve clinical testing, not just "we've used it for years and it seems ok". this isn't in defense of cytotec. i think it's inappropriate for use in labor at any time. in pill form the dosage cannot be confirmed to be controlled or modified b/c pills are not made up of solely of the medication, so the med can be anywhere in the pill. if they break it, you could be getting all or nothing on the piece they put inside you. at least pitocin can be modified almost instantaneously via the drip. i don't know if you're having a homebirth, but inducing labor with such powerful drugs at home is risky, at best. in a birth center or hospital, it can be challenging, as well. but @home everything should just go according to natures plan, imho.

without reading too much into your relationship w/your mw, she sounds pretty cavalier with such a powerful drug and your involvement with it. she should definately be cautious at best.

best wishes.
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She lies to you, induces before medically necessary according to any common interpretation, and uses a medicine that's known to cause uterine rupture to make your uterus contract... I agree with the others... get outta there. You and your baby deserve better.
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The mothering article on cytotec was written by Ina May Gaskin, and is available through the website. I've found it doing a search on the main page using the word "cytotec".

I would have to agree with your instincts (not that you need me to, I think instincts are good enough coming from a pregnant woman regarding her care). My personal opinion is that the use of cytotec is bad midwifery - dangerous and unecessary.

I don't believe it should be used at all as a drug for labor and birth, and if it is going to be used, I don't believe it should be midwives (taught to safeguard and protect the process of NORMAL birth and the dyad of mother and baby) that should be using it.

unfortunately I am seeing too many CNMs (in my self-education as an aspiring midwife) go down that road, towards obestetric management of birth. oftentimes they do it because they want to be respected by the medical community, and justify playing by those rules if they can help some women they feel they wouldn't have been able to otherwise. but at what price?

good luck to you stacymom, in finding a new and supportive care provider. and in having a safe and lovely birth.

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What the hell is a midwife doing with cytotec!?!?! Cytotec is used to treat gastric ulcers, and when given to women, they must take a pregnancy test, sign a contract saying they will use a contracepive, and if pregnant, terminate the pregnancy! It is classified as a pregnancy category X by the FDA.
When used vaginally it causes the cervix to get mushy, like jello, causes hyperstimulation of the uterus risking rupture and hemorrhage, asphysxia of the baby. The reason why doctors love it so much is because it's very effective in starting labour (it's an abortificient!) it costs about 13 cents a dose (compared to progesterone inserts which cost near $200 per dose and usually needs 4-6 doses to ripen the cervix) and rarely needs more than 2 doses to induce labour, and unlike progesterone inserts, like cervidil and prepidil, usually does not require pitocin augmantation.
I met a midwife once at a meeting who stated that she uses cytotec, and we all nearly s#!t our pants! It is dangerous stuff, and should not be used ever.
Run, girl! Find another midwife quick!
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Thanks everyone for your input...

I was very uncomfortable at the visit, and when she mentioned the word cytotec, my gut instinct was to run away and not look back. I want to avoind an induction at any cost, let alone one with what I now know to be so dangerous! I appreciate the feedback and the validation.

We're not birthing at home, although that would be my choice, my husband is strongly against it, my insurance wouldn't cover it, and we just couldn't afford it out of pocket. I hoped that this would be a ownderful relationship with this midwife, but it looks like I'll be switching providers yet again. I'm actually thinking about going with our family Dr- he's very young, very laid back, and didn't throw a fit when i told him what vaccines I wasn't doing with dd.

I guess its back to the drawing board...
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hey,Stacy,long-time-no-see...I intervewed several slc mw's for Dylan,let me know if you need help or recomendations...also,are you going to use the birth and family place birth center?
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Here's another article:


Also, there is a great bunch of information about 10 month mamas at www.birthlove.com.
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