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Hi, everyone. May I join you?

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I recently discovered that I am pregnant again. Assuming we don't miscarry, this will be my last pregnancy and last birth. I want to have an unassisted birth. I will have an unassisted, unhindered birth.

My daughter is 3 and I had a medicated hospital birth with her. They insisted I lay on the bed and wear the fetal monitoring device for HOURS and I was having back labor... This prompted me to ask for drugs and I have always regretted it. I also had a really mean nurse. From the time I arrived at the hospital (1 cm) until Marian was born was 4.5 hours. There were no complications.

My 11-month old son was also born in the hospital. (Gee, do I never learn from my mistakes? :P) Once again, they insisted on fetal monitoring. I have discovered I cannot stand up for myself while laboring as I am totally within myself. I have also discovered that my DH is not much more capable of this than I am. grrr. Anyway, I had an uncomplicated natural childbirth (if you can call birthing in a hospital "natural") that lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes. Only one hour of that in the hospital.

I know what I want this time and I am going to make it happen. My DH is unsure about all of this and I believe I have completely freaked him out. I'll ask for advice about that and other things in another post. Just wanted to introduce myself. It's late and I'm tired, so I hope I made sense.
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With your short labors, despite being forced to lie in bed, i get the feeling, this time, you'd have the baby in the car, if you were going to hosp. All the best for your next beautiful birth. It will be so different.

I had 2 HBACS and while I did have midwives, they were ecstatic! So nice to be in your own bed, have your own bathroom, after the baby is born. Siblings can bond right away. It all seems liike a nice normal day, in some ways. So empowering, so peaceful.

Do a search for "unassisted birth" to find more stories right away.
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Hi Whitney! And I thought MY 71/2hours and 5hours and 23 minutes labors were fast!!! Our next baby is also due late in October. Well, the estimated due date is 11/1/03, but let's just say that'll never happen! We are planning a homebirth with this baby, but I think my husband would pass out if I told him it was going to be unassisted!!! :-) He's having a hard enough time adjusting to the homebirth part. Hee, hee.
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Yeah, I love my short labors. I'm hoping for an hour with the next one.

BethsMom--I'm in Colorado (Monte Vista), too. Although I'll be in Montana by the time this little on is born. Where are you?
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Hi Whit

I'll edit this to include a link on MDC of my birthstory. I had two hospital births myself and not a thing went right with them, save that my children are healthy and happy today. I had my third at home, solo UC. To say the difference was like night and day is an undestatement - and not only wasm y baby safe and very calm, I was filled with the greatest sense of power and love for myself that I had never known before in my life. It's only been three months but I look back and same feelings go through me. I also think I am a different mother and a stronger woman for it (from the whole journey too)

Oh and I know there is a UC page made with fathers in mind, and on www.birthlove.com there is a section for fathers who have had experience w/ homebirth in general. It is a pay site but well worth the money - I often find if I need to look up something there is no need to go anywhere else.

Here is the father's site dealing exclusively with UC.

Here is my story here at MDC - don't worry it is the short version

Wishing you well on your journey!!
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Whitney - I live in Aurora. I'm really hoping my next labor isn't any shorter! I don't think I could take an even more intense labor!
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My daughter's birth was an unplanned UC, an absolutly amazing hour and 1/2 labor/birth.
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