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December moms - Hooray for child tax credits!

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$3200 in tax credits - woot! Thank goodness he didn't arrive on January 1st!
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Haha mine did and we missed out by 9 hours. Yay for us being 10 days overdue!
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We still don't have a SSN for Moira : I think her BC application got lost in the mail, so now I get to deal with a bunch of red tape getting things sorted out, and Jason has to file an amended return when we get her SSN. Meh.
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Aw that really sucks for both of you.... sowwies
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a 1/1/6 birth here too! you better believe i was trying on 12/31!!!
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Yes, we are so stoked. Sami paid for his own homebirth LOL
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We got to count Jevin but not Daph because the SS jerks wont give her a SS# because she's a homebirth. blah. We'll amend it later when we get it sorted out. We still got back 3K something but w/ her it would have been 5!
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holy cow.. was it *ever* nice!!!!

i filed our taxes asap (as soon as dh got his w2)... the returns would have easily paid off louie's expenses, but we paid down cc debt instead (bleh... totally sucked... well, being rich for a moment, then broke again but totally worth it! or eventually!)
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Seriously, how DO you get a SS#? We don't have a BC either... How do I get that?

(in our case we left the hospital "too early" so I guess I missed the meeting...)
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I think it varies some by state. Here in FL, there's a box you check on the birth record application which will also apply for a SSN. I can only surmise that ours got lost in the mail; when I called Vital Records I got a vague and unhelpful response about some machine having been broken. Yeah. Getting an actual, physical birth certificate (as opposed to simply registering a record of the birth) costs money. Getting an SSN if you don't get one at the time you register the birth requires you to go to a Social Security office with the child, proof of identity for yourself and the child, and proof of age for the child. So you need a drivers' license or state ID for you, birth certificate for the child, and something like immunization records for the child - a note affirming dc's age from the pediatrician or your midwife would also work, I believe. I hope so, since we're not immunizing (don't you love how not-so-subtle pressure to vax crops up all sorts of places, especially if you do other 'unorthodox' stuff like homebirth?).
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I went to the SS office with two forms of ID for DS (birth certificate and a printout of his medical chart from his first well baby visit). His SS card arrived 2 weeks later. I'm in Washington State.
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We have four of those little tax credits, ummm I mean beautiful children, running around. We got back more than DH paid in income taxes , or would have had he not had student loans .
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Us too! DH was self-employed and I was SAHM most of last year. So we didn't pay anything from his business income last year, and the IRS is giving us $2500. WOOT
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We got about $2200 back. It was a good thing, too, because the engine in our car died and had to be replaced. The cost of the new engine? $2200.

Thanks, Cailan!
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we were 19 hours and 4 minutes to late for $1000.00 then we missed the other thing earned income tax credit by a mere $600. ours was way small and we were hoping to use it to fix the car we fixed it finally but the return was pitiful.oh and to use it for AC, Flroida is too hot no to have it. blah

please explain this woot thing.

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we had an issue with a previous return so, even though we filed in february, we're still waiting now for our refund. wheee! it's for $5379 (holy mother!) and we owe my parents $3000 (yay!).
we had trouble with m's ssn and bc, too. they were supposed to send someone from the office at the hospital to have us fill it out but, surprise surprise, no one ever did. they really hated us (transferred homebirth).
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