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August mamas

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OK, maybe i'll be able to keep up this time.

Martha, glad to have you here. It sounds as if you are in good hands and have a great plan set up for how to have the birth you want in spite of being high risk. Good for you.

Heather, twins, wow, how exciting. It seems as if we have had a lot of twin pregnancies/births around here lately. Hopefully those mamas will be able to answer any quetions you may have. How are you feeling pg with twins and taking care of a 2yo?

Barb, welcome. You should join us other crazy cloth diapering mamas on the diapering forum. Just beware! It tends to get a bit crazy at times.

Kathy, I am glad to hear Sam is doing so well. I am sure that losing Mica has been so difficult for you and April. To be grieving for one child and delighting in another must be a difficult line to walk. I am glad you have each other during this time. My thoughts and prayers are with all 4 of you.
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hi everyone

as long as this thread is here i thought i'd ask a few questions of you wise women

first, am having some pain on my panty line (best way i can explain it) that i didn't have with either of my girls pregnancies. Is that pelvic separation? is that something i need to share with the midwife or do anything about other then more squats? lol

second - my zoey (30mos) has a sinus infection and her first ear infection. she was so sick i got her on amoxycillin and she's so much better. but now i am completely congested and figure i have a form of it. Have been doing baby saline in my nose, hot showers and compresses and was thinking of hitting wild oats or whole foods today for something homeopathic. but any suggestions?

third - is anyone else as diaper insane as i am? i used sposies with chelsey since i was working ft, and started cd'ing zoey at 4 months so i've never cd'd a newborn. I have this HUGE stash already! my goodness, dh is asking me " you ARE done with diapers aren't u?"...

and last - anyone working on names yet? i am sure its another girl so the boys name was easy. lol. Zachary Thomas

the girls names we're stuck. So far we like
Tessa Eve and Eva Simone (my moms middle name was Eve so i'd like to name for her)

ok. i'm done rambling today
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Colorful Mama, I'm right there with you on the name problem. We're convinced it's a boy so of course the girl name was no problem! Completely stuck for a boy though. (Elaine for a girl...that was my middle name before I took my maiden name as my middle name) For boys we're currently thinking either Lucas, Nicholas or Alexander. DH LOVES Lucas/Luke, but my uncle just got a new puppy and named him Luke....just feels funny to me. I feel like my uncle, aunt and cousins will always think of their dog when they think of my baby! We threw out Gabriel for similar reasons (Dh's brother has a cat named Gabe that we take care of a lot). What happened to pet names like Fido and Fifi!?!

Welcome to all who have recently joined in! I hope we all have a happy ride through our pregnancies (I feel like I can say that now that I'm no longer so sick!). This is actually kinda fun now!!

Kathy, I've thought about you and Mica (and Sam and April) a lot recently. Hugs to you all! Don't worry about all the ultrasounds. You're doing what you need to do for yourself. I hope no one gives you a hard time about having so many. I hope you find peace and confidence in this pregnancy soon.

I'm wearing my first maternity shirt today and some big comfy pants my sister loaned me. She said she wore them after she gave birth. They are SO comfy. I have to go to work for a bit today and I'm trying to convince myself that I can go in these clothes! I feel like I'm in my pajamas because I'm so comfortable! My regular clothes are just getting a tad too tight, but the maternity pants are too big still. I think I'm just going to do it!

Anyone feeling the baby move yet? A co-worker who is 32 weeks pregnant told me that the best description she's ever heard of early movement is that it's like an eye twitch. I THINK I'm maybe feeling something, but not positive. How about you experienced mamas? Any good descriptions or stories of how you knew it was the baby?

Oh dear, I'm certainly procrastinating! Better go get some stuff done!
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Barb, I can't help you with the pain thing. Is it a sharp pain, or more of just a dull annoying muscle like pain? I do get pain in the same general area if I move the wrong way. They are sharp pains and go away fairly quick. I think those are ligaments. Sorry to hear Zoey has been sick . I am extremely diaper addicted: . I have 2 in dipes now(though hoping Rach will start to use the potty before the baby arrives.) I have never CDed a newborn, with my own dipes, either. I did start using a service when Rachel was 2 weeks old. It is a lot more fun to be able to get cute fitteds though. So far I have:
12 Kissaluvs size 0
1 Cloud 9
1 Prorap AIO
7 Sugarpeas size 1
4 S Fuzzi Bunz with JB
For Covers I have
4 Small Bummis SIWW
2 Lamkins wool nb
6 Alexis Featherlites

I also have about 2 dozen 1 size dipes but I know those won't fit right away. I plan to get about 1 dozen infant and 1 dozen preemie CPFs and maybe a few more WAHM dipes. It is so much fun to buy such small diapers.

Sharon, I have been wearing maternity clother for a while now. The best pants I have found are Land's End. They are all cotton with no panel in the front, great if you are wearing a shirt that is not really long in the front. They are just stretchy pants and they fit great from early pg til after baby is born. I always describe the first movements as butterfly flutters. You are not even sure if it really is the baby or not. I am even going threough that now and it is my 5th pg.

Take care all
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Hi all...

I am in the process of making my first diaper/diaper cover purchase over the internet today.... it is exciting. DP is a little freaked at the costs of new diapers and I am trying to find used diapers to try -- any suggestions?! We both know that the overall cost is less to cloth diaper -- but the up front cost feels really prohibitive.....

The other option we have is for DP's mom to sew us some diapers -- she made them for DP and DP's older kids (40+ and 20+ years ago) and they were not fancy -- any suggestions on ways to access some evolved patterns for diapers -- you know the kind, maybe with gussetts, or elastic at the back... Of course, if she makes diapers, I won't complain over any free diapers -- it's just that the ones I have been reading about sound so cool!!!

Tulsa is having a major snowfall last night and today -- so far, we have over 6 inches of snow and the town is shut down.... we have no snow plows in Tulsa -- normally, no real need for them!

It will be interesting to see how the commute to work goes tomorrow!!!

Best to all....

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Hi Kath, I just posted to your thread on diapering. As for the snow, we had about 8 inches last night. We are in MI though so it doesn't really phase us too much, lol. The kids played in it for over an hour today. I was too wimpy so I watched from the window.:
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I always thought the first movements felt sort of like I had a little goldfish doing flops in there! As far as the "panty line pain" - if it's kind of a stretching soreness across there, I think that is ligaments stretching, too - I get that occasionally.
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I have a question. We have been talking about baby names.

If it is a girl, it will be Angelyn Rosemarie. You can tell me your thoughts on that too. My mom is Angela, my MIL is Lynda and we have three aunt Rose's between us. And a good friend of mine name Maria has terminal cancer. I want to call her Angel.

We need a meaningful name. There is lots of names I like. But dear son was named after his dad. DH was adopted and his birth mother named him Charles Andrew and his adopted parents named him Jerome John so we named our first son Charles Andrew. So we need a meaningful name for 2nd son.

I like Axel. But what could the nickname be? Please do not say Ax.

I think John is so boring. So would consider Johnny or Jonathan which dh likes but I don't. DH wants us to use Jerome but that is his name and I don't like kids named after their parents, just a preference for me. I am also liking Alden but don't like Al much.

I also would love a combination of any of John, Alvin, Axel or Alden. Like we did with if we have a girl's first name. And my aunt took her parents first names, Frank and Ellen and made Francelle which if I did not have Angelyn I would use Francelle or even Alma after my other aunt.

My grandfathers name was Axel Martinus Johan Sebastian Johansen. I would do Johan in a minute but would hate it if people pronunced it Yohan. My whole life I could not stand it when people called me Kathy Yohansen as it is Johansen. I also love Hans but do not like Hans and Charlie together.

What do you think of this???

We miscarried before Charlie and named the baby Tomi Jo after my uncle Thomas Joseph. We did Tomi cuz we did not know if it was a girl or a boy. Anyway would it be wierd if we had a boy to name him Thomas Joseph or is that too redundant etc? I really would like to hear your opinion on this.

And we are not finding out the sex of the babe until birth that is. Tee hee.

I have a poll we did if you want to vote. But this Thomas John idea hit me today. And dh loves the idea.
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Lets see... I think all the important info is in my sig

I'm due Aug 1st. My 18 week appt is next Mon (3/3). I also will be getting an ultrasound that day (hopefully my one and only during the pregnancy). I am plannning on delivering at a birth center.
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Just wanted to pop in with a big and hearty WELCOME! to our new Mamas, and a Welcome Back! to those we've been missing.

It's so great to share this journey with you all -- it makes it more real for me somehow (I still find myself doubting that this is really happening!), and it's doubly fun now that the first-trimester worries and discomforts are behind us.

Warm wishes to all,

DS #1 born 7.26.00, Buck-buck #2 due 8.29.03

P.S. Re the pantyline pain: I have a fairly constant ache there, too, particularly when I stand up after sitting. I asked my midwife about it, and she thinks it might improve in a couple of weeks. Apparently it's common at this point in the pregnancy to feel achy and weighted-down there, as the uterus puts pressure on the pelvic cavity as it grows. Once it grows out of that cavity and has more room to do its thing, those aches and pains often go away.

(Hope I've got that all right, and that you find relief soon!)
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I'm so tired of people telling me that I don't look pregnant!! I feel HUGE (though I know I'm not!)! I am a fairly slender person to begin with and I lost a bit of weight during that sick first trimester, but I definitely have a bit of rounding going on in front now and I want EVERYONE to notice. I even wore tighter clothes to work today and everyone STILL said that I don't look pregnant yet. Do I need to do a strip show to let everyone see?!
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HEy there, thought I would join in! Finally found a midwife, pg is progressing nicely, uneventfully thank goodness! My friend is the manager at a wholesale hemp stores, and they carry many flat dipes, organic cotten, hemp fleece, I'm really excited!!! Ordered 8 Med FB's, should be getting them anyday! Steph, glad to see you got your covers!!!
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Seagan miss you on the MPLS thread. I pm'd you and it says you have not received.

Here is the link again. We have a new thread.
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Sharon! I'm doing the same exact thing! I feel like my belly is huge, and everyone else is telling me they can't tell. It's frustrating! DH says he can tell, though, bless him! I'm sooo ready to look pregnant.

I have my appointment today, I was 15 weeks on Sunday. Many times I feel like I'm feeling the baby move...little tiny flutters that aren't gas, I swear! It's so nice, even if I am fooling myself.

So, I need your opinions about names. DH and I have had our babies names picked out for about 5 years now: Anna Grace and Miles William. We found out yesterday that our friends had a baby girl, and her name is Anna. And now I feel weird about sticking with our name, even though we both love it. DH doesn't think it's a big deal. We also love Elena or Bronwyn for a girl, but I've always thought of our first daughter as Anna Grace. Sigh. Maybe I'm making too much out of this. I just kind of want my baby to have special name. What do you guys think?

I'm glad to hear everyone is doing better! I got sick this morning for the first time, even though I have had hardly any morning sickness and I felt fine! Maybe I just ate the wrong thing for breakfast.
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Annais I love the name Anna too. My sister just named her daughter Anna Marie. It is a very popular name. I like Elena a lot too. Hannah and Grace are both real popular too. But I need to say my cousin who shares the last name as me through marriage named her son Charles before we had our son and we still named him Charles Peterson, which was named after my dh as explained in previuos posts. Anyway now there is two Charlie Peterson's in our family but it is cool too.

My morning sickness started at 13 weeks. GRR!
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Thanks for the welcome. I still feel pretty well. After the first trimester, when I was seriously sick as a dog and ended up in the hospital and on medication for hyperemis, things are getting better. I lost 25 pounds the first few weeks, and because I was fat to begin with, I now feel like I have more energy than I did before! BUT, I tire out more easily and my poor daughter doesn't think I'm much fun anymore. She gets all excited when Daddy comes home from work, because she has someone who can roll around and play with her. He is definitely her favorite parent right now.

She is very empathetic, she gets concerned when she hears other babies cry, or at the doctor's office when she's taking my blood pressure or what-have-you. I really think she will be a little "mommy" to the babies... helping me change diapers, etc. Either that, or she won't take much interest in them at all... and just keep playing by herself. We'll see.

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Annais, I think that if you've always thought of your first daughter as Anna Grace, then you should name her Anna Grace. I don't think it's any big deal to give your baby the same name as some friends of yours chose. Plus, you know you'll always have your daughter in your family, but who knows what will happen with those friends? What if, ten years from now, they've moved away, you never hear from them, and you think, "Why didn't I just name her Anna, like I wanted to?" Plus, it's not like it's a super unusual name, so it's not like it will seem like you're copying them or anything (like it might seem a little strange if they named their daughter Starflower, and then you did too).
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thanks for the thoughts on the panty line pain. I think its just ligament stretching. Its not constant and seems to get better if i stretch out.

i've been in maternity since 10 weeks. LOL. maybe cuz its my third baby, or maybe its cuz my first were both emergency cesarean births, and maybe its the fibroid i'm pretty sure is growing along with baby..but i'm HUGE. instead of telling me i don't look pregnant, i have strangers asking me when i'm due. And when i say august 9th they say.."oh you're huge. it must be twins". ugh

as for movement, at 16wks 2 days i've only felt some fluttering. Can't decide if its baby or gas. lol

oh gosh, my list of diapers is HUGE
12 premie prefolds
6 newborn prefolds
2 premie fb's
12 kushies aio's
19 wahm newborn fitteds
8 covers - proraps and bummis
i also have 2.5 dozen small prefolds
6 small fuzzibunz
5 duckhead aio's
25 wahm fitteds
20 small covers

yes, i'm out of control on the diaper thing

I love all the names you are considering - names are a battle here but we're makin some headway. My 13 year old is
Chelsey Jade (i thought at the time Chelsey was unique. lol) Jade is for my grandfather Jack. He used to bring back Jade pieces from hong kong and she'll inherit them when she's 21.
my other daughter is Zoey (again, thouht it was unique. lol) arone.
Dh's mothers name was Arone (she was dutch). We try to name in honor of someone who has passed and will hope to do that again with this babe.
My mother was Anita Eve, so we're hoping to use Eve or Eva if we have a girl child. I like Eva Simone, Tessa Eve and Eve Marie
(our last name is Italian, 3 syllables) so those are on the top of our list. I realy like Anna Grace ... i think you should go for it.
For boys i don't know what to do. I like Elijah (for a male form of eve) but dh isn't thrilled. bTW, i think Axel is a cool name!
He really liked Zachary, but its such a common name. I'm thinking Elijah (call him Eli?) is less common? I like Elijah Thomas (but dh's name is Thomas and he doens't want that?)

anyway. i go back march 13th, another 2.5 weeks and then we'll schedule our one and only u/s for the last week in March. Am having it since we've declined all other testing and want to make sure everything looks ok. And if baby cooperates, we'll ask to hear gender. I just feel like with two girls I need to know..prepare myself for antoher princess or my first prince.

ok. rambling at you. glad to hear everyone is feeling well tho and looking forward to sharing more bout my pregnancy and hearing more about yours!!
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I feel like I'm huge, but I probably just look like I ate too much at lunch to a stranger. I started wearing maternity clothes last week though, because I got sick of not being able to breathe.

As far as names, I don't have a clue. Well, we've got two picked for girl names, and if it's a girl, I think we'll just see which one she seems to prefer when she's born. But for boys, we have a list of about 20, none of which really speak to us. We've got the ethnic-last-name problem too: a 3-syllable slavic name that either demands something simple and strong, or something equally slavic, like, um...Boris.
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birdwomyn, I just have to say that I think after what you have been through that the ultrasounds are okay. If they are giving you peace.

I was a compolete vegan, non bleachin, granola, organic earth gal when I met Jerry, who is now my dh. And every month I thought I was pregnant. And I was like a walking zombie at work nto wanting to be pregnatnt before marriage. Just me with the Catholic School Girl still in me who wanted a big production walking down the aisle. Anyway a gal who was even more granola than me who by the way had 7 kids from 7 different dads and was single and who was so earthy that she made placenta soup for her tribal friends when she had her babe said to me. Kathy Jo the stress you are putting your body through worrying and feeling icky is more toxic than taking birth control pills. Anyway I knew she was right. So I went on the pill and eventually did natural family planning after several months and did it till I walked down the aisle and did the big production.

And I have had ultrasounds and probably more than most cuz of my previous miscarriage I have needed to know all is well so I don't worry. Anyway if it is making you feel peaceful, you do it. I hope this all makes sense.
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