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I agree, I think we're just finishing up 4 months and getting started on 5, so I would say that I'm 4 months along (or 4.5) or just leave it at 17 weeks and let people figure it out for themselves! It's all so confusing!

As for maternity clothes, I've been lucky enough to borrow lots, I got a GAP gift certificate for Christmas and shopped their sale section on line and got some good deals. Otherwise, I've bought one sweater and that's about it! I'm not wearing maternity pants yet, but my regular ones need rubber bands on the buttons to give me more space. I usually have them all undone when I'm sitting....I started wearing maternity shirts about 2 weeks ago because it covers up my unbottoned pants better!! I finally had someone tell me yesterday that I'm looking bigger!
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Sharon - great idea with the rubber bands on the buttons - I never though of that. I usually just leave it undone with the top sticking out!!

Darcy - like your tape idea too.

I also have a prenatal yoga tape, but haven't done it yet. I am in a yoga class (not prenatal), which is a good time to connect with your body. I took I prenatal class during my first pregnancy and it was great. If you can find one I really recommend it. The prenatal classes are nice because you think about the baby more.

Annais - bummer about the midwife. I got denied midwife care and switched to the dr.s last pg. b/c I'm high risk. I hated them so I switched to a diff. midwife group that took some h.r. patients when I was 7 months!

I've been feeling movements for a couple days!!
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Hi everyone!

It's so nice to come here and read all your stories of what your going through. It makes me feel normal because I'm going through the same things.

The issue about feeling connected to your baby is a good one. This is my second and I forget I'm pregnant often because I'm so focused on my daughter in front of me. I do think about the baby inside me alot but it's hard to know how to think about it. I try to do belly massage and deep breathing, that seems to help. But I think for me having a baby only becomes a reality once I actually have the baby. The first thing I said when y daughter was born was "o my god, it's a baby"! Is that silly or what.
I'd like to feel more connected this time too. I think just taking time to feel your baby and focus on your baby helps.

Maternity clothes! I have to say that elastic waistbands are great! Thats all I'm wearing now. they grow with you, and you can wear them below your belly when you need to. And you can also wear them postpartum.

Blessings to all you pregnant women and babies to be!
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I have to make a confession... I love girl scout cookies! I bought two boxes about a week ago and then dh came home that night with two more boxes! So sweet of him because he knows I love them (and he doesn't like them much at all), but I've been trying SOOO hard to control my sweet tooth and I've done a pretty good job since I found out I was pregnant. But these cookies are just killing me. I can't believe I'm not feeling the baby...it must be on a huge sugar high! I've made dh promise not to buy any more sweets (esp. gs cookies) for a long time. I keep trying to convince myself that when they are gone, they're gone. So if I eat them quickly, that's better for me than spreading them out over a long time! eek! What kind of logic is that?! Anyone else giving in to guilty pleasures?! I think it's even easier to do right now because I feel good and I haven't really felt the baby yet so I don't have that constant reminder. And I can pretend that my growing belly is just a result of too many cookies! (of those original 4 boxes, there are only 2 left!!!) At least I'm drinking a glass of milk with them! :
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Sharon, my husband bought girl scout cookies, called me to tell me he bought them, and then...left them at work. How cruel is that? We've got plenty of other sweet things here to tide me over, though.

I think I've been feeling movement for a week or so now, but I'm not sure. Some days I think I feel it a lot, and then there will be a day when I don't feel anything. But from what I read, I'm pretty sure that it is the baby moving that I'm feeling.
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I would rather say I am just 4 months cuz I hate to say 5 and think I only have 4 to go when I probably have 5 1/2 months left. It makes it asier in the end. I am *due* on the 17th but probably won't deliver til the 25th to 29th.
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time is a passing, maybe we are five months now. at least i may be. I am at the beginning of august.
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please check out this thread and if you have any interest, let patricia know
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urgh, not eating well

August mamas,

do you stick to eating healthy daily?
Some days, even if I have a healthy lunch that I just need to heat up, I DON"T WANT TO DO IT! Instead, I wanna have chips, chocolate, .... you know, the ~b-a-d~ stuff, yikes!!!
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hey there

just checking in to say that i'm HUGE!!!

i see the midwife friday (3/14) and i know i'm measuring really big still. I'm really concerned that this may be a fibroid growing with baby and it might affect my ability to vbac. Either that or i have a huge baby. Or there are two in there.

but ppl cannot believe i'm only 18weeks and a few days. I look at least 6months/24 weeks.

check out the pic in my sig line - i was 17wks 3 days in that one. i'm even bigger a week later. Is it cuz i had the 2 cesarean births? is it a fibroid? huge baby? twins?

will schedule my one and only u/s at my appt friday and then hopefully we'll find out whats going on.

feeling movement now. yay, i love that. still can't hear hb with the fetoscope but ppl are telling me and midwife confirms not till 20wks. Eating so much. Not excercising at all . (well, i have a 30month old and watch another 28mos and a 13mo old so i do get around a bit. lol). Trying to at least do kegels and listen to my hypnobirthing tapes.

re-reading Birthing from Within again.

ok. thats my rambling update. will post after my appt friday
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I've been busy the last week or so and haven't had a chance to post! I am Heather, 21 year old mama to 20 month old dd Bailey, married to Matt and expecting twins. My official due date is Aug 10, but have received news that it will probably be much earlier than that.

I had my first appt with the perinatologist on Tuesday. Both babies are growing well, measuring right on at 18 weeks. We also found out that Twin A is a boy and Twin B is a girl. It was impossible to tell which one was presenting, because they were so close in position... so Baby B may, in fact, be born first.

We also found out that Baby A has a Single Umbilical artery. She said that it was usually associated with heart, renal or gastro-intestional abnormalities, but it looks like Baby A is doing well. They couldn't find anything that struck them as "abnormal." I am scheduled for an echocardiogram in two weeks to double check his heart. If he doesn't have any abnormalities, then the only problem that may be caused is a slow-down in growth in the third trimester, which, could be bad, because most likely, they will be early and small to begin with.

We also found out that I only have one Uterine Artery that is working properly. Basically, I guess it means that my body is just working extra hard to get blood pumped through the one artery to my uterus. I haven't found much info about it, though, so I'm not totally sure.

Also, my perinatologist thinks that I may have an underlying kidney problem that is affecting my blood pressure and allowing me to spill protein into my urine, thus making it appear I have Preeclampsia. Then she said that because my body is doing it already, that conditions like Preeclampsia may be more likely in my case. (I was "diagnosed" with Preeclampsia at 20 weeks with my first pregnancy and protein has already been found in my urine this go-round).

So... crazy stuff. Not much I can do at this point. I have to rest a lot, and will most likely be put on bedrest earlier than we thought. I also have level II ultrasound scheduled for every 4 weeks from here on out, and may opt for an amnio. My OB is a NST fanatic, and I had 3 a week for most of my first pregnancy, and when she finds out about this, she'll probably want frequent NSTs for this one, too.

I was assured that the doctors will keep a close eye on me and the babies from here on out, and if anything comes up that can't be addressed, the babies will be delivered ASAP. We're hoping for at least 33 weeks-- the week of June 22.

This is... interesting... to say the least.:

Good luck to all the other mamas!

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wow Heather you are in my thoughts and prayers and you sound so positive!
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Originally posted by kaje62
wow Heather you are in my thoughts and prayers and you sound so positive!
Ha! I've had a few days to let it settle in. If you had talked to me on Tuesday, I was a wreck.

But, at this point, the only thing I can really do is be positive. I am aware of the risks that have arised, but I have faith in my doctors and I just keep giving myself little pep talks!

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Hi, I've been lurking for awhile and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm due with a girl August 25, my second. I think she will arrive earlier, though. Ds was 2 and a half weeks early. I'm already BIG and finally getting over nausea. But every time I get bigger (like this week I think I doubled in size), I get slowed down for awhile until I readjust.

I'm looking forward to being part of this community as due dates get closer. Right now I have to admit it does feel far away.

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Welcome Heather and Mamasi!

Heather, take care of yourself!
How are y'all doing?
I hope everyone is well. I was 18 weeks yesterday, and tomorrow I go for my first ultrasound. Ohhh, I am nervous and excited! We are going to find out whether we are having a boy or a girl, if the wee one is not too coy. I've been feeling her/him move pretty regularly lately. In fact, dh and I were talking about a woman we know who has a unique name, and I said, let's name the baby that! And got a swift kick....so either it's a boy and he was upset, or it's a girl and she loved it!

Take care, everyone!
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Is this thread getting too long for everyone? I think it might be...
Let's start a new one!
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okay i started it. here is the link.
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