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Ya know, we definitely need our own sub-forum in diapering - I had to go 5 or 6 pages back just to find this thread, and I passed a lot of other EC threads on the way!

I too have been having a hard time with the nighttime EC'ing thing - I think sometimes Evan wakes up because he has to go, but he really dislikes being woken up and his diaper taken off even more than he hates peeing in his diaper. He's also a grumpyhead most mornings waking up - he usually cries until he's all the way awake, at which point he's all smiles.

So this morning he woke up, I took him into his room to change him and potty him - he had a dry diaper but absolutely howled when I put him on the potty, so I picked him up - and with a big sigh, he SOAKED the front my my jammies! :LOL I'm wondering if it's just the waking up thing, or whether I should plug in a heating pad and leave it on the potty at night so it's warm.

Also, is anyone trying baby signs for EC? I've just gotten the book, and we're starting with milk and potty, which is your thumb in between your first and second fingers in a fist (aka "I've got your nose!" or T in the ASL alphabet), waggled back and forth. We're showing Evan this sign when we put him on the potty. Has anyone else tried signing in conjunction with EC, and what have your results been?
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Guys, please check out my thread (should be on the first page still . . . I bumped it earlier) regarding your favorite Elimination Communication threads. And then, if you would please try to write the whole two words out at least once in your posts so that searches for new mommas will pick it up. We cannot do a search for EC, y'know!?! Thanks!
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Could it be this easy???

So I decided - well it can't hurt to put my babe on the toilet first thing in the am / post-nap / pre-bath etc. but still keep her in dipes. Well today she pooped / peed first thing in the am. I went to change her dipe a short while later -DRY!!! - so I put her on the potty - she pees. Dry dipe goes back on and we head out for the day (10am - 4pm) During that time I only changed ONE barely wet dipe. Each time I would go to change her it would be dry - so I would put on the toilet and she would pee. (Well once she peed on the floor - but that was because her brother insisted that he needed to go first) I can't believe how easy it was to EC while we were out!!! My husband who intially thought I was kinda whacked for suggesting this idea was impressed.

OH - and my free Snappi arrived in the mail. (My first - and likely only - diaper mail )
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yay, glad you tried it...
gtg pee pee time
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Just bumpin' this thread up to the top. I had to go back a few pages to resurrect it. LOL, Heather.......I sure don't fit on the Baby Bjorn either...there's some definite overhang! But I like to warm it up as best as I can for her. That can be a shock to the system when you're all nice and snuggly warm.....then BAM! cold plastic on the hiney! We caught a monster-sized poop this AM and I thought she was done. I laid her on the carpet, and you guessed it....she wasn't done. Bright yellow poop comes blasting out! Thank goodness for OxyClean.

I wanted to show you guys a pic of Esme on her little potty. Here's the link:


Looks like you'll have to copy & paste it. The second picture is of Esme in her personalized diaper. Anyway.....also wanted to say Esme is exclusively in cloth now. JesseMommie sent me some cloth prefolds to use as inserts in my FBs while we're waiting on our SMJAE order. Sooo nice not to have to send DH to the store for more sposies! I had to eat my words; as I told my sister I would NEVER have prefolds in my house. LOL...I just love them...they are sooo versatile. DH thinks I'm a little looney going ga-ga over a little rectangle of white cloth...but y'all know where I'm coming from.

How is going for everyone else today? Heather...did you make a decision on a carrier??

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Lisa . . . adorable picture of Esme. We took a pic of Kenny the other night, but it has to get developed and scanned first. I am SOOOO delighted to get my digi-cam next week. Instant gratification with pictures would be nice! HA!

I can always tell when Kenny is done because his forehead stops turning bright red and he relaxes back on my chest. I have the Baby Bjorn on the bathroom counter next to the sink, so it is a good level for me and I can hold the potty and Kenny without problem.

Carrier - well, right now I'm using my Baby Bjorn until I am CERTAIN. I didn't get much response on a thread I posted over in LWAB regarding that, so I'm watching Melanie's thread now that she posted the poll on here in Diapering.

I was so proud of myself yesterday - we only used 3 diapers. I didn't even realize it until I went to dump the load in the washer and didn't need to yet. So, the cpfs are slowing down in their usage a bit . . . we are sort of getting on a 'cycle' together.
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Esme is a doll!
I have been missing so badly this week. After no poopy diapers for a few *months*, I've missed every single one yesterday and today. Yucky! I forgot how nasty they are!
I think it's because we're at the brink of a milestone---he's about to start crawling! He can scoot a little now, but hasn't figured out how to get his legs and arms to work together. Won't be long, though
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