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Kristie, how's your BP now?

I asked this on the UC support thread but I'll ask here too. Anyone have a natural remedy for post-nasal drip (cheap would also be a plus). I have it and it's making my stomach feel sick and sour, yuck.

My dh is out of town for work for 2 weeks. We have never been away from each other that long or as far away. So far I'm handling it well. Our kids seem to be doing okay too but I can tell they are a little uneasy. They keep asking me where he is and when he's coming back.
I'll probably be having my first app. w/ a midwife (the first one I mentioned, I couldn't find another one) next week. I'm not really looking foward to it but I think it will be okay. I know she's hand off with prenatals so it should be fine, yes I'm trying to convince myself.

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I hate those long business trips! Last pregnancy dh had to go to Spain for over a week when I was about 8 weeks away from my due date - no fun!

We have been using this black elderberry preparation lately called "Sambucal". It is good for all kinds of colds and safe for children. HTH!
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Do you think it would work for allergies?
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Well, I think it works as an immune booster, so it might work for allergies. DD came home from grandma's with a snotty nose - don't know what from, and we put her on it, and it was gone within 2 days.
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Thank you, I'll see if one of our healthfood stores carries it!!!
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Sorry... Aaaaah... sister finally had her babe! 2 days labor, what a long and rough experience she had. All turned out ok, but I don't think it did me any favors with my being pregnant. She ended up with a totally natural birth but being at the hospital was very hard for me considering my past experiences there that haunt me. I have a possible client ( I'm a doula) for a hospital birth that would be before I deliver and I think I'm going to decline. I can't handle it- very disturbing for me. That's another post though.

As far as my BP... haven't checked it. I'm waiting till Monday when my midwife comes over to see me. I'm taking Passion Flower and Skullcap 3x a day right now so I want to let that set in. I also don't trust automatic BP cuffs since they have a tendancy to read higher ( that's all I have access to) so I prefer to have it done manually in my situation. My Midwife is so encouraging with the whole thing and soooo supportive of my plans to UC so I feel really good about her helping me get through whatever I may be facing, which could be nothing at all. She has dealt with PIH herself in her 1st pregnancy and high pressures in the 2nd that never ended up being anything other than "white coat syndrome". She's helping me feel confident that we can figure this out...

Yeasties are finally clearing up!!! Yipee!!
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Kristie, YAY about the yeast!!!!!!!! That midwife sounds wonderful.
That was what I was hoping for with the midwife I'll be seeing (my option are very limited in my area). But she doesn't want me to discuss my UC with her (she only knows because of my mom : ) so I get the feeling that eventhough she says she's okay with UC she really isn't.

CONGRATS to your sister and welcome baby!!!!
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OK ... I need to vent here :

I am just really having a hard time being at peace. Ever since this silly BP thing started I find that I spend most of my days subconsciously worrying about EVERYTHING. And EVERYTHING that has never happened to me before is happening to me this pregnancy. High BP, nasty yeast infection, kidney stone ( I've had these just not during a pregnancy ) and now I have pregnancy gingavitis. It's really rediculous. I brush and floss every day... ok I miss here and there like every other normal human but goodness I'm pretty committed. My gums are totally swollen and puffy and totally bleeding like crazy when I brush. The bleeding is normal I know and I've had that since the start but this swelling is unreal. Now I have swollen glands too in my neck which I believe is from the infected gums.

I'm getting to know TTO better than I'd like to these days.

I really feel horrible. On top of that I'm already losing my energy completely and feel like I burn out at the drop of a pin- like I'm due tommorrow or something. I'm 22 weeks but I look 32+ and I feel 42. The baby isn't very active though he/she does moves daily for sure and of course on top of all the other rediculous things happening to me, that makes me all worried too.

Why is all this happening to me? Honestly, in terms of where I am in my life I am having the BEST most enjoyable experience growing this babe. MY DP is WONDERFUL to me and makes life so easy not to mention he's wonderful with the other kiddos. DP is not my other little ones bio dad, this is his first. I've dreamed about having this kind of pregnancy and life my whole life... now that it's here I don't understand why all the problems. My other pregnancies were a breeze health wise but I was in an abusive situation and lived in total misery. I don't get it.

I could go on but that's enough for now... thanks for listening mamas.
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((hugs)) At around 22 weeks, I was reporting to dh "this pregnancy seems so much harder!" I'm exhausted, huge, I can't do the things I did last time... And then a few weeks later I couldn't believe how great I felt! Dh laughed at me when I reported "this pregnancy seems easier than the last!"

What I think happened with me is I had my normal first trimester - not too sick, just tired and weak. And then I ran into a bad UTI in the beginning of my 2nd. Also in my 2nd, I was dealing with alot of emotional issues. I think those too things combined wore me down, and I needed some time to recover (and to seek out more support) - so I didn't feel that normal "great 2nd trimester" feeling as soon as I expected.

Now I'm 29 weeks, and starting to feel some of the 3rd trimester woes - heartburn, feeling very large... Alot of things have happened similar to my pregnancy with dd, but there have been some things that have been easier this time, there are some things I'm doing different - mainly taking it alot easier.

Anyway, my point - you may take an amazing turn for the better very soon and these woes will be a distant memory. And just because things have happened similarly to your past pregnancies, doesn't mean *everything* will happen the same.

PS I know it's not standard advice but I don't floss during pregnancy. I normally have sensitive gums, and it is worse during pregnancy. I brush with a soft brush, and I like Young Living's toothpaste with Theives EO blend in it. I definately avoid anything with sodium lauryal sulfate in it - it makes my gums very sore.:
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I'm sorry you are having a hard time of it right now.

My energy (the little I have) runs out very quickly too this time. I was just complaining about how hard pregnancy is on my body last night to my dh. I actually like being pregnant but it isn't easy for me. I told him this has to be my last pregnancy, I just can't do this again. This is the least stressful my life has been during a pregnancy and I too am so enjoying growing this babe. I know it's contradictory but that's how I feel.
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Originally Posted by Sheacoby
My energy (the little I have) runs out very quickly too this time. I was just complaining about how hard pregnancy is on my body last night to my dh. I actually like being pregnant but it isn't easy for me. I told him this has to be my last pregnancy, I just can't do this again. This is the least stressful my life has been during a pregnancy and I too am so enjoying growing this babe. I know it's contradictory but that's how I feel.
DH and I have had this conversation many times during this pregnancy. I *love* being pregnant, but this will be my last. When I was pregnant with dd I had the luxury of resting when I needed to rest, instead of chasing and caring for a very active (and demanding) toddler. I was also less stressed out last time (probably because I could rest when needed) but this time the stress and hormones have really gotten to me, which has made it very difficult to parent dd the way I need to (AP, gentle discipline....so hard when all you feel like doing is screaming and hiding in bed because if you hear "mommy" one more time you're going to lose it).

So, DH has decided that he will be getting the snip after this one is born. We have always only wanted 2, maybe 3 kiddos, so this works out ok for us. If we decide we want another child we just stick to our original plan: adopt #3

Of course if my sister needs a surrogate (which I have offered to her ebcause she has trouble carrying past the first trimester) it will throw a slight wrench in the plans, but as long as it's after my kids are out of toddlerhood I should be ok

*sigh* laundry calls.....
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Thank you so much for the lovin' ... so good to know I'm not alone.

I do have a clue as to why I felt so crappy yesterday besides the issue with my gums... I now have the "stomach bug". Yep... and *ALL* that comes with it iykwim? My spirits are up though I feel better emotionally today even though I have this blinding headache and the "upset stomach".

So my midwife came today! First visit since I was previously doing an UP. Welp, no protein in my urine YIPPEEEEE! She did a blood draw for a cbc and a hapatic (sp?) profile to check liver function and all the other junk that goes along with PIH or Preeclampsia. She feels good about things but I will be doing dual care starting soon with a practice about an hour away that backs her clients up in cases like mine. Now, for the kicker... not just because of the BP. WE HEARD 2 HEARTBEATS!!!! I also measured 26 possible 27. Not too majorly over but with all my other classic symptoms- high bp, fetal movement @ 9 weeks, sever morning sickness unlike any of my other pregnancies... etc She feels like it's a good idea. The bottom line is that no matter what when it comes down to the end and what will happen according to my history from here on out it's entirely up to us and her, which I love. This is not new for her so I am confident.

Depending on the outcome of my blood work and the next few prenatals I may go ahead with a midwife attended "UC". Not what I originally wanted but I have to go with what I feel safe with. Won't decide though yet. I'm still holding out for a good outcome with the BP... and now I'm VERY excited to confirm twins for sure with an ultrasound. The heart beats were remarkable! One was a little faster than the other so it was SO easy to hear the difference in the 2. All of us in the room were shocked. One was on the far right side and the other was on the far bottom left near my pelvis.

Midwife thinks I have a localized infection in my gums which is causing the swollen glands, white count was elevated in the urine dip... so still treating that with TTO and watching it. I was up last night running a fever of 100- not too bad but bad enough to make it an ugly nights sleep. BP is higher than before... but she wouldn't tell me the number. Smart lady

All in all I am not as nervy as before... so that is a good thing.

Going to lay down now... blech :
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Sorry you've got a bug kristie.: But at least you know it will pass and you'll feel better soon! I thought BP went up when you had a fever?

Awwwww 2 heartbeats, how excting. I think we are going to have at least a couple of mamas on the UC board having twins!
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That would be awesome, to UC twins! it's one of my secret tiny hopes...even though I'm not sure how I would handle actually parenting twins and a high needs toddler.... It would still be pretty cool, especially when people ask about the birth

"did you have a c-section?"
"you can do a c-section on yourself at home???"
"nope, I had my babies at home, alone and it was great!"

and then just watch their gears grind
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Ooo, sorry about the bug! Hope you feel better soon! I would love to have twins - I think :-)

Something fun - I *saw* kicks today, my whole belly was dancing :-)
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