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Accupuncture to go into labor?

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I know that babies come when they are ready...but I am facing a chemical induction after next weekend if mine don't come. My BP is climbing rapidly, I have developed PUPPP and my perinatologist said she can't let things continue after 37-38w for the safety of my babies.

I have had a pitocin induction and will do ANYTHING to avoid another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, how does accupuncture/pressure work to put a woman into labor? Is it successful? I am a little dilated and almost totally effaced. Two beautifully vertex/vertex babies. I have never had accupuncture done, but I did find a few practicioners in the phone book. Do I call and ask if they have experience in this?

Any suggestions are welcome. I know that induction isn't a popular topic here, but for me, it's about to become a necessity. So, I'm just trying to make it as natural as possible.

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It is not real succesful if you're not close to going on your own. It can't hurt though, so I'd call and ask. Some practitioners will not treat pregnant women at all, and some not unless they're been a prior patient. Some will, just don't be offended if you get turned down a few times. I would try it!
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In my experience, some people are receptive to acupuncture and others are not. I have a good friend who is an acupuncturist and when her daughter was in labor she did acupressure on the appropriate points. It was a hospital birth because the baby needed surgery immediately after delivery, and they would not allow my friend to use needles. So, she did acupressure instead, completely unbeknownst to the hospital staff. She would rub the points and her daughter would start to have contractions. She would stop rubbing and the contractions would stop. This went on for several cycles until one of the nurses finally asked, "What are you doing up there?!?"

On the other hand, when I was in labor, the same friend did acupressure for me with no real results.

The bottom line is that it can't hurt, and it just may work like a charm for you. I would go for it. You might also want to call some local resources such as a midwife or doula and ask them if they can recommend anybody.

Good luck!!!

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It didn't work for me, I don't think, and I too was desperate, as I wanted to avoid a chemical induction when I was post-dates. I had two treatments, and it still was more than a week later before I finally went.

Will your OB or midwife do a strip and sweep of your membranes? I think that's what finally triggered it for me, and if you're looking at an induction anyway it wouldn't hurt to try this first. Also try lots of intercourse; both dp's semen and your orgasm will help move things along.

Good luck!
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Thanks. I have an appt on Thursday with the peri and then the OB. If I'm a little more dilated, the OB said she can strip my membranes. Dh is travelling during the week so we don't get booty calls in But he will be here Thurs night and then back again on Friday for the weekend. So maybe a sweep/strip on Thursday and then sex over the weekend will do the trick.

I may call the accupuncturists tomorrow to see if anyone would consider seeing me on Friday. I suppose it can't hurt...and maybe it could work. I contract all day and all night long, but nothing strong or patterned enough to actually go into full-fledge labor. I'm trying to keep my bp under control by laying down most of every day, but that's hard with an almost 3YO to care for...

I guess it's just a wait and see thing. The peri keeps telling me it's unusual to have to induce twins, they usually come early...but I'm afraid I'm the exception to that rule I was 2w over with ds and had to be induced because I had no amnio fluid left and a deteriorating placenta. My body just never figured out it needed to go into labor...

And this PUPPPs thing is about to make me CRAZY. I itch so badly I could just scream

I told the mw today that I don't care what anyone says about childbirth hurting, it HAS to be easier than the end of a twin pg...
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