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I am at 16 weeks today and am feeling better. The nausea has slowed down quite a bit now (yay!) I just seem to gag often. It is strange but to me it sure beats throwing up. I am showing (boy am I ever) I feel like a tank but everyone assures me that I look fine. The only real problem as of late are the headaches. For the past few weeks I have been getting the worst migraines........ we finally had to go in and talk to the midwife about it. She gave me a script for tylenol 3. I have had to take it twice now but under much stress.

Other than that we are doing fine. DD and DH are very very excited. We go in for a US in May and I do believe we are finding out the gender (Mostly because dd really really really wants a sister and if it is a brother we want to prepare her)
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To all the mamas who are still in the puking stage - hugs to you! Hang in there, this too shall pass.

I'm about 15.5 weeks and feeling sooo much better for the last week or two. I was not puking before, but feeling totally nauseated all the time. Not too tired any more (though I still enjoy going to bed with my toddler at 8 pm!) and generally feeling pretty normal.

I'm not really showing at all yet but most of my pants don't fit anymore. Grumble grumble... gotta love elastic waistbands.

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That sounds really cool Jeanie! You should take pictures when it's all done...I'd love to see it!

Angtsmommy- Sorry about the migraines. Does the Tylenol help at all? What stresses you out about it? Ds wants a baby girl too! So we'll also find out when the time comes to prepare hime either way...

lizabird- Glad you're feeling better too! Yay! I'm not really showing either, although my pants don't fit...(scratch head)
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i'm at 15/16 weeks and still feeling good. had to officially get some maternity clothes as my belly finally decided to pop out. (i'll have to add my pic to the belly picture thread!!)

i feel so incredibly lucking because i've generally felt pretty good throughtout this pregnancy. so, i just keep doing what i'm doing - eating, exercising, reading, crocheting and sleeping.

good luck to everyone who is still feeling bad. hugs to you!
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Hi ladies, I'm still here.

I am about 15 weeks now and really showing. I have my 3rd m/w appointment on Wednesday with the practice I am currently with. It is then that I will decide whether I plan to stay with this practice or whether I am going for the homebirth. I have to draw a line in the sand for myself because this continues to drag on and I don't have a clear plan yet.

Physically, my only complaint right now (aside from the fatigue that continues) is that my varicose veins have gotten a lot worse. I had to have a full-leg ultrasound last week because I thought I had a blood clot. Turns out that I actually have a varicose vein that's pretty deep in my thigh. Not dangerous, but very painful since it's located between the two muscle groups in my thigh. My whole right leg is varicose veins and they are very ugly and painful at times.

Other than that, I'm doing o.k. and hope to start feeling movement soon. I don't understand why I haven't yet, since I usually feel it much earlier, but have decided not to worry till after next week .
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Originally Posted by amyro
I found out two other women on my block are pregnant, too. One is due just a day before me. I'm sure I don't agree with their birthing plans, but it's fun to be in a baby boom.
It's a baby boom where I am, too! There are at LEAST 6 other women preggie in my church group. And I know of at least two other ladies (in my very SMALL circle of friends) who are expecting.

So glad to hear many of you are feeling better! It sure is awesome to be in the second trimester, eh?

According to my midwife, I'm 17 weeks, but I'm calculating differently (from conception not LMP) and counting 40 weeks since DD went almost exacly that. This helps me not to get too excited. So, I say I'm 15 weeks today. Still well in second trimester - YEAY!

I'm still SUPER tired and feel very icky about much of the food I see, smell, or think about eating. I've been obsessed with buttered toast recently! Weird for me because I usually prefer things with a lot more flavor. I still haven't actually brought anything back up from eating or drinking... but drinking causes lots of feelings of getting ready to do just that. *sigh* SUCH a different pregnancy from my first!

I did have one week (about my 13 and 1/2 or 14th) that I felt SUPER energetic and actually couldn't really sleep well AT ALL for 5-7 days! But that didn't last long. I'm back to feeling the need to nap twice a day now, but only actually able to nap once, if I'm lucky. I'm hopeful about getting more energetic sooner than later, though!
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Hello Ladies!
I am 12 weeks along now and definitely in maternity clothes! I know I wrote about this in another post but I am experiencing an increase in my morning sickness...ugh...I spent most of Easter trying not to inhale the scent of the chocolate eminating from my husband's Easter basket! Otherwise things are fine but I am so trired I keep taking anps with my dd and could still sleep the rest of the day away! I am *almost* done with classes though so hopefully I will be able to go to bed when dd does! For those of you done with m/s - send me vibes!
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Originally Posted by Evergreen
I got to meet Tori the other day and she is an incredibley wise and well-spoken woman.
What a sweet and kind thing to say!!! Thank you!!!!

Oh, and Evergreen is showing visibly... SUCH a cute tiny little baby belly!!!!!! Wish I could say I might EVER have such a cute preggie belly, but it probably will never happen. That's all right, though... I'm a happy mama anyway.
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Tori, I think I asked you this before but where are you in VA. I grew up there and live near still.
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I'm doing well over here and feeling pretty good. to you mamas who are still feeling bad. Hopefully it will get better soon!!

I have much of my energy back, but I crash around 9pm. I've always been one to go to bed earlyish so I'm not bothered by it. DH is a little upset, because it really cuts into "our" time. He (mostly) understands, though.

At 15 weeks today I still haven't been able to tell if I really feel movement - a few tiny flutters. I have a feeling I'll really start feeling the baby in the next couple of weeks, though.

I'm in some maternity clothes (a month earlier than with #1), but most shirts are too big. Stretchy skirts are the best right now - I'm really not ready for the panels - just kinda in between still. I got the best capris at Ross a while back ("normal" top, but with elastic in the back) and they're getting lots of wear right now.
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Doing well here.I am around 14-15 weeks.I go to bed around 7:30 but i also have to be up at 6:30 getting kids ready for school.I'm eating well again and feeling good.I have major food cravings for corn tortillas.Don't know why We are preparing to move about 15 minutes from our current place on May 15th.I am excited!We will have a pool/hot tub and a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom.Maybe i will actually attempt a water birth.I am having issues with deciding on a midwife though.I said in another thread that my midwife inadvertantly made plans to go to Costa Rica and returns on my due date.She said no big deal and her apprentice can do my prenatals and if i go into labor before my due date then a midwife in the community will be there.But i don't know if i want to take that chance.I adore my midwife but if she isn't here,she isn't here.I would rather bond with another person who can commit to me.So i am in limbo right now.I start prenatal yoga this week with my friend who is an instructor!
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I'm 16 weeks today!
I feel amazing...except for the migranes. That's my only complaint. Apart from that I don't even feel 'pregnant'. I'm really enjoying being pregnant so far! Such a change from my last 5 pregnancies. (4 girls plus the miscarriage in December)
I do look extremely pregnant though! I look as big as I usually do at about 6 months! My uterus is at my belly button. Although I no longer think I'm having twins. I really believe that the 2nd soul that I was sensing in the first couple of months was the spirit of the baby that we lost (4 weeks before conceiving this one) guiding this baby into the world. (or at least that's what I'm choosing to believe...it sounds comforting...)

I had the coolest experience last night! (for about 2 weeks I've felt flutters...but nothing major & most of the time hard to be SURE that it wasn't just gas) Then last night as I was laying in bed, talking to the baby...sending positive enegy to him/her...I felt the baby flip or do a sommersault or something. It was so obvious! So I pushed (gently!...like compressed, YK?) on the spot & continued talking to the baby & he/she started making movements against my hand...like they do when you're really pregnant, YK? He/she kept doing it for about 5-7 minutes. It felt like (and when I closed my eyes the image that I saw) was of him/her touching the wall of the uterus in sweeping motions with his/her hand. (Does that make sense?)
It was just so amazing! It really felt like we were communicating!
(I've had that happen lots in LATER pregnancy...but not at 16 weeks)

I'm trying to get DH to talk about girl names...as I really think we're having another girl (although based on the totally different pregnancy pattern- it would seem more likely to be a boy) I just have a hard time believing that after 4 girls in a row we might actually get to see a little 'winkie' this time.
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I'm 13 weeks this week, so just hitting the second trimester, and feeling... okay. Exhausted. But not any more nausea, really. And I get hungry all the time. So I guess that must be a good sign. I made myself get out of bed early to swim yesterday, which was nice, but made me even more tired. Snore.

BCmamaof5, that is so cool. I can't wait to feel the baby move! I saw it moving on the ultrasound last week, which was very exciting, but I'm not even sure which of the lumps I feel in my abdomen is my uterus ... I've been really bloated lately. Blech.
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I'm 13 weeks this week and feeling the same exhaustion as before. I never had morning sickness, but the past week I feel sort of nauseous in the afternoon. I've also still been spotting this whole week. After two u/s they still couldn't tell where it was coming from, but everything looked fine, so I'll try not to worry.

I can't wait to feel baby move either. I felt dd at 17 weeks 4days, so I'm hoping it's sooner this time!
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Hello everyone! I'm doing much MUCH better. I've gained weight back (not all 18 pounds...about 6 in total!) and I'm keeping all foods and liquids down. I have bad days (puking 3-4x/day) every few days, but all in all, I can't complain! Just looking forward to working out again and getting back to regular life!

Headed home next Monday. I'm going to drive so I'm kind of nervous - only b/c of the rough first three months. Its about a 10 hour drive, so hopefully all will go well! Ill be home for two weeks so I'm so excited to see my family!!! And get a Wonderbar...damn, I miss Canadian chocolate bars!
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I'm 16.5 weeks and feeling much better. Occ. a little nausea still but no vomitting for the past two weeks (dare I say!!). The fatigue has also finally alleviated.

I'm showing a LOT (& loving it). Had an appt. with my midwife yesterday who is now thinking that there might be 2!!! My fundus is already quite a bit above my belly button and my Grandma is a twin so... hmmm. I wasn't sure that I wanted an u/s but now I'm going for it. It should be in a couple of weeks.

Any other mamas out there expecting twins in Oct? I know I've seen a few mentions of it already. I suppose I might end up late Sept rather than early Oct if there are 2. So much to think about!
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earthy_mama, if it's twins you can still hold out hope for full-term. There are a bunch of birth stories here at MDC about 40 week homebirths of twins, and Ina May Gaskin says the best advice she can give to help twins go to term is for the mother to EAT!

I'm 14 weeks today. Feeling pretty good. Saw the midwife Monday. We're scheduled for an ultrasound and our final Cleveland visit at about 17.5 weeks. We were given the heads-up that the quad screen will be offered at the next visit. My DH recommends it but it sounds like he'll be OK with just doing the ultrasound to rule out the concerns he has (eg. spinal tube defects that would be incompatible with vaginal birth). After all, the blood draw for the screen wouldn't even be until after the u/s, so what's the point?

We haven't decided for sure if we'll learn the sex (if it's obvious).

I'm getting some flack for the number of pickles I'm eating. I don't THINK it's a real craving, it's just something that ALWAYS sounds good that I started buying because everyone knows "pregnant women crave pickles".
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I had three for breakfast!
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Hello, ladies! I hope some of you start feeling better soon. I'm so happy that we are all entering into the 2nd trimester safely now. I just got back from a stay in Texas, so I've been off the board for a while. I got a cold on the way there, allergies from my mom's zillion cats, and after returning yesterday I threw up my food for 24 hours straight from some kind of bug or virus I must have caught on the plane. Man was that rough! Anyway, I'm surviving, and I managed to go to the midwife and hear the baby's heartbeat on the doppler. It was 155-160 - so sounding like it is on the high end of things. Girl? We're sure it is one now I'm 13 weeks along! Yeah! Hugs to you all....
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Originally Posted by alison_in_oh
I'm getting some flack for the number of pickles I'm eating. I don't THINK it's a real craving, it's just something that ALWAYS sounds good that I started buying because everyone knows "pregnant women crave pickles".
: I've always loved pickes too, but have definitely been eating more of them lately

I've been doing well... the major complaint i've had the entire pregnancy has been rediculous fatigue. I'm in my 16th week now and am feeling alot more energetic (compared to the first trimester), but this week i've had non-stop headaches. I've tried taking Tylenol once but it didnt do much, so I decided to just rough them out... hope they go away soon.

Congrats to everyone on reaching the 2nd trimester!! And for all the mamas still going through some difficulties. Hope you all feel better soon
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