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How was the interview Mamma?
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I want an interview update too!

Kathryn, I don't know how you deal with those headaches! I can't cope with a headache. I hope they get better soon. I have a friend who is pregnant who had terrible migraines during the first and middle parts of pregnancy. It has gotten better for her now.

On a good note, I have not thrown up today. I am going to bed now before I do. If I stay up later than 9, I tend to get nauseaous and vomit.

I ate Tater Tots for dinner. I am going to take my prenatal vitamins now.
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Eh, it's just a learned thing. I went to numerous doctors when I was 7 and 8, but they all said I was lying and no one ever believed me so I just learned how to deal with them on my own. After a while you get so used to the pain, it's not really painful anymore. I mean, it hurts, but it's not like the first time, kwim?

ETA: Damn, tater tots sound really good right now. Must call dh and tell him to pick up a jar of pickles and bag of tater tots.
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interview update!!!

So I had the interview and it went great! I really liked the owner. It's a position with an all woman law firm (way cool). She interviewd me for about half an hour, said she'd called a judge I work for whom she's known for 15 years and checked up on me...and then offered me a job! She totally lowballed me with her offer but I ended up negotiating for a sallary 25% higher than her offer! The only downside is that she doesn't offer health insurance (oh, its also an hour commute) and I have to spend my weekend doing some research and figuring out if there's a way to stay insured. I'm in a group plan through work now and if I move to an individual plan I'll loose coverage for the pregnancy . And I'm not elligible of Medicaid. I have until Wed. to accept her offer... all else aside, I think I'll probably take it!

Thank you October mamas for your well wishes and good thoughts! You all rock!

PS: I didn't tell her I'm pregnant. I'm still not really showing unless I "let it all hang out" IYKWIM. And I was able to comfortably squeeze into my size 8 interview suit despite my widening hips. She wants me to start May 1 and I have a dr. appt. May 6. I figure I'll tell her after my appointment and make it seem like the Dr. just confirmed it...I'll only be 14-15 weeks then and I've been nursing dd exclusively so its totally possible to not have known right? Tell me she won't think I'm a total liar...
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Originally Posted by MamaRainebeau
I figure I'll tell her after my appointment and make it seem like the Dr. just confirmed it...I'll only be 14-15 weeks then and I've been nursing dd exclusively so its totally possible to not have known right? Tell me she won't think I'm a total liar...
I don't think you need to lie. If it's a women's law firm, chances are she'll understand exactly why you didn't say anything previously, and will probably have more respect for you than if she's suspicious of an excuse.

Legally, it's none of their business during an interview whether you're pregnant or not. You're in the right - don't feel you have to be defensive about not telling them
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and you arent telling a lie. It doesnt ask on any job application that I ever have seen if you are pregnant .

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YEAH NEW washer

When we owned a condo it came with a small washer. That perished and we got another for free from my grandfather that was moving. We then sold our condo and bought our house and negotiated to have the washer and dryer. It was fairly new however it has done its job and then some We always said when it died it would owe us nothing however I did get reallllly mad at it today I was on the side of the house with Kai and noticed it all wet and water coming from underneith the side garage door. THEN I hear water running which it shouldnt have been cause i did 1 load 2hrs earlier. WELL, it got stuck on the fill cycle and oh boy it was all over the garage floor. Sooo this evening we went and found a new washer and matching dryer we are going to purchase. I think its a good thing it died because we kept putting off buying a new one. The old would have never made it through another round of cloth diapers A GIFT to the baby

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I remember as a kid wondering why my mom got so happy when we bought her a new vacumn. I thought it was the lamest gift! Now I understand completely. I would be totally stoked about a new washer/dryer too! Congratulations on your stroke of good/bad luck!!!
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MamaRainebeau: Congratulations! It sounds like a wonderful place to work, good job negotiating for the higher salary
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Congrats all around on the good news mamas!

MamaRaine: It sounds like a great place to work. Did you look into your state's program for uninsured/underinsured women and children? I'm not talking medicaid. You may want to ask your Ped. for info, since these programs focus on kids they often have the best info.

Arlyshelleyandkai: Yay for a new washer! we also inherited a washer when we bought our house, but I think it is going to make. (sigh) even with twins in CD. Too bad, I would really love a more energy efficient frontloader.

I am sooo bummed. My April vacation is over tomorrow and i have to go back to school. i have actually been feeling a little better this week because i have been able to rest. The dizziness has been better too. Now I am afraid it will all be undone. Ugh, due to snow days I will be teaching until June 27! Not to mention I can't leave early 'cause DH got laid off on Friday! His job ends on May 22. I swear it must be against the law for him to be employed when I am pregnant. The trouble is this time I can't go back in the fall and leave him with baby while i pump. There is nooooooo way I can pump for twins and work full time with only 6 weeks leave. Time to be REALLLLLLLLY broke again.
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I caved & went to my doctor this week for a prescription for T3s. I just can't handle being incapacitated any longer. It had gotten to where I was pretty much waking up every morning with a migrane & no matter what I did it lasted all day (and got worse). I initially got a little relief by taking 4 generic Tylenol w/codeine (T1s I think they're called) with a strong cup of coffee. That would make the haedache tolerable (not gone) for 4 hours...but then it would get worse with a vengence. My doc said that you can take 3 T1s...but not 4 at one time...it wrecks your liver. At this stage T3s are relatively harmless to the baby. The only perceived danger is in the 3rd trimester...and I believe (although I could be wrong) that the danger there is for the baby to become additcted to the narcotic & go thru withdrawl after birth (but I think you'd probably have to be taking fairly high doses of it)

I do have a chiropractor appointment booked for the beginning of the week to see if that will help. I'm also contemplating making an appointment with my massage therapist (although it costs $40 for a half hour apt & it's not covered by our extended medical...at least the chiro is mostly covered...only costs me $6 user fee per visit)
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i'm almost 17 weeks now. Been on bed rest for the past 4. I had a cerclage put in at 13 week which went really well. a week later I started bleeding. I had an u/s this past week and the baby looks good! placent is previa still, but it might move with the uterus as it grows. will be on bed rest at least another week, then I might be able to get some activity back.
my pubic bone started hurting at 12 weeks this time around. it didnt hurt with the first, but started hurting around 25 weeks or so with the second. I need to find a chiro that can help me.
other than the bleeding which scared me to death and the bed rest, I"m feeling some better with the m/s. some days its bad, but mostly its gotten a lot better.
I do still have food aversions though, having a hard time getting enough protein in me, etc.
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Congrats MamaRainebeau!
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Thank you mamas!! Y'all are the best!!!
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