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We have a closet for coats and stuff but it is not near the door we use so people tend to dump their stuff on chairs or the floor near the door. During the winter, I put a garment rack with hangers for coats. It had a kind of shelf at the bottom which was good for putting wet boots, hats, or mittens. It wasn't super attractive but better than a pile on the floor or furniture. It was on wheels so I could move it easily if I wanted the living room to look nicer.
With warmer weather, we don't use jackets much so they can go in that closet or bedrooms. I have a rug beside the door year round. I've limited shoes by the door to 1 or 2 pairs per person. The rest need to be stored elsewhere.

portable mud room

Maybe you could get an attractive armoire or cabinet so you don't see the coats and stuff that you need to store near the door.