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How long can you keep up infrequent nursing?

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My 14-mo-old dd is nursing only about 3 times a day now, sometimes even just once or twice. I hear that some mothers can keep this up long-term, but some just lose their milk. I guess we've been on this frequency since she was 11 or 12 months.

Has anyone here been able to keep EBF when they are not nursing very many times a day?
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DS #2 has been nursing 1-2 times a day for maybe 6 mo.s now. There is still milk (at least in one breast) Sometimes he'll pull off and say "milkies not working" but these times he usually hasn't been on for more than a few seconds.
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You can nurse as long as you both want whether the milk is always there or not. As my child grew the milk seemed to come and go. I found that as the child got older and gradually weaned it was sometimes uncomfortable to comfort nurse physically for me when there was no milk, but I worked around it. Nursing is much more than milk, it is the reassurance of a physical connection and also sucking itself soothes a child, slows down their heart rate, relaxes them, etc.
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i agree with momtwice. with dd1, she weaned herself, and it happened slowly like that. at 14 mns she was still exclusively bf, but shye slowed down, no night nursing, fewer daytime etc, over time, and i was pretty sure there was nothing there but she was nursing anyhow until one morning she said, no more.

but then 4 months later dd2 came, and i tried to encourage dd1 to nurse again...she wasn't interested
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My dd nursed a very long time and the last year of nursing was very infrequent. Sometimes not even every day and the last 4 months was once every 2 weeks.

Don't worry about the milk, there is always some in there as long as your baby is nursing. but do make sure to give other fluids or watery foods.
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