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Need Help fast! interior fabric choices

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OK If you follow these billboards you might have noticed I am nesting (7mths pg) and totally obsessing on how I can get new fitted diapers for new baby, we have always used CPF's on 2yr old and I am sick of them. I feel like going fancy for #2 plus dd is not potty trained so she will be wearing them for a few months as well.

SO I finally narrowed my decision down to buying 22 doz cotton kids ($4.60 per dipe) for nb size then maybe a dozen Mother ease one size (i have 6 coming from used ebay auction to test em and if I like em I will buy more) and buying a dozen of these lucscious one size ones from Christiansen Creations called SOS Diapers. http://www.sosdiapers.com/onesizediaper.html

Now I have to decide on interior lining fabrics..I want to order this am not sure if anyone will respond in time but thought I would give it a shot. What's the best fabric for interior lining? Here is her list. "White or Cream Super Flannel, or Natural or White Sherpa, natural cotton jersey, natural & white knit terry, white velour, and Hemp/Cotton fleece"

Velour sounds heavenly...I can't do the hemp fleece because its another $1 and I am already blowing way too much. Any tips? I am leaning towards half velour and maybe half cotton fleece?
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I like fleece or sherpa in my dipes...pretty much the same difference.
Also, are you really ordering 22 DOZEN dipes?
I'm sure you probably meant 2 dozen...LOL
Good luck~
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LOL I almost choked over the 22dozen too!
I would totally go with the hemp fleece. I find it is the most absorbent fabric I have ever witnessed. I have teased my dh that I am going to make a commercial for cloth diapers like the old ones for disposables with the woman pouring the glasses of water....only this time pour them into a hemp fleece dipe....they are really incredible!
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Hemp fleece...no doubt in my mind!

Although the sherpa is soft, it will no doubt have a polyester blend (up to 30%) which is a HUGE no in my book!
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You guys all want me to spend MORE??? LMAO I am cringing at the $12 price per dipe, never mind the $13 LOL. I am used to my $2 each prefolds! Its really THAT much better? I don't get the natural fiber fleece idea, all I can picture is polar fleece which is obviously not natural fiber. I wish I could see some. I thought velour sounded majorly cuddly though thats probably not all natural either, which isn't necessarily a total no to me.
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inside diaper fabrics

Hi there,
I have to say, I have a few velour dipes that I was lucky enough to come by with a white all cotton velour and they are yummy. Very soft. I think sherpa is nice as well, and sometimes you can find an all cotton but most sherpa is about 80 cotton 20 poly with the poly in the base of the fabric. I like sherpa when it's new, but it does tend to get more terry like and lose some of the softness so I wouldn't go with that one unless you like a terry dipe and don't mind the poly. I had some cotton fleece dipes that were nice, they seemed to get a little flat after lots of washings but were still soft. Hemp fleece of course is nice :0). So not sure I shed any light but that MHO :0). I love dipes and have probably tried every fabric out there LOL! Good luck and let us know what you decide on!
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Hey Carrie
What did you decide on? I am dying to hear more about your dipes....since I don't need to buy anymore myself right now I live vicariously through others! LOL
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He he thats cute ; ) I ordered 6 of the hemp fleece and 6 of the velour, i couldn't resist the velour. I know what you mean too, I'll be sad when I have picked out and bought eveyrthing, had so much fun ordering! She has the cutest fabrics too, got cloud prints, colorful bugs an flowers, a floral and a garden fairy print. Should take 2wks she said ; ) These are so much more exciting than my prefolds! I can't wait to get my 2yr old in em, now that I decided to switch finding the prefolds more and more of a pain! Course the fact that I am 7mths preggo and toddler RUNS everytime I mention diaper is more the reason for that then the prefolds being too hard LOL.

The funniest part is instead of the freebie for ordering a dozen I got free homeade soap instead because I hate the idea of 13 LOL seems like dipes should be in 6 or 12 to make a set. Can you say obsessive compulsive disorder? Plus she makes some awesome looking handmade soaps that I never would buy from store because I am too cheap. Thanks for asking anyway, nice to know there are others as into them as I am
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Sounds awesome! I can't wait to hear your reviews of the dipes after trying them.

LOL -Good for you getting the soap....it is always nice to get a little treat that you wouldn't buy for yourself.

Oooh diaper changes to sound a little tiring, I bet the new dipes will help at least a little with that.....that is once you can catch your 2 year old
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